Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Mar. 3 – 8, 2021

Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Mar. 3 – 8, 2021   

1.      Many Russian Regions Still Don’t Have Enough Vaccine Even as Moscow Pushes Exports and Welcomes Sputnik-5 Tourism

2.      Putin Appears Worried about Rise in Russian Nationalism 

3.      Moscow Appears Likely to Provide More Support for Russian and Smallest Languages but Not for Those in Between  

4.      Chief Challenge in Russia is to Ensure Citizens Can See Relationship of Taxes Paid and Results Achieved, Luzin Says

5.      Official Case Against Ingush Seven Continues to Collapse, But a Guilty Verdict Still Near Certain

6.      FSB Says Kaliningrad Man Planned Terrorist Act Because He ‘Hates Russian Powers’

7.      Municipal Amalgamation Efforts No More Popular than Those at Regional Level, New Cases in Yamal Show  

8.      Russia’s Success in Developing Vaccine Carried with It Usual Collateral Damage of Moscow Projects, Gelman Says

9.      Navalny Inserting Himself into Christian Tradition of Russian Protest, Baunov Says

10.  ‘If West Cuts Russia Off from SWIFT, Russia will Cut Off Ukraine from West,’ Shakhnazarov Says

11.  ‘Russia has No Allies’ and Must Stop Supporting Those Who Aren’t, Bezpalko Says  

12.  China Formally Declares It Wants to Open ‘an Arctic Silk Road’ Corridor

13.  Length of Russia’s Navigable Riverways has Fallen by Two Thirds Since 1991, Korobov Says

14.  Sakha Activist Warns Stripping Republic Languages of State Status will Spark New Tensions   

15.  Russians Reluctant to Get Vaccine Because They Don’t Trust Government, Experts Say

16.  A Baker’s Double Dozen of Other Stories from Russia This Week

17.  Yerevan Angrily Reacts to Aliyev’s Reference to Zengezur Corridor as ‘Azerbaijan’s Historic Territory’

18.  Putin Shares Stalin’s Paranoia and Will End His Life Too Alone and in Fear, Eidman Says

19.  March 1921 Set Pattern for Russia Since – By Separating Struggle for Power from Positions on Issues, Shelin Says  

20.  Young Russians Want a Normal Country, Not One Based on the Past or Some Ideological Vision  

21.  New Cold War Exists in Rhetoric but Not in Reality, Four Russian Experts Say

22.  Putin Aide Infected with Coronavirus but Kremlin Leader Won’t Isolate and Hasn’t Been Vaccinated  

23.  Last Two Decades Show Why Economics and Demography are Now ‘Gravediggers of Putin Regime,’ Gontmakher Says

24.  Online Debates about Immigrants in Russia Both Reflect and Promote Five Mistaken Notions, Martynov Says  

25.  Ufa Adopts Another Tactic to Cut Number of Tatars and Boost Number of Bashkirs in Upcoming Census  

26.  Pandemic Crisis, Demographic Shortfalls Force Russian Rail to Seek Soldiers’ Help in Modernizing BAM and the Trans-Siberian

27.  New Western Sanctions Hit Russian Military Industry and Broader R & D Activities Far Harder than Earlier Ones

28.  Call for Protecting Holy Places of Northern Peoples Puts the Latter on Collision Course with Moscow   

29.  Russian and Chinese Hackers Steal Coronavirus Data from EU Agency

30.  KBR Leaders Now Recognize Loss of Non-Russian Languages will Mean Loss of Republic Status, Khakuasheva Says  

31.  Moscow, Baku Now Competing for Vatican’s Attention on Churches in Qarabagh

32.  Tashkent Says Central Asian Countries Lack Commonalities Needed for Any Union  

33.  Moscow Postpones ‘Polar Trans-Siberian Railroad’ for the Fifth Time under Putin

34.  Turkmen President Starts Transition of Power but Keeps Things All in the Family

35.  Prosecution Witness in Ingush Seven Trial Demolishes State’s Extremism Charges, Chemurziyev Says  

36.  Kremlin Denies Russian Special Services Behind Criticism of Western Vaccines

37.  Union of Repressed Peoples Calls for Shifting Russian State Holidays away from Deportation Anniversaries

38.  Karakalpaks Protest Uzbekization of Their Republic, Demanding Autonomy or Even Independence   

39.  A Baker’s Dozen of Facts about Women in Russia Today

40.  Water Shortages in Occupied Crimea Now So Great Moscow Likely to Step Up Pressure on Kyiv, Kazarin Says

41.  Politicians and Bankers Lead List of Professions Russians Feel are Overpaid

42.  Gender Equality in Russia Still Exists ‘Only on Paper,’ Kazan Lawyer Says

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