Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Jan. 14-19, 2021

Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Jan. 14-19, 2021  


1.      Only if Pandemic Ends First Will Kremlin Candidates Win Duma Elections, Delyagin Says  

2.      Ulan Bator Makes Study of Old Mongolian Script Obligatory in All Educational Institutions

3.      Orthodox Nationalists Denounce Navalny as ‘the Anti-Christ’ and Call for Putin be Declared a Saint

4.      Reports that Tomsk to Be Split Up and Amalgamated with Neighbors Denounced as Provocation  

5.      All-Tatar Social Center (VTOTs) Faces Liquidation for ‘Extremism’

6.      Putin’s Power Preservationist Approach Echoes That of 19th Century Tsars, Vyugin Says

7.      Analysts Urging West to Counter Turkish and Russian Reliance on Force in Caucasus, Tarasov Says   

8.      Lenin Mausoleum on Red Square May Become a Covid Vaccine Center

9.      Jewish Advocacy of Extra-Territorial Cultural Autonomy as Solution to Nationality Question Recalled in Book Newly Translated into Russian

10.  Kremlin Supports Creation of ‘Aleksandr Nevsky Blog’ to Fight Alternative Histories

11.  Anatoly Vishnevsky, the Russian Murray Feshbach, Dead at 85

12.  Ingush Seven Trial ‘Theater of the Absurd’ Leaving Ingush Indifferent to the Fate of Russia, Chemurziyev Says  

13.  Immigrant Workers Make More than Russians Ones but Cost Employers Less, New Study Says  

14.  Moscow Recognizes Qarabagh Resolution ‘as Far Away as the Moon,’ Sitnikov Says

15.  Moscow Would Like to Vaccinate 80-90 Percent of Russians But Expects to Do Far Fewer    

16.  Moscow Outlet Reminds Its Readers about Existence of Armenian Region in Georgia

17.  Russia Gearing Up for Expanded Military Competition in Space, Moscow Analyst Says

18.  New Kazan Study Expands Debate on Bashkirization of Tatars

19.  Pandemic has Lowered Importance of Corruption as Political Issue in Tatarstan, Kazan Survey Finds  

20.  Russian Activists Put Up New Memorial to Tsarist Conquerors in Place of One Circassians Succeeded in Taking Down Last Summer

21.  Soviet State Terrorism in Riga in January 1991 Must Not Be Overlooked or Forgotten

22.  Moscow has Sent More Doses of Vaccine to Argentina than It has to Russians Beyond the Ring Road  

23.  Global Warming Undermining Russia’s Position in the North

24.  Soviet Union in 1970s was More Law-Abiding and Humane than Russia is Now, Ingush Say

25.  Russia Would Gain Geopolitically by Expanding Unblocking Project in South Caucasus, Analyst Says  

26.  Because of Poverty, Russians Even Ready to Invest in Foreign Firms Producing Weapons to Destroy Their Country, Nikiforov Says

27.  Kremlin Claims to the Contrary, Russia’s Only Aircraft Carrier Likely to End Its Days as a Casino or as Scrap, Kovalenko Says  

28.  Armenia Should Look to China for Help and Adjust Its Policies to Get It, Parvanyan Says

29.  Russia at Risk of ‘Moral Collapse’ Regionally that WHO is Warning about Internationally  

30.  To Implement Constitutional Changes, Duma has Already Adopted 21 New Laws and Amended 154 More, Krasheninnikov Says

31.  Navalny’s Return Simplifies Things: Now Russians are Either for Him or for Putin, Kolesnikov Says  

32.  Moscow’s Failure to Develop Infrastructure in Russia’s Far East Means Region Won’t Develop and People will Continue to Leave, Shelest Says

33.  Zakharova Says Angry Trump Supporters Thinking about Taking Russian Citizenship  

34.  Activists in More than 20 Russian Cities Demonstrate for Navalny and against Putin

35.  Territorial Disputes among Russia’s Federal Subjects Must Be Decided Not by Moscow or Unilateral Action but by Negotiations, Sidorov Says

36.  Gaidar Forum Sees Dark Days ahead for Russians after Pandemic Ends

37.  Belarusian Opposition has People but Not a Leader while Russian One has a Leader but Not People, Denysenko Says  

38.  Tatarstan Procuracy Says Kazan Must Stop Styling Republic Head as President

39.  Biden Administration Set to Challenge Russia Across the Southern Caucasus, Sitnikov Says  

40.  VTOTs, Now Facing Liquidation, has Been a Moderating Force among Tatar Nationalists

41.  ‘Dissatisfaction with Putin and His Government No Longer Marginal Positions,’ Volkov Says

42.  Russians’ Nostalgia for USSR Psychology of Children in Orphanages, Pyatov Says

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