Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for April 2-7, 2021

Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for April 2-7, 2021  

1.      Moscow Now Importing Sputnik-5 Produced Abroad to Reassure Skeptical Russians about Its Safety   

2.      A Baker’s Double Dozen of Other Notable Stories from Russia This Week

3.      Baku’s New Islamic Rhetoric Intended to Keep Azerbaijan’s Muslims Under Control, ‘Le Monde’ Says  

4.      Azerbaijan Faces Increasing Problems with Gender Selection Abortions

5.      Moscow will Be Ready for a War Against Ukraine ‘in a Month,’ Felgengauer Says

6.      Putin’s Russia May have a Single Power Vertical But Results of Its Existence Vary from Place to Place, ‘Novyye Izvestiya’ Says

7.      CIS No Longer Expecting Ukraine to Return, ‘Kommersant’ Says

8.      Share of Russians who are Coronavirus Skeptics has Fallen Dramatically Over Last Six Months  

9.      Putin Era Increasingly Resembles Stalin’s 1937 in an Important and Dangerous Way, Zakharov Says

10.  Ethnic Kyrgyz in Tajikistan Being Pressed to Leave

11.  ‘Those Seeking to Understand “Mysterious Russian Soul’ Must Look Beyond Ring Road,’ Vyatka Scholar Says  

12.  Navalny Case Shows Why Corporal Punishment Should be Restored in Russia, Butina Says

13.  ‘Russian Propaganda has Become Indistinguishable from Its Soviet Predecessor,’ Loshak Says

14.  New Novel Imagines Russia Falling Under Chinese Control

15.  Moscow, St. Petersburg Again Centers of Russians’ Pandemic Concerns

16.  Kremlin Putting Pressure on Relatives of Opposition Figures for Same Reason Lenin and Stalin Did, Eidelman Says

17.  Kremlin Claims Current Demographic Trends in Russia are Natural Calamities No One Could Do Anything About, Vaganov Says

18.  Mounted Chechen Activists Ride into Former Chechen Area in Daghestan

19.  Russians Must Work for Their Country’s Defeat if Putin Launches a New Invasion of Ukraine, Eidman Says  

20.  ‘With Protests Increasing in Russia, Nationalists Gaining Ground in Republics,’ Gallyamov Says

21.  New Daghestani Book Seeks to Bridge the Gap Between Fathers and Daughters in the North Caucasus  

22.  Those Taking Part in Petersburg Economic Forum in June who Will Be Near Putin Must Quarantine in Advance   

23.  Russian Legislation Increasingly More Difficult to Understand than is Kant’s ‘Critique of Pure Reason,’ HSE Experts Say

24.  Few Attacks on Russian Activists Ever Lead to Criminal Charges, ‘Novaya Gazeta’ Says

25.  Putin has Two Reason to Kill His Opponents and the West has to Counter Both, Shulip Says

26.  Only in Four Federal Subjects – All Non-Russian Republics – Did Population Show Natural Growth Over Last Three Years  

27.  Vorukh Likely Rock on Which Kyrgyz-Tajik Border Talks will Founder

28.  Latinization Gave Rise to Nationalism in Soviet Republics in 1920s and will Do So Again, Kramarenko Says  

29.  Nearly Half of Russia’s Soldiers but Only 10 Percent of Its Teachers have Been Vaccinated  

30.  Invading Ukraine Now Could Spark Protests that Would Threaten Putin Regime, Zhelenin Says  

31.  ‘Rosbalt,’ ‘Literaturnaya Gazeta’ Seek to Promote Dialogue Across Divisions in Russian Politics  

32.  Health of Zarifa Sautiyeva, Only Woman among Ingush Seven, Deteriorating, Her Lawyer Says    

33.  Patriarch Kirill’s Ranking with the Russian Public Falls to Lowest Level Ever

34.  Moscow to Blame for Looming Financial Disaster in Russian Regions, Nechayev Says

35.  Putin Ignores Protests and Imposes Intellectual Straightjacket on Russians, Blogger Says

36.  Russia Seen Earning 30 Billion US Dollars from Sale of Vaccines Abroad

37.  Putin No Longer Even Mentions Democracy, Zakharova Says

38.  Russia Would Be the Big Loser if Turkey Denounces Montreux Convention, Nikulin Says

39.  Cities Russian Empire has Produced Repeatedly have Challenged that Empire, Luzin Says

40.  More than Most Regimes, Moscow Exploited Pandemic to Cover Increasing Repression, Amnesty International Says

41.  Russians Don’t Have Consensus Answers to the Three Same Basic Questions about 1917 and 1991, Gontmakher Says

42.  Putin Backs ‘Civic Identity’ against Tishkov’s ‘Civic Nation,’ Aleksandrov Says

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