Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Mar. 15-20, 2021

Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Mar. 15-20, 2021   

1.      Demand for Russia’s Sputnik-5 Vaccine Exceeds Supply Abroad and at Home

2.      Putin’s Russia Moving Ever More Rapidly Toward a State Somewhere Between China Now and the USSR under Stalin, Pastukhov Says

3.      To Regain Support, Putin Needs ‘a Small Victorious War’ against a Domestic Enemy Not a Foreign One, Gallyamov Says   

4.      Moscow’s New Monitoring System in Regions Unlikely to Make Kremlin More Responsive, Nikolay Petrov Says   

5.      Genuine Federalism in Russia Requires Strong Municipal Governments, Luzin Says

6.      Most Russians Submit to Employer Demands Because Nearly Half Lack Funds to Survive More than a Few Weeks if They Lose Their Jobs, Surveys Find  

7.      Qarabagh Christians Protest Desecration of Natawan Monument During Armenian Occupation  

8.      Petersburg Officials Fear a Third Wave of Pandemic Because Moscow isn’t Sending Them Enough Vaccine  

9.      Regional Heads Must Come Up with a National Agenda Since Kremlin and Russian Opposition Can’t, Gallyamov Says  

10.  Kremlin Says Regions have No Right to Hold Referendums on Self-Determination

11.  No Outside Force Can Kill a Language or Save It, Moscow Linguist Says

12.  Tatarstan’s First President Says Moscow’s Pressure on Non-Russian Languages Worse than in Soviet Times  

13.  Half of Russians Support Blocking ‘Unreliable’ Information Online but Oppose Blocking Personal Accounts or Pages, New Poll Shows

14.  Russian Court Returns Sautiyeva to Detention Prompting Her Co-Defendants to Declare a Hunger Strike   

15.  Pandemic has Changed Russian Political Life in Six Major Ways, Shaburov Says

16.  West Must Respond to Putin’s Moves against Navalny as It Did to Soviet Ones Against Sakharov, Yakovenko Says  

17.  ‘Deep Siloviki’ May Win Popular Support and Real Power by Dispossessing Putin Elite of Its Power and Wealth, Berlin Says  

18.  Ingush Seven Hunger Strikers Refuse to Take Part in Trial

19.  Russia Doesn’t Need the Useless and Expensive Federation Council, Kamakin Says  

20.  Western Sanctions on Russian Sovereign Debt Could Prove Counterproductive, Inozemtsev Says  

21.  Half of All New Duma Laws Prohibit Something Transforming Russia into ‘Lands of Bans,’ Karpitskaya Says  

22.  Ever More Parts of Russia Running Out of Coronavirus Vaccine and Suspending Inoculations   

23.  Three Noteworthy Russian Comments on Biden’s Saying He Agrees Putin’s a Murderer

24.  Will Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan Resolve Border Dispute by Swapping Territories?

25.  Kronshtadt 1921: Where Reds became Whites

26.  Birth of Azerbaijani Navy and Revival of Russia’s Caspian Flotilla Recalled

27.  March 1991 Referendum Intended to Save USSR Accelerated Its Demise, Krutikov Says

28.  Share of Russians Who Think Russia Now Down to Less than One in Three

29.  Russians Mark Seventh Anniversary of Crimean Anschluss with Large Maskless Meetings    

30.  A Baker’s Double Dozen of Other Notable Stories from Russia This Week

31.  Supporters of Ingush Seven Hunger Strikers Fear for Their Health

32.  Putin’s Response to Biden Shows Kremlin Leader’s Inadequacy, Inozemtsev Says

33.  Gelendzhik Palace Less About Putin’s Corruption than about Russia’s Entrance into Post-Putin Era, Pastukhov Says  

34.  Putin ‘Extremely Unlikely’ to Launch ‘Good Little War’ Because He Doesn’t Have Any Good Options for One, Zhelenin Says  

35.  Regions Not Moscow Breakthrough Venues in Russian Art World in Covid Year, Shilova Says  

36.  Petersburg Gets Emergency Shipment of Coronavirus Vaccine But Others Running Out Haven’t  

37.  Moscow Will Tolerate Independence of Former Soviet Republics Only if They’re Not Used against Russia, Putin Says

38.  In Response to Biden’s Words, Kremlin Must Silence and then Crush West’s ‘Agents of Influence’ inside Russia, Nikiforov Says  

39.  Punitive Psychiatry Returns to Russia First in the Regions rather than in Moscow

40.  Twenty Prominent Moscow Rights Activists Call on Ingush Seven to Take Part in Trial and Husband Their Strength to Do So  

41.  Because of Corrupt Russian Purchases, Tensions over Land Rising within Republics of North Caucasus Increasingly on the Rise

42.  Russia’s Ill-Fated Aircraft Carrier Projects ‘Will Never be Built,’ Moscow Expert Says

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