Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for July 19-24, 2021

Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for July 19-24, 2021

1.      QR Fiasco has Driven Down Ratings of Sobyanin and United Russia as Well, Commentator Says

2.      Putting Vice Premiers over Federal Districts Changes Relations between Moscow and Regions and between Government and Kremlin, Shaburov Says

3.      Komsomol Values, Not Russian Nationalists of the Past, Behind Putin’s Mindset, Popkov Says

4.      Putin’s Essay on Russia and Ukraine about Far Larger Issues than That, Yavlinsky Says

5.      Captive Nations Week Calls Attention to Russia’s Continuing Imperial Policies, Activists Say

6.      Russia Can’t Catch Up to US Militarily but is Trying to Frighten It, Felgengauer Says

7.      Russia and Europe, Subject of Much Debate, ‘a False Problem,’Dragunsky Says

8.      Officially More than Six Million Russians have Been Infected with Coronavirus

9.      Putin Trusts Siloviki More than His Own Presidential Administration But They are Far From United, Dmitry Gudkov Says

10.  Moscow Patriarchate to Step Up Missionary Work among Numerically Small Peoples of the North

11.  Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia have Very Different Ideas about Borders, Experts Say

12.  Moscow Blames New Upsurge in Radical Right Activism on Ukraine

13.  Russian Far Eastern Ministry to Oversee Moscow’s Work as Arctic Council Chairman

14.  FSB Plan to Restrict Coverage of Russian Military Criticized by Journalists as Dangerously Broad

15.  Putin Says Regional Heads Can Introduce Lockdowns, Mandatory Vaccination

16.  Russian Court Extends Detention of Ingush Seven to November 9

17.  Russia Occupied Caucasus to Defend Christians from Muslims and the Region from Britain, Korovin Says

18.  Moscow’s Actions have Left Russia Surrounded by a Circle of Enemies, Sergey Medvedev Says

19.  Russian Officials Openly Calling Federal Subjects ‘Provinces’

20.  Orthodox Archpriest Says Russia Must Attract White People from West and Make Russians Out of Them to Prevent Islamization of Country

21.  Moscow’s Curatorial Appointments in South Sparks Speculation about Center’s Intentions

22.  Russia Ramps Up Vaccine Production but Still Can’t Meet Domestic Demand and Foreign Commitments

23.  Putin Began New Cold War by Seizing Crimea but Only Now is It Taking Shape, Savvin Says

24.  Biden’s Actions Cast Doubt on Meaning of Free World and Himself as Its Leader, Piontkovsky Says

25.  Russia’s Forest Fires Not Just Result of Global Warming or Pandemic but of Putin Policies, Activists Say

26.  Russian Transportation Network Ties Country Together Less Well than in Soviet Times, Shtepa Says

27.  Russia’s Appeal to European Court Opens the Way to a Wider War, Skobov Says

28.  Russian Far East Far and Away Region with Highest Crime Rates, New Study Finds

29.  Russians Upset by What They See as Soviet-Style ‘Voluntary-Forced’ Vaccination Arrangements

30.  A Baker’s Double Dozen of Other Notable Stories from Russia This Week

31.  Approaching Border Delimitation Deadline May Force Moscow to Assert Greater Control in North Caucasus

32.  Putin Now Following the Path of Milošević, von Eggert Says

33.  Even Though Few Will Win, Priests and Mullahs Running for Duma Seats are Urging Policies that May Lead to Policy Changes, Soldatov Says

34.  Nostalgia for Soviet Times Doesn’t Extend Beyond Elites to Most Russians, Especially Those under 35, Makarkin Says

35.  ‘Russia may Cut Itself Off Completely from the West,’ Sergey Medvedev Says

36.  Russia Records Highest One-Day Death Toll from Covid Since Start of Pandemic

37.  Duma Considers Restoring Nationality Line in Passports

38.  ‘Znak’ News Agency Publishes List of Five Chief Snitches in Russia Today

39.  People Overreading Putin’s Essay on Ukraine, Novikov Says

40.  Putin has Forgotten Machiavelli’s Maxim on When and When Not to Use Force, Gallyamov Says

41.  Aging of Russian Elite Reflects Worldwide Uncertainty about the Future, Mironenko Says

42.  Bridge Collapse from Flooding Highlights How Fragile Russia’s Transportation Network Now Is


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