Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Mar. 9-14, 2021

Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Mar. 9-14, 2021  

1.      Older Russians will Be as Lost after Pandemic as They Were after 1991, Gorodetsky Says

2.      Central Asia Now a Subject of International Politics and Not Just the Object of Others, Borisov Says

3.      Kremlin Simultaneously Seeking to Destroy Republics and Nations on Which They Rest, Shro Says   

4.      FSB Told Kremlin 90,000 Russians Took Part in Navalny Protests, Far More than Regime has Acknowledged, Yapparova Says

5.      Russian Officials Demanding Ever More Draconian Jail Sentences for Jehovah’s Witnesses

6.      Despite Protests by Scholars, Duma Close to Approving Measure to License Enlightenment Activity

7.      Free Russia Forum Marks Fifth Anniversary

8.      Kremlin Says Pandemic Cost Russia, Other Countries, a Year of Development

9.      The Only Thing Tying Russians Together into a Community is Their Language, Vyrypayev Says

10.  Russian Army Less Riven by ‘Dedovshchina’ but More Corrupt, Government Investigators Say

11.  A Real Russian Federation Can Arise Only if People Defend Their Rights Rather than Just Seek Economic Development, Sidorov Says

12.  Essentuki Court Allows Only Woman among Ingush Seven to Move from Detention Center to House Arrest  

13.  Kremlin Encouraging Formation of Ten Megalopolises Surrounded by Empty Land, Experts Say    

14.  ‘Blocking Social Media Only Intensifies Popular Anger at the Authorities,’ Experts Say

15.  Pandemic Directly and Indirectly Pushes Down Life Expectancy in Russia by Two Years

16.  Catalonian Portal Highlights Udmurt Efforts to Preserve that Nation and Its Language

17.  North Caucasus Doesn’t See Itself as a Depressed Region, Ageyeva Says

18.  Ever More Russians Say Regime Cares Only about Its Own Enrichment and Doesn’t Consider Their Needs, Lev Gudkov Says  

19.  Demise of USSR Might have Been Delayed but Not Prevented by Bolshevik-Style Bloodshed, Milyuk Says  

20.  Protests in Central Asia More Numerous, Widespread and Diverse than Many Assume, ACLED Report Says  

21.  Russia Now has More Political Prisoners than USSR Did in 1976

22.  Notion that Russia Survived Pandemic Better than Others ‘Populist Myth,’ Aganbegyan Says  

23.  A Baker’s Double Dozen of Other Notable Stories from Russia This Week  

24.  Eighth Year of Russia’s Decline, like Gelendzhik Palace, Something Best Not to Talk About, Shelin Says

25.  Russian Firms Restoring Ties Between Regions that Regional Governments Avoid, Experts Say

26.  Responding to Navalny Protests, Moscow Boosted Spending on Both Security and Social Programs, Alfa Bank Analyst Says

27.  Kazakhs Now Focusing on First Soviet-Era Famine in 1921-1922

28.  Those Aspiring to Succeed Putin Might Speak with Navalny Even Before He’s Out of Prison, Gallyamov Says  

29.  During Pandemic, Moscow has Focused on Defending Its Position rather than Fighitng the Coronavirus, Epidemiologist Says

30.  Real Power in Russia, with Putin’s Approval, has Passed into Hands of Siloviki, Gennady Gudkov Says

31.  Putin Using Siloviki Not the Other Way Around, Pastukhov Says

32.  Economic Stability Kremlin Says West Celebrates in Russia Increasingly Resembles That of a Cemetery, Deputy Valery Gartung Says

33.  Pashinyan Team Believes Russia will Soon ‘Fall to Pieces’ and Wants to Re-Orient Armenia toward the West, Zohrabyan Says

34.  Powers that Be Want Ingush Activist Sautiyeva Returned to Detention Center One Way or Another

35.  Intertwining of Good and Evil in Soviet Times Informs New Yakhina Novel about the 1920s   

36.  Despite Vaccine Shortage in Russia, Moscow Sending More Abroad to Gain Market Share

37.  Russia Won’t have Winters by Century’s End, Climatologist Says

38.  Putin’s Dispersal of Municipal Deputies Forum like Lenin’s Suppression of Constituent Assembly in 1918, Shlosberg Says

39.  Moscow Will Annex Donbass if Ukraine Makes a Military Move Against It, Tarasov Says  

40.  Qarabagh Ceasefire Holding but Baku and Yerevan aren’t Taking Steps Needed for Peace, Tarasov Says

41.  Siloviki Propaganda about Ingush Seven Backfiring Ever More Dramatically, Sagov Says

42.  Putin’s New Authoritarianism Existential Threat to Russia and the West, Skobov Says

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