Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Feb. 1-6, 2021

Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Feb. 1-6, 2021


1.      Pandemic Not Under Control Everywhere in Russia, Officials Admit

2.      Moscow Says Final Status of Qarabagh Remains Open but is Too Explosive to Discuss Now

3.      Navalny’s Return ‘has Shortened Life of Putin Regime but Lengthened Russia’s Path to Democracy,’ Pastukhov Says  

4.      ‘Wild 1990s’ have Ceased to Frighten Russians, Kremlin Polling Shows

5.      Navalny’s Ethnic Prejudices May Not have Changed but His Use of Nationalist Rhetoric Has, Verkhovsky Says

6.      Telegram Channels Now Publishing Names and Addresses of Russian Siloviki in Regions  

7.      Neither Powers nor Protesters Now Staying within the Law, Shaburov Says

8.      Academy of Science Experts Call for Return to Soviet-Style Five Year Plans to Boost Recovery  

9.      Khrushchev Killed Beria in Part to Block Leaders from Giving Power to Their Children, Moscow Journalist Says  

10.  Ukrainians in Donbass Dominated Record Number of Foreigners Taking Russian Citizenship in 2020   

11.  Senior Religious Leaders Back Kremlin against Navalny Protests but Many Lower-Ranking Ones Take Opposite Line, Lunkin Says

12.  New Bashkir National Strategy Looks Far Better than ‘Toothless’ Tatar One But May Entail Unexpected Risks, Sidorov Says

13.  Navalny Protests Treated Very Differently by the Kremlin and the Russian People than were the Ingush Ones in 2018-2019, Chemurziyev Says  

14.  ‘Indifference Saved Religion in Soviet Times’ But Laid Foundations for Putin Worldview, Newly Translated Study Says

15.  Focused on Exports, Russian Economy Suffered Less and Will Rebound More Quickly than Others, Moscow Experts Say   

16.  Navalny Changing Rules of the Game in Moscow by Challenging the  Kremlin’s, Skobov Says

17.  Treatment of Navalny Forcing Some but Far from All Russians to Recognize What Putin Regime has Been All Along, Inozemtsev Says

18.  Putin’s NEP Over, Pavlova Says

19.  Russian Liberals Must Refocus Their Attention from Protests to the Bureaucracy, Lev Gudkov Says  

20.  Russian Guard Now has 50 Percent More Soldiers than Russian Ground Forces Do, Reflecting Putin’s Fears and Priorities, Malgin Says

21.  Kremlin Increasingly Operating Northern Sea Route as a Corporation, Luzin Says

22.  Gorbachev Backs Nobel Prize for Sputnk-5 Inventors But Putin Still hasn’t Gotten Shots

23.  Kremlin Overrated Navalny Threat and Navalny His Prospects, Pastukhov Says

24.  Novosibirsk was Almost Called ‘Kurultay’ to Appeal to Siberia’s Indigenous Non-Russians, Golodayev Says  

25.  Street Protests Alone Not Enough to Bring Down Entrenched Dictatorships, Konstantinov Says

26.  Ingush Seven Case Continues to Fall Apart Attracting International Attention

27.  Putin’s Favorite ROC Prelate Uses Pskov Base to Promote Himself as ‘Enlightened Russian Nationalist’   

28.  ‘Why Not Tsaritsyn?” — Most Volgograd Residents Opposed to Restoring the Name Stalingrad, Polyanskaya Says   

29.  Russians Upset Moscow Sending More Vaccine Abroad than It is to Regions at Home

30.  Far North Rapidly Becoming ‘Third Islamic Macro-Region of Russia,’ Experts Say

31.  Pandemic Failed to Eclipse Circassian Movement and has Given It New Opportunities, Activists Say  

32.  Russians Again Worried about Cossack Separatism

33.  Putin’s Approach ‘Absolutely Bolshevik but without Ideological Justification,’ Vitukhnovskaya Says    

34.  Loyalty Not Need to Be Key Test for Kremlin Aid to Federal Subjects, Putin Decrees

35.  Police in Regions will Avoid Provoking Protesters and May Even Join Them; Those in Capitals Won’t, Former Ivanovo Officer Says

36.  Western Outlets Praise Russian Vaccine; Russian Outlets Trash Western Ones

37.  Tribalism Long Source of Unity among Kazakhs Must Become So Again, Kumekov Says

38.  For First Time since 1992, Moscow’s Population Declined in 2020

39.  Soviet-Style ‘Kommunalkas’ Making a Comeback in Moscow

40.  St. Petersburg Authorities Take Action to Suppress Protest No One Called for and that Didn’t Occur

41.  Russians Must Not Compromise with Putin’s Fascist Regime but Resist It by Refusing to Obey Its Laws, Skobov Says

42.  Russian-Occupied Crimea Running Out of Water – with Moscow Now Searching for Way Out

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