Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Oct. 16-21, 2020

Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Oct. 16-21, 2020

1.      Pandemic Now Hitting All Regions of Russia Almost Equally Hard, Popova Says   

2.      Crackdown in Khabarovsk Prompts Ten Representatives to Leave Degtyaryov’s Informal Consultative Council  

3.      Belarusian Protests Costing Lukashenka Support within State Structures, Lebedok Says 

4.      Russia’s Population Decline 11 Times Greater This Year than Last, RBC Study Finds

5.      Putin Increasingly Falling into Traps He Set Himself, Shelin Says

6.      All Stalinist Killers and Their Victims Must Be Named, Karelians Say

7.      Pashinyan Regime in Armenia Beginning to Fragment, Russian Commentators Suggest

8.      Rising Infection Rates among Teachers Biggest Threat to Russian Schools

9.      Some in Duma Can’t Tolerate Idea of Divided Court Decisions

10.  Yerevan Mulls Calling for International Recognition of Karabakh as Independent Country   

11.  ‘Small but Not Little’ – Association of Numerically Small Peoples Marks 30th Anniversary

12.  Local Aviation in Trouble in Russian Far East

13.  Russian Students View Russia Today as Unjust but aren’t Inclined to Fight It Personally, New Study Finds   

14.  Putin Now Checking Openly for Loyalty Where Soviets Did So Secretly, Eggert Says

15.  Moscow Commentator Predicts Pandemic Will Only ‘End with a Major War’

16.  1552 has been Viewed as Battle Between Russian and Tatar Nations for Less than a Century, Aksanov Says  

17.  Russians Expected Overnight Results from Copying West and, Not Getting Them, Rejected the West as Such, Travin Says

18.  Lukashenka Regime’s Talk about ‘Smaller but More Radical’ Protests Typical but Dangerous Development, Yeliseyev Says

19.  New Coal Mining in Russian North Made Possible by Global Warming Exacerbating that Trend, Finnish Journal Says   

20.  Karakalpak Movement Appeals to UN for Independence; Tashkent Cracks Down

21.  100th Day of Protests in Khabarovsk Prompts Moscow to Mull Tightening Laws on Gatherings   

22.  Russian Media Devoting Far Less Attention to Pandemic Now than Last Spring

23.  Ethnic Russians Declining in Size Faster than Russian Federation Population as a Whole

24.  Russians Don’t Want to Do Work Immigrants Did, Forcing Wages and Mechanism Up and Slowing Economic Recovery, Experts Say

25.  Duma Set to Make Russian Law Superior to International Law in 125 Areas

26.  Many Russian Politicians and Officials ‘More Putinist than Putin,’ Kolesnikov Says

27.  ‘Federalism in Russia Exists,’ Zubarevich Says

28.  Russians Ever Less Willing to Forgive Moscow for Pandemic Policy Failures, Kuznetsov Says

29.  Moscow Fears Ordering a New Lockdown But Latest Figures and Projections Pushing It Toward that Policy   

30.  Koryaks Threaten to Secede from Kamchatka, Threatening Putin’s Amalgamation Plans

31.  United Russia Not Renewing Leadership at Regional Level, Creating Problems for Duma Races

32.  More than a Third of Russian Lawyers have had Their Rights Violated by Officials, Survey Finds

33.  Kremlin Lashes Out at Ukraine’s Construction with Western Help of New Bases on Black Sea

34.  Pandemic has Increased Income Inequality in Russia, Rosstat Figures Show

35.  ‘People will Simply Stop Joining the Army’ if Proposed Benefit Cuts Go Through, Russian Military Sources Say  

36.  New Pandemic Wave in Some Parts of Russia May be 10 Times Worse than Last One, Lukashev Says   

37.  Karabakh Conflict at Risk of Becoming a Religious War, Goncharov Says

38.  Muscovites More Attached to Their City than They were a Decade Ago, Polkanov Says

39.  Moscow Increasingly Alarmed by ‘Siberian Tatar Nationalism’  

40.  Neo-Sovietism Reflects Not Just Leaders but Structures of Power Left Over from Soviet Times, Savvin Says   

41.  Efforts by Moscow and Ankara to Exploit Circassians Make Role of Circassians Elsewhere More Critical, Ozdemir Says

42.  Russians Increasingly View State Terror as Normal and Inevitable, Analysts Say

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