Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Dec. 9-14, 2020

Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Dec. 9-14, 2020    

1.      Moscow Seeks to Stop St. Petersburg Resistance to New Year’s Restrictions Before It Spreads   

2.      Ingush Protester has Three Questions for Putin

3.      Only Way Armenia Can Take Revenge for Loss of Qarabagh is to Become Part of a Russian Union State, Latvian Analyst Says

4.      Those Seeking to Revive the Wepsy Literary Language Ignoring Death of Its Spoken Variants

5.      Both Armenian and Azerbaijani Forces Committed War Crimes During Recent Fighting, Amnesty Says

6.      Kremlin Now Trying to Impose a System like One Belarusians are Protesting Against, Martynov Says  

7.      Many Refugees from Qarabagh Returning to Parts of Armenia Still Ravaged by 1988 Earthquake  

8.      Putin Says Pandemic has Fundamentally Changed Relations Between State and Its Citizens  

9.      UNGA Vote Highlights Moscow’s International Isolation on Ukraine, Portnikov Says

10.  Putin Wants to Create a Russian Human Rights Court to Use against Russians, Other Countries and Strasbourg

11.  Upcoming Census Needed Despite Some Obvious Problems, Levada Center’s Kozerenko Says  

12.  Influential Russian Business Group Official Wants to Block Memorials to Stalin’s Victims

13.  Russian Analysts Divided on Impact of Turkey’s Expanded Role in South Caucasus

14.  Moscow’s Efforts to Limit Inflation in Food Prices Seen Leading to Soviet-Style Shortages   

15.  Kremlin Says Efforts to Discredit Russian Vaccine Obvious to ‘Unaided Eye’

16.  Group of Duma Deputies Wants to Impose Prison Time on Those Identified as ‘Foreign Agents’

17.  Moscow’s Jews Seek Expanded Network of Synagogues ‘Within Walking Distance’ of Where They Live, Boroda Says  

18.  Stability in North Caucasus ‘Only an Illusion,’ ‘Nezavisimaya Gazeta’ Writer Says

19.  One Russian in Three Now Living on Less than Nine US Dollars a Day, Rosstat Says

20.  Moscow’s Misrepresentations about Colonial War in Caucasus Set the Stage for New Violence, Khakuasheva Says   

21.  ‘The Soviet Union was Ruined by State Anti-Semitism,’ Moscow Commentator Says

22.  Moscow Wants Regions to Inoculate 30 Percent of Residents But hasn’t Provided Them with Enough Vaccine

23.  Andropov’s Political Murders Opened the Way for Gorbachev’s Rise, Neukropny Says

24.  Sex Education Played Key Role in Changing Other Russian Attitudes at End of Soviet Times

25.  Some Officials, Furious Russians Won’t Take Jobs Migrants Used to Fill, want New ‘Anti-Parasitism’ Laws  

26.  Baku Politicians and Experts Demand Russian Peacekeepers be Withdrawn Because Their Presence Violates International Law

27.  Smolny Now Purging Even Minority Opposition Deputies in St. Petersburg Municipalities  

28.  Returning Crimea to Ukraine Could Have Same Impact on Russia Recognizing Baltic Independence Did for USSR, Inozemtsev Says

29.  Pandemic has Made Russians More Active and More Demanding of Their Government, HSE Study Shows  

30.  Russian Ideas about Family Increasingly Diverging from Those of State and Church, Aleksandrov Says

31.  Siberian Bukharans Still Exist as a Nation but aren’t Counted in Censuses

32.  Two Days after Qarabagh Declaration, Putin Moves to Tighten Moscow’s Grip on Abkhazia  

33.  Reliance on Export of Raw Materials Will Drive Russia to Periphery of World after the Pandemic, Kuznetsov Says  

34.  Marginalization of Minsk Group Provides Opening for Moscow but Worries Armenians

35.  Problems with Food Supply Now More like in February 1917 than during Soviet Times, Melekhov Says  

36.  Pandemic has Increased Conspiracy Thinking and Made Russians More Ready to Denounce Others, Moscow State Study Says

37.  Moscow Plans to Borrow from Banks Rather than Cut Spending on Military Production, ‘Vedomosti’ Reports

38.  Losers in Qarabagh Must Unite Against Turkey Rather than Seek to Redirect Ankara, Mirzayan Says  

39.  Five Million Slavs Still in Central Asia ‘Reservoir’ for Russia’s Demographic Development, Shustov Says  

40.  Moscow and Magas Trying to Keep Ingush Nation from Speaking Out, Akiyev Says

41.  Turkey May Not Want Azerbaijan to Become Part of NATO, Russian Military Analyst Says

42.  Moscow’s Organizations for Ties with Russian Speakers Abroad Part of FSB ‘Under Cover,’ Polyak Says

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