Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Feb. 19-24, 2021

Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Feb. 19-24, 2021  

1.      Kremlin Says Vaccinating Russians ‘Absolute Priority’ But Pushes to Sell Medication Abroad

2.      A Baker’s Dozen of Other Stories from Russia This Week

3.      Azerbaijani Navy Prepares to Defend against Possible Attack on Energy Infrastructure in Caspian   

4.      Opposition to Ivan III Statue in Lubyanka Square Animated by Desire to ‘Revive Pro-Western Novgorod Separatism,’ Frolov Says

5.      Circassians’ Appeal to Navalny May Boost Russian Attention to Their Interests, Sokolov Says  

6.      Price Control Fiasco Highlights Spread of Moronization from Population to Bureaucracy, Inozemtsev Says  

7.      If Police and Russian Guard Can’t Control Protests, Army Must Be Ready Practically and Ideologically to Act, Perendzhiyev Says   

8.      Moscow, Far East Lead in Vaccinations, North Caucasus Lags Far Behind

9.      Western Realpolitik which Saved Kims in North Korea Could Save Putin Now, Savvin Warns

10.  Russians Increasingly Indifferent to Putin and Ready to Consider Someone Else, Shelin Says

11.  Putin Warned Rising Poverty and Unemployment May Spark More Protests

12.  Latest Chukchi Joke: Five Percent of Chukchis Support Russian President, Ten Percent Don’t, and 85 Percent ask ‘Who is He?”  

13.  Young Russians in Magadan Outraged Siloviki Children Being Given Preferences in University Admissions

14.  Kremlin’s Division of Russians into ‘Us’ and ‘Them’ Seen Spreading to Business Community  

15.  Kremlin Views Its Vaccine as ‘New Oil’ and is Pushing Exports at Expense of Russians’ Health   

16.  Putin’s Backing of Statue of Alexander Nevsky Far More Dangerous Sign of Kremlin Leader’s Intentions than One of Dzerzhinsky would Be, Pavlova Says

17.  Russian Police Set to Arrest Intoxicated inside Their Homes and Take Them to Sobering Up Stations  

18.  Kremlin’s Commitment to ‘Stability of Cadres’ Opens the Way to Disaster, Moscow Analysts Say  

19.  Tsikhanouskaya Says Belarusian Opposition has ‘Lost the Streets’ for Now but Won’t End the Revolution   

20.  Bashkortostan National Hymn Played for First Time at International Sports Competition

21.  ‘Perestroika Generation’ on Brink of Replacing ‘Stagnation One’ in Russian Elites, Eidman Says  

22.  Despite Fall in Number of Immigrant Workers, Their Transfer Payments Home Remained Stable during Pandemic  

23.  Making Russian an Official Language in Qarabagh Less Radical than It Appears

24.  Declining Numbers of Draft-Age Russians Prompting Moscow to Consider Allowing More Foreigners to Serve in Russian Military

25.  Tajikistan Denounces Latest Chinese Blogger Claims on Its Territory

26.  Is Moscow Moving toward De Facto Military Rule in Increasingly Unstable Daghestan?

27.  Stalin’s Deadliest Deportation – Chechen and Ingush Losses During the Expulsion and in Exile   

28.  ‘All Power in Russia in Hands of Siloviki Because Putin Trusts Them’ But They Aren’t United, ‘General SVR’ Telegram Channel Editor Says

29.  Kremlin Celebrates Vaccine Sales Abroad Angering Russians in Region who Want but Can’t Get Shots  

30.  Deportations Didn’t End with Death of Stalin and Plans for Them Didn’t End with Demise of USSR

31.  Civil War Reenactors in Russia Indifferent as to Which Side They Play

32.  Kalimatov Tries to Satisfy Both Moscow and Ingush and Likely Fully Pleases Neither

33.  Moscow’s Likely Exit from Council of Europe Highlights New Iron Curtain and Harsher Regime Policies against Russians, Zhelenin Says

34.  Armenian Defense Minister Says Yerevan would Like to See Russian Contingent at Gyumri Base Increase in Size   

35.  Union of Repressed Peoples of Russia Calls on Putin to Free Ingush Seven

36.  Putin Warns Russia Must Be Prepared to Counter New Covid-Related Provocations from Abroad  

37.  Russia Facing Its Very Own ‘End of History’ Moment – Devaluation, Degradation and Disintegration – Trunov Says

38.  Moscow’s Failure to Subsidize More Seats on Domestic Flights Effectively Cutting Off Far East from European Russia, Economists Say

39.  Yekaterinburg Deputy Calls for Creating a Russian Republic with Capital in His City

40.  Tatars Need an Online University to Oppose Russian World and Promote Their Own De-Colonization, Nasibullov Says

41.  Kremlin Edges toward Admitting Russian Cities have Ghettos and that They’re a Security Problem  

42.  Putin Would Like to Unite Old Believers with Moscow Patriarchate but Fears Rise of New Anti-Kremlin Schism

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