Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Nov. 3 – 8, 2020

Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Nov. 3 – 8, 2020

1.      Coronavirus Horror Stories in the Regions Now Flooding Central Media

2.      Russian Government Ignores or Fails to Meet Deadlines in Two-Thirds of Putin Orders, New Study Finds  

3.      Moscow Alienates Moldova, Last Post-Soviet Republic It hadn’t Already, El Myurid Says

4.      Moscow Declares Ingushetia Bankrupt and Takes Direct Control of the Republic  

5.      Russia Still has 10,000 Lenin Streets and 27 Named for Stalin which Officials are Afraid to Change  

6.      Full Text of New KBR Study of Circassian Diaspora Now Available Online

7.      Russians Divide on Belarus Events Depending on Whether They Support Putin or Not, Levada’s Levinson Says   

8.      On National Unity Day, Russia Sets New Record for Number of Coronavirus Infections

9.      ‘De Facto, All North Caucasus Republics have Long Been Under Direct External Rule,’ Markelov Says

10.  Alcohol Killing Directly or Indirectly Half of Working-Age Russians, Study Says

11.  Putin Expands List of Traditional Religions of Russia to Include ‘Other Christian Denominations’  

12.  Russian Opposition Divided on Federalism, Gabbasov Says

13.  As in Belarus, Opposition in Turkmenistan Now has a Feminine Face — and Ashgabat is Worried

14.  Even Ryazan Russians, Near Moscow, have a Distinctive Dialect

15.  Moscow Asks Russians Not to Travel Abroad Lest They Return Infected

16.  More than 400 Jehovah’s Witnesses have Now Been Charged in Russia

17.  Autocracy Returning to Russia Because Liberals have Failed to See that Democratic Instincts aren’t Enough, Tsipko Says

18.  US Presidential Election ‘Extraordinarily Unwelcome’ for Putin, Shlosberg Says

19.  Unlike Its Parents, Russia’s Rising Generation Takes Stability as a Given, Zinchenko Says

20.  Two Years On, Transfer of Buryatia and Transbaikal from Siberian FD to Far Eastern One has had Little Effect, Officials and Experts Say

21.  Russians Less Supportive of Khabarovsk Protests and More of Belarusian Ones than They Were, Levada Center Reports  

22.  Russia’s Record Infection Numbers a New Plateau Likely to Last Until Spring, Epidemiologist Says

23.  A Contested Election in US ‘Ideal Situation for the Kremlin’ and Putin is Promoting That, Eidman Says  

24.  Uzbekistan Doesn’t View Russian as an Official Language or a Foreign One, Savchenko Says

25.  Islamic Feminism Not an Oxymoron, Female Muslim Leader in St. Petersburg Says

26.  Declaring Ingushetia Bankrupt Sets a Precedent but May Lead to Explosion There

27.  Calls for Lustration after Putin Leaves Dangerously ‘Naïve,’ Nekrasov Says

28.  Kalmyk Head has So Mishandled Pandemic that Even His United Russia Comrades are Calling on Putin to Oust Him   

29.  New Infections in Russia Remain Above 20,000 for Second Day in a Row

30.  Two More Ingush Protesters Released after Sentence Because of Time Served

31.  Technological Changes have Sparked Boom in Regional Film Making in Russia

32.  Putin’s Push to Restore the Empire will Lead to Final Disintegration of Russia, Yakovenko Says  

33.  A Shared Religion Compensates for Other Cultural Differences in Inter-Ethnic Marriages, Chebotaryeva and Volk Say  

34.  Putin Now Pardoning Fewer than Two-Tenths of One Percent as Many Convicts as Yeltsin Did  

35.  East-West Conflicts in Arctic and Antarctic Deeply Intertwined, Moscow Analysts Say  

36.  Some Russian Regions Now have More than Ten Times More Coronavirus Cases than Last Spring

37.  ‘Greater Circassia Project has Real Support in Caucasus and Abroad,’ Russian Scholar Says

38.  Shoygu has Transformed the Russian Army Beyond Recognition, ‘Nezavisimaya Gazeta’ Says

39.  Moscow Not Trying to Convince Anyone of Its Version about Navalny, Pastukhov Says  

40.  Ussuri Activist Now in US Exile First Real Elections in His Home Region in 1987

41.  US Voting Echoes Strongly in Russia’s Regions, Shtepa Says

42.  Environmental Protests in Russian Federation Becoming Not Only Political but Ethnic

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