Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Jan. 26-31, 2021

Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Jan. 26-31, 2021 


1.      Pandemic Death Toll in Russia Passes 70,000 But Daily Deaths Fall and More Regions Stabilize  

2.      Relations between Moscow and Russia’s Buddhists Deteriorating 

3.      Armenian Diaspora Far More Divided and at Odds with Yerevan than Many Think, Krylov Says

4.      After Putin, Russia May Yet Become ‘a Yugoslavia with Nukes’ Many Feared in 1991, Boytsov Says  

5.      Kalimatov’s ‘Confused and Hopeless’ Reign Must End Soon, One of Ingush Seven Writes from Jail   

6.      Nearly Half of Russians Say Foreign Agents Law Intended to Protect Russia from West but Nearly a Third that It is to Block Criticism of the Kremlin

7.      Few in North Caucasus Took Part in Navalny Protests, Klyshch Says

8.      Rosstat Says Decline in Russian Industrial Production Stopped in December

9.      Shifting Capital, Redividing Republic, and Changing Alphabets Helped Soviets to Transform and Control of Kazakhstan, New Study Says

10.  Even if Kremlin ‘Decapitates’ the Navalny Movement, New Protest Wave Won’t End, Gallyamov Says  

11.  January 23 Protests Outside the Capitals Presented Serious Challenges to Those Seeking to Measure Their Size   

12.  Kremlin has Only Itself to Blame for Losing the Young, Belokonyev Says

13.  Russians Aged 25 to 35 Currently Dominate Protests, Lev Gudkov Says

14.  Russia Could have Built 15,000 Hospitals for What Putin has Spent on Aid to Foreign Countries, ‘Novaya Gazeta’ Says  

15.  Pandemic, Economic Crisis Make Upcoming Duma Elections ‘Russian Roulette,’ Experts Say  

16.  ‘An Anti-Putin Majority has Taken Shape in Russia,’ Zhelenin Says

17.  Last Lenin Statue in Ukraine Falls   

18.  Russian Opposition has Three Important Homework Tasks, Luzin Says

19.  Putin System is ‘Latin American Fascism with an Aging “Caudillo,”’ Milin Says

20.  Putin Calls on World to Act Just the Opposite of How He Does at Home, Shtepa Says  

21.  Iran Seeks to Expand Its Position in South Caucasus in Wake of Qarabagh War

22.  Pandemic Easing in Russia But Unlikely by Amount Officials Claim, ‘Novaya Gazeta’ Says  

23.  Russia Ever More Likely to Face Another 1917 rather than a Second 1991, Pastukhov Says  

24.  Crackdown after Navalny Protests Hitting Activists in Regions Harder than Moscow

25.  ‘Russian Parties’ in Estonia and Latvia have ‘Lost the Support of Ethnic Russians,’ Nosovich Says

26.  Russian ‘Peacekeepers’ in Qarabagh a Victory for Baku and a Loss for Moscow, Ukrainian Diplomat Says   

27.  Kazakhstan Becoming Not Just More Kazakh but More Muslim, Mustafayev Says

28.  Kremlin has Promoted and Relies On ‘Russian Groupthink,’ Sharafutdinova Says

29.  Russia to Supply Massive Quantities of Its Coronavirus Vaccine to Iran

30.  Russian Population Falls by 510,000 in 2020 and Not Just Because of Pandemic

31.  Poles of Lithuania Fear Their Number to Decline Further in Upcoming Census

32.  Global Warming Forcing Russia to Stop Using Ice Roads in the North Before Substitutes are Available  

33.  Circassians Denounce Putin’s Palace, Praise Navalny’s Exposure of It in Open Letter

34.  Video Facial Recognition Technology Used to Make Arrests after January 23 Navalny Protest  

35.  Areas of Use of Non-Russian Languages Contracting, Zorin Acknowledges

36.  Russians Upset Moscow Sending Vaccine to Occupied Areas in Ukraine Before They Get It  

37.  ‘Russia World Shrinking’ But Russians in Russia Becoming More Deeply Attached to Their Identity, Tishkov Says

38.  Pandemic Giving Destructive Cults and Radical Islam in Russia ‘New Impulse,’ Amelina Says  

39.  Both Powers and Protesters Changed Between First and Second Navalny Protests, Kolezyev Says  

40.  Firms Outside of Moscow Prefer to Import Technology Rather than Developing Their Own, New Study Shows   

41.  Moscow has Lost Its Geopolitical Monopoly in South Caucasus and More, Samarsky Says

42.  Beyond Ring Road, Fewer Protesters This Time but Just as Many Detentions, ‘7×7’ Agency Says

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