Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Feb. 7-12, 2021

Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Feb. 7-12, 2021

1.      Moscow Expects Its Vaccine to Be Approved for Use in 25 Countries Soon

2.      Are Russian Detention Centers Becoming Today’s ‘Universities of Revolution’? 

3.      Approval of Putin and Support for Him are Two Different Things, Lev Gudkov Says  

4.      Navalny Protests Don’t Look like a Revolution and Aren’t, Filin Says

5.      Oligarch Now Controls When Buddhists Can Visit Religious Site

6.      Moscow Police Using Video Records of Navalny Protests to Make New Arrests

7.      Tehran Says Any Change in Armenian Borders ‘a Red Line’ No One Must Cross

8.      To Boost Foreign Sales, Moscow Selling Coronavirus Vaccine for Less Abroad than at Home

9.      Most of Post-Soviet Intelligentsia Suffers from Marxist Dogmatism about Russia’s Past, Tsipko Says

10.  Kremlin May Cut Russia Off from the Internet but It has Already Cut Country Off from Law, Pastukhov Says

11.  Navalny Staff’s Unilateral Decision to Suspend Protests May Cost It Allies in Regions, Sidorov Says  

12.  FSB Shuts Down 28 Underground Gun Manufacturers in Russia

13.  Russian Inertia Even Bigger Obstacle than Kremlin for Navalny Movement, Levada Center’s Volkov Says  

14.  By Attacking Navalny, Yavlinsky Confirms Him as Opposition Leader of the Future, Gallyamov Says  

15.  Kremlin Promises Pandemic in Russia will Be Over by August

16.  Ten Statistics Highlight State of Science under Putin

17.  More Fallout from Qarabagh: Chisinau Says It’s Prepared to Retake Transdniestria by Force

18.  ‘Putin will Disappear along with Fear,’ Navalny Coordinator Says in Announcing New Protest   

19.  Ten Dissidents from Soviet Times Warn Against New Era of Political Terror

20.  ‘Capitalism Exists in Russia, but a Market Doesn’t,’ Khasbulatov Says

21.  Conditions in Detention Centers Far from Moscow Far Worse than Those near Capital  

22.  Russia has Suffered Most Pandemic Deaths Per Capita of Any Country, Rosstat Figures Show

23.  In Ingush Seven Trial, Prosecution Witnesses Don’t Show Up or Become Witnesses for the Defense, Lawyers Say  

24.  Russian Repression of Jehovah’s Witnesses Assumes Outrageous New Dimensions

25.  Russian Oppositionists Upset by Navalny Because He’s Pursuing Power and They Aren’t, Shelin Says  

26.  Kremlin So Out of Touch with Young that Each of Its Actions is Alienating More of Them, Makarkin Says  

27.  Feeder Airlines – the ‘Capillaries’ of the Russian Transport System – Dying, Zyuganov Says  

28.  Anger Drove Pskov Residents into the Streets But a Sense of Hopelessness has Caused Them to Return Home, Kamalyagin Says

29.  Need to Rehabilitate 70 Percent of Coronavirus Victims Seen Slowing Russian Recovery

30.  Are There Few People in Russia’s Regions because There are Few Rail Lines or Are There Few Rail Lines because There are Few People There?

31.  Soviet System Could have Survived Only if Nomenklatura had Consisted of Eunuchs, Romanov Says  

32.  Fight over Tatarstan ‘Presidency’ Heating Up Again

33.  Kremlin Not Only has Inflicted a Defeat on Pro-Western Movement in Russia but Easily ‘Broken Its Back,’ Regnum Commentator Says

34.  Putin’s Harshest Critics Caught in Putin’s Web and Helping Him Remain in Power, Shevtsova Says  

35.  ‘Struggle for Democracy in Russia Today is Struggle by Regions for Their Rights,’ Krasheninnikov Says  

36.  Covid Natural But Anti-Vaxxer Movement a Hybrid War against Russia, Onishchenko Says  

37.  Moscow to Give Children of Interior Ministry Troops and Russian Guard Personnel Preferences in University Admissions

38.  Belarusian Courtyard Protests Model for Latest Navalny Tactic

39.  Dividing Line in Europe Still Exists but Now It Runs along Russian Border, Mezerin Says

40.  Video Clip Urging Russians Not to Buy from Migrants Triggers Angry Response from Non-Russians

41.  Putin Can Survive by Only by Isolating Russia from Outside World, ‘RusMonitor’ Commentator Says

42.  The More Putin Concentrates Power in His Hands Now, the More Violent the Power Struggle Later, El Murid Says

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