Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for July 31-Aug. 5, 2021

Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for July 31-Aug. 5, 2021

1.      Lack of Transparency in Russian Vaccine Development Sparks Protest Letter

2.      Agglomerations Not Step toward Regional Amalgamation in Russia, Klimanov Says

3.      Pressure Building for Launch of a Russian Food Stamp Program 

4.      Pandemic has Brought Buryatia to ‘Boiling Point,’ Setting Stage for a Single Buryat Nation to Emerge, Ochirov Says

5.      ORDLO Now a Way of Thinking in Moscow, Piontkovsky Says

6.      Moscow Experts Dismiss Ellemann-Jensen’s Proposal to Make Nordstream-2 ‘a Pyrrhic Victory’ for Russia

7.      Moscow Media Outlets Use Selective Quotations to Claim There is More Russophobia in the West than There Is, Popov Says   

8.      Sobyanin Now Counting Hospitalization to Set Pandemic Restrictions

9.      Russian Losing Out to English and With Moscow’s Help, Shapovalova Says

10.  Russians Reprising Their Cold War Role as Enemies in Hollywood Films

11.  Those Prosecuting New Cold War Need Negotiations Just as Those who Led First One Did, Golts Says  

12.  North-South Corridor Being Held Back by Poor Fit of Products Exchanged between Russia and India

13.  Day of the Repatriant Sends Unwelcome Messages to Circassian Diaspora

14.  Putin May Soon Replace Mishustin with Sobyanin, Grashchenkov Says

15.  Sobyanin Says No Leader Coping with Covid Can Please Everyone

16.  Ethnic Exclaves Other than Qarabagh Add to Problems of Delimiting Armenian-Azerbaijani Border

17.  Putin Further Alienating Non-Russians inside Russia by His Stance on Ukraine, Kyiv Official Says  

18.  Were Technogenic Disasters at End of Soviet Times Really Accidents or Were They Terrorist Acts? Russian Commentator Asks

19.  Empires More Progressive than Nation States, Valdai Club Director Says

20.  Moscow Moves toward a Green Economy Involve ‘Grandiose Plans’ But Few Concrete Steps, Glazunova Says    

21.  Orthodox Tourism to Far North Part of Broader Effort to Russianize Russia

22.  Covid Shots Mandatory for Some in More than Half of Russia’s Federal Subjects

23.  A Baker’s Dozen of New Anecdotes from Putin’s Russia

24.  Moscow Increasingly Worried about Possible Moves to Orthodox Autocephaly in Belarus and Moldova

25.  Massive Guide to Russian Regional Parliamentary Elections Released Online

26.  Moscow Supports Northern Peoples in Ways Designed to Cost Them Their Way of Life and Identity, Horevoy Says  

27.  Moscow Upset by New Talk in Kyiv about Latinization of Ukrainian

28.  Russian Citizens among Illegal Immigrants Coming into Lithuania from Belarus, Vilnius Says

29.  Kremlin Using Pandemic as Smokescreen to Hide Collapse of Russian Healthcare System, Katasonov Says  

30.  European Court to Take Up Case of 13 Ingush Police who Refused to Obey Orders to Use Force against Protesters   

31.  Beating of Russian Boy in Kyrgyzstan Sparks Fears about Future of Russians and Russian in that Central Asian Republic

32.  In Soviet Times, Most in the Intelligentsias of Non-Russian Republics were Indifferent to Nationality Question, Zajączkowski Says

33.  Liberal Ideas Destroyed USSR and Not Surprisingly Russia is Now Rejecting Them, Gerasimov Says  

34.  Russia May Soon Move Toward a Two-Party Model, Zemskova Says

35.  Lacking Accurate Statistics on Crime, Russian Police Doing Poor Job Fighting It, Krupnov Says  

36.  Anti-Vaxxers Greater Threat to Russia than Extremists, Senator Krugly Says

37.  Moscow Takes Two More Steps to Freeze Armenian-Azerbaijani Conflict in Current Status Quo

38.  Students from CIS Countries Increasingly Studying in US, Europe, China and Japan Rather than Russia, Studies Show    

39.  Putin has Made Victory Day ‘the Birthday of the Russian Nation,’ Sokolov Says

40.  Rising Tide of Political Emigration a National Tragedy for Russia, Martynov Says

41.  Acting like Canute, Putin Orders Government to Stop the Dying Off of Russia by 2024

42.  Pro-Moscow Activist in Ukraine Says Only an Outside Force Can Change Kyiv’s Direction

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