Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Mar. 21-26, 2021

Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Mar. 21-26, 2021   

1.      New Upsurge of Pandemic in Europe Driving Down Oil Prices and Ruble Exchange Rate   

2.      Soviet-Era Anecdotes Making a Comeback and That’s No Laughing Matter 

3.      Logic of Putin’s Neo-Soviet Totalitarianism Means ‘Tomorrow will be Worse than Today’ and Resistance More Difficult, Savvin Says 

4.      Numerically Smaller Languages Under Threat Not Just from the Kremlin but from the Computer, Shamayev Says   

5.      Navalny Able to Call Relatives from Prison Camp Daily and They Post His Messages Online, Jailor Says   

6.      Central Asian Workers Who Return Home Both Reinforcing Traditions and Modernizing Their Societies 

7.      Biden’s Remark Invites Oligarchs to Challenge Putin, Forcing Kremlin to Respond, Mikheyev Says   

8.      Putin Says 4.3 Million Russians have Been Fully Vaccinated and He’ll Get His First Shot Tomorrow   

9.      Instead of Developing Russia, Putin Claims Right to Territories of Former Soviet Republics   

10.  One Russian in Three Now Behind Bars was Unjustly Convicted, Myslovsky Says 

11.  Moscow’s River Clean Up Effort Failing Because It isn’t Comprehensive, Russian Experts Say   

12.  Putin Regime Prepared for Its Attacks on Liberal Young by Attacking Right-Wing Youth a Decade Ago, Popkov Says 

13.  New St. Petersburg Poll Suggests One Russian in Seven will Follow Navalny’s Lead in Duma Voting   

14.  ‘Truce between Armenia and Azerbaijan ‘Definitely Shaky,’ Shimov Says 

15.  Putin Finally Gets Vaccinated and Lavished with Praise for Showing Russians the Way 

16.  Third Rome Opposes Itself to the Provinces Just as First Rome Did, Siberian Émigré Says

17.  Moscow’s Response to Sanctions Once Again Likely to Hurt Russia More than Sanctions Will, Igor Nikolayev Says    

18.  Russians Share Putin’s View that They aren’t Part of Europe, Sinitsyn Says 

19.  Ingush Seven End Hunger Strike, Urged to Return to Courtroom 

20.  Fewer Russians Identifying as Orthodox but More are Active in Church, Both Positive Trends for Russian Orthodoxy, Theologian Says 

21.  Moscow, Ready to Enter New Cold War, Appears to have Forgotten Costs of Earlier Ones, Inozemtsev Says    

22.  Funeral Services the Russian Service Industry with Largest Growth Rate in 2020 

23.  Eurasianism Now in Sharp Decline across Former Soviet Space, Vakhitov Says 

24.  Knowledge about Elite Corruption May Spark Protests or Produce Apathy, Lapunova Says   

25.  The Desire to Steal without Interference Explains Putin Regime’s Behavior, Khots Says 

26.  Moscow’s Claims Notwithstanding, Brain Drain Continues Unabated 

27.  Moscow Promises to End Three-Shift System in Schools by 2025

28.  Moscow Moves to Ensure Loyalty and Reliability within Russian Guard

29.  One Year after He First Cancelled an Appearance Because of Pandemic, Putin Said He will Be Reappearing Ever More Frequently

30.  Head of New Vilnius Institute of the Regions of Russia Says Rise of New States in Place of Russia ‘Inevitable’  

31.  Russians Must Use Rapidly Closing Window of Opportunity to Learn about Repressed Ancestors, Ivin Says  

32.  Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan Border Accord Required Complex Exchange of Land Between Them  

33.  Moscow’s Much-Ballyhooed Programs to Save Russian Villages aren’t Working, Audit Chamber Says

34.  Islam and Customary Law Again More Important for Ingush than Russian Law

35.  Washington Again Modifying Containment Doctrine to Open Way for New Cold War, Bartosh Says  

36.  Moscow Denounces French President’s Suggestion Russia and China are Conducting ‘a Vaccine War’ against the West  

37.  A Baker’s Double Dozen of Other Notable Stories from Russia This Week

38.  Nur-Sultan’s Push for Kazakh May Lead to Formation of Russian-Speaking Anti-Tokayev Movement, Mendkovich Says  

39.  Just Russia Party Calls for Annexing Qarabagh and Donbass

40.  Russians Back Putin Fearing He is the Only One Standing Between Them and the Apocalypse, Yudin Says

41.  Putin Regime Rests Less on Support than on Absence of Resistance, Lev Gudkov Says

42.  ‘Transition Needs Continuity, and Russian Elites Feel Themselves Temporary,’ Pryanikov Says

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