Ignoring the Truth and Deviating from Reality (2)

Ignoring the Truth and Deviating from Reality (2)

Adel Bashqawi

June 28, 2021

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In continuation to the previous article dated 24 June, 2021, in the title of  “Realistic Reading of KAFFED Strategy,” considerable information related to the activities that took place during the past years, which are directly related to the Circassian Question and other affairs of the Caucasus, will be published in this and future articles.

— On January 1, 2017, Caucasus Times reported that Yasar Aslankaya, who was the vice president of KAFFED, was denied entry to Russia and banned from traveling there until 2020. This came simultaneously with an extraordinary meeting of the International Circassian Association (ICA) held in September 2016, when Yuri Kokov — President of the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria declared the need to introduce a single (unified) Circassian alphabet for all Circassians in the world. At that time, Yasar was detained at the arrival airport for two hours and then returned to Turkey. He was informed that he will not be allowed entry to Russia until 2020, although the reasons for this decision were not verified. Apparently, according to the Caucasus Times, the incident had occurred in September 2016. However, the leadership of the International Circassian Association (ICA) and the Federation of Caucasian Associations in Turkey (KAFFED) remained silent about this occurrence in an attempt to solve the problem behind the scenes.[1]

— On the 1st of March, 2019, Yasar Aslankaya {Khagundoko}, who at the time became the president of the “Federation of Caucasian Associations in Turkey”, stated in a statement during a visit to the Republic of Adygea, KAFFED refusal to the initiative to establish a “European Circassian Association” in Europe, to be concerned with Circassian issues. Knowing that he mentioned some of the names of those who allegedly founded the association by saying that someone told him that, knowing that he mentioned the name of the author of these lines, but I would like to know as well as the others whose names were mentioned, where they will be happy to know, where is that association now after more than two years have passed since his allegation, knowing that I wish his statements were true.[2]

— Regrettably, after several years of preventing the former president of KAFFED from traveling to the “Caucasus”, his return was initiated by trying to score points and perhaps showing some degree of prudence and good behavior to the authorities there, by launching misleading accusations, preferably if they were true, however they are not devoid of flattery and nepotism. At the same time, an attempt to randomly offend the names of some Circassian activists, for something that did not actually happen except in those slanders and theatrical scenarios that were mentioned falsely and slanderously.

— To make accusations arbitrarily is not an honorable trait, knowing that even if the news of the establishment of a new Circassian association is true, it is not shameful that there are multiple opinions and institutions that put rights and the homeland at the forefront of their priorities and interests, to contribute to enriching national and patriotic work, so that they are in the colors of the Circassian spectrum, but without the “unrealistic” labels.

— Expressing an opinion and researching the available options to take the appropriate decision isn’t bad, because the freedom to take the appropriate decision and participate in the restoration of Circassian rights to reach the right to self-determination is what should be focused on by those interested in this topic. Addressing a subject in this insulting manner shows that it aims to personalize and express an attempt to offend, especially when he says that he heard that so-and-so did such and such … without palpable confirmation and without tangible evidence. What is required is freedom of expression for all, and respect for freedom of opinions, following the democratic approach in institutional work, and observing diversity, pluralism and transparency, whether at homeland or in the diaspora.

— It is neither decency nor tact, nor sincerity of intentions and authentic Circassian affiliation, for anyone to slander others, especially those working in the Circassian affairs, by using descriptions, which are totally rejected. It is not appropriate for the head of a Caucasian organization in Turkey to launch arbitrary accusations against the Circassians, their associations and institutions. He is not allowed and should not utter untrue words that only occurred in the dreams of rumor mongers, recording situations, and obsessing over decision-making that is supposed to be made only by those who are concerned. Knowing that the establishment of other Circassian organizations is natural, required and contributes to the establishment of the values ​​of pluralism and democracy and not being singled out for national decision-making.

— Any homeland is for its all people without exception, and no one has an extraordinary status in it. People are equal and no one has the right to be above the law. In all cases, we must listen to the opinion of others, especially those who live in their homeland. This commentary is not an attack against anyone or an attempt to exercise cynicism of everything that is presented on the regional stage. I can say that I have met with Dr. Erol Taymaz, a member of KAFFED, during my participation in the (Euroxase) conference of the Federation of European Circassians “Euro Khase”, as part of the activities of the Seventh Circassian Day in the European Parliament, which was held on 18 June, 2012 at the European Parliament headquarters in Brussels, however, I did not notice any attempt to offend any side or party.[3]

Circassiada 2012

  • In this context, it is necessary to address a project that would have been passed on the Circassian nation, had it not been for the vigilance of Circassian activists, starting from the homeland and ending with the Diaspora countries. It was a selfish and calculated attempt, a verbal and visual misleading that had nothing behind it, but deception. They wanted the Circassians to participate in the absurd Sochi Winter Olympic Games of 2014, which were held on the cemeteries of the victims of the Circassian Genocide. They wanted to create the so-called “Circassiad 2012”, in order to bridge with the 2014 Sochi Games, and to invite all Circassian institutions and associations to participate in the Games with a Circassian appearance and a purely Russian/Intelligence in contents. The goal appeared cultural/sports, but devoid of positive content. This was aimed at overcoming all the obstacles placed by successive Russian regimes on the path of restoring the Circassian nation with its cultural heritage and the other nations of the Caucasus to their legitimate rights, and turning the trend in the opposite direction towards goals devoid of content.

* On 18 October, 2009, an event was held in the Turkish capital, Ankara, so that Sufyan Zumukhov and his partner Alexei Pekshukov could present their plan in details to representatives of Circassian and Caucasian organizations and associations in Turkey.[4]

* During the presentation, Zumukhov noted that “Cyhan Jandemir, President of the Federation of Circassian (Caucasian) Organizations in Turkey (KAFFED) said, that an annual conference of Circassian (Caucasian) organizations will be held in Turkey in December, and its agenda includes consideration of special organizational issues with Circassian games. Adnan Ozdemir, head of an association in Maraş, noted that “in the upcoming conference of Circassian (Caucasian) organizations in Turkey, it is necessary to establish a structure within the framework of KAFFED, which will be a branch of the Circassiada organizing committee.”

  • The article adds that “the authors of the project, met in an informal framework with Yasar Aslankaya, President of the Association in Ankara (KAFDER) and Vice President (Eurokhase), and discussed the participation of Circassians living in Europe in the Circassiada Games. Negotiations were also conducted in regard to the extent of compliance with the principles of organizing Circassiada with the statutory provisions of KAFFED, with Professor Erol Times, Vice President of KAFFED.”

* They announced “the approval to establish a representative office for the {Cherkessiad 2012} project in Ankara, to be managed by Metin Senmez, the administrator of the {Circassian World} Website.”[5] The project’s initiator told the heads of Circassian/Caucasian associations in Turkey that the authors of the project had already held seven presentations, “the last of which was in the United States,[6] and the other six in Russian cities,[7] including Saint Petersburg, [8] Moscow [9]  and Sochi.”[10] The project was also presented in Jordan, which reflected the opposition of the majority of the Circassians, and lack of response to this venture.[11]

— It is worth noting that the support of some Caucasian associations and institutions in Turkey and others to hold the Sochi Winter Olympic Games on the land of the Circassian genocide had created negative consequences. It was reported that there are some well-known businessmen who own and manage companies working in the field of construction and contracting, who have built and carried out some construction work in Sochi, the last Circassian capital, especially the construction of the Marriott Hotel in Krasnaya Polyana, or the Red Hill.[12]

To be continued in future articles…


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