Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Dec. 15-20, 2020

Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Dec. 15-20, 2020      

1.      Putin Health Care Cutbacks Continue Even During Pandemic

2.      Russian Population Set to Decline by 600,000 or More This Year — and Not Primarily Because of Pandemic, Zhelenin Says   

3.      Putin ‘Saving Pashinyan’ for Use in Renewed Great Game in the Caucasus, Tarasov Says 

4.      Share of World’s People who Speak Russia, Already Declining for a Century, Projected to Fall 50 Percent More by 2050    

5.      Ingushetia Residents have Highest Level of Legal Knowledge in Russian Federation

6.      Intelligence Services Overrated, Independent Researchers Underrated, Mironov Says

7.      Clashes Continuing in Qarabagh Because of Confusion over Areas of Control

8.      Pandemic Responsible for Less than One Third of Rise in Russian Deaths This Year over Last  

9.      Russians Suffering from Soviet-Induced PTSD Beginning to Recover, Farmer Says

10.  Russia’s Icebreaker Fleet Suffers Another Embarrassment – This Time on Way to Antarctic

11.  2021 will be a Year of Dashed Hopes in Russia, Zubarevich Says

12.  Rise of ‘Silovarchy’ Another Sign of Decay of Russian Governance, Gallyamov Says

13.  To Combat Pandemic, Governors Make Obligatory what Moscow Merely Recommends, Degtyarov Says  

14.  Prosecution Witnesses in Ingush Seven Case Helping Defense, Lawyers Say

15.  Coronavirus Skepticism in Russia Increases, Slowing Demand for Vaccine

16.  Obscure Cossack Host that Carried Out Pogroms against Chinese and Fought for Soviets Recalled  

17.  Moscow Analysts Publish First Book on Use of Drones in Latest Qarabagh Fighting

18.  North Ossetian Statement about Defining Border with Ingushetia Dangerous, Ingush Minister Says   

19.  Russian Persecutors of Jehovah’s Witnesses Will Eventually have to Explain Why They Committed This Crime Against Humanity, Kolymagin Says  

20.  With Rare Exceptions, Russian Naval Construction in Disastrous Shape, Makiyenko Says

21.  Ten Percent of Kazakhstan Residents Plan to Emigrate – and a Third of Those are Ethnic Kazakhs, New Study Finds  

22.  Moscow Hopes Vaccine Will End the Pandemic but So Far Few Russians have Been Vaccinated  

23.  Putin’s Attempt to Save Reputation of Special Services Backfiring, Gallyamov Says

24.  Putin Can’t Be Leader of Unified Russian People because Such an Entity Doesn’t Exist, Milin Says

25.  Putin Says Fresh Water Supplies under Azov Sea Can Reverse Mounting Crisis in Crimea  

26.  Putin, Tsar-Like, Hands Out Gifts as Substitute for Addressing Fundamental Problems, Preobrazhensky Says   

27.  Putin Preparing Russia for ‘Protracted Siege,’ Stanovaya Says

28.  Questions, Answers and Structure Made Putin’s 16th Press Conference Most Shameful Yet, Yakovenko Says  

29.  Criticism of Russian Vaccine by Foreigners Intended to Give Them Competitive Advantage, Kremlin Says

30.  Despite All Changes in Name, Russia has Always Been and Remains an Empire, Inozemtsev and Abalov Say  

31.  Logic of Intersecting Imperial ‘Near Abroads’ Driving Moscow’s Approach to Its Neighbors, Inozemtsev Says   

32.  More Behind New Restrictions in Ingushetia than Just the Coronavirus Pandemic

33.  Shiyes Protesters Refuse to Leave Until Area of Planned Dump for Moscow Trash Restored  

34.  Defense Witnesses Again Show Falsity of Charges against Circassian Activist, Memorial Says  

35.  Armenian Scholar Argues Azerbaijanis in Iran and Azerbaijanis in Azerbaijan are Separate and Distinct Ethnic Groups   

36.  Ever More Categories of Muscovites Getting Vaccine Even Before Anyone in Regions Does

37.  Call for Restoring Dzerzhyinsky Statue in Lubyanka Square Highlights Divisions in Russian Society

38.  Russia’s Forests Need to be Saved Not Just from Fires but from Moscow, Activists Say

39.  Putin’s Lack of Any Goal Beyond Retaining Power Casts Dark Shadow on Future, El Murid Says  

40.  Moscow Scholar Sees No Problem in Beijing’s Putting Han Chinese in Charge of Ethnic Minorities

41.  Producing Doctors Not Enough if Russian Medical System Can’t Prevent Them from Leaving the Profession, Malenky Says

42.  Supposedly Protected Data in Russia Increasingly Up for Sale, New Study Finds

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