Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Aug. 24-29, 2021

Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Aug. 24-29, 2021

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1.      Anti-Vaxxer Campaign Succeeding in Russia, Onishchenko Says

2.      Interest Growing in North Caucasus in Reviving Tsarist-Era ‘Savage Division’ for Non-Russians

3.      A Lesson for Russians? Elections More Likely to Bring Down Dictatorships than All Other Events Combined, Petrachkova Says

4.      Broader Coalition Backs Ukraine on Crimea than Ever Supported Baltic Non-Recognition Policy

5.      Circassian Demands for Meeting on Border Dispute Threatens Stability of Two Remaining Bi-National Republics

6.      Belarus Could Become Russia’s Northern Ireland if Putin Pushes for Unity, Grashchenko Says

7.      Community for Muslims Only Near Moscow Outrages Russians

8.      Russian Health Ministry Expects 3.9 Million More Covid Infections in Russia Before End of 2021

9.      Russian Experts Fear Influx of Afghan Refugees and Upsurge in Anti-Muslim Attitudes

10.  Putin Not Buying Votes But Seeking to Limit Negative Popular Reaction to Election Results, Shelin Says

11.  Kremlin Repressing Not Only Media but Also Charities and Churches, Russian Christians Say

12.  Terrorist Cells Emerge in Russia Wherever Immigrants Go, Retired FSB General Says

13.  Chaos, Not Taliban, Main Danger in Afghanistan, Moscow Military Expert Says

14.  Ingush Seven Defense Shows Video in Which Yevkurov is Seen Exceeding His Authority and Violating Defendants’ Rights

15.  Moscow’s Push for Vaccination Partially to Blame for Spread of Fake Certificates

16.  Putin’s Regime Not the ‘Dictatorship of Law’ He Says but ‘a Legal Dictatorship,’ Pavlova Says

17.  Majority of Russians Favor Restoring Nationality Line in Internal Passports

18.  Putin Acting Suspiciously Like Foreign Agent in Promising Cash Payments to the Population, Inozemtsev Says

19.  Because Most Work Illegally, Immigrant Workers Seeing Their Incomes Rise Far Faster than Those of Russians, Shustov Says

20.  Chinese Shift on Nationality Policy Driven by Soviet Failure to Hold Baltic Countries, Shevchenko Says


21.  Kremlin’s Talk about Internal Enemies Directs Actions of Officials but isn’t Convincing Population, HSE Scholar Says

22.  50,000 Russians Died from Pandemic in July, Rosstat Reports

23.  A Baker’s Triple Dozen of Other Notable Stories from Russia This Week

24.  People in Moscow from the North Caucasus Demand Their Daughters Follow Traditional Way of Life, Kitezh Center Head Says

25.  Russians’ Religious Beliefs a Pastiche of Ideas from Various Faiths, Chenovetsky Says

26.  Russian Border Towns Far More Insistently Mono-Lingual than Border Towns in Other Countries, Baranova Says

27.  FSB Prepares Lists of Possible ‘Foreign Agents’ and then Security Council Make Their Selection, ‘Meduza’ Study Concludes

28.  Moscow’s Afghan Worries Not Just about Geopolitics or Terrorism

29.  500,000 Russian School-Age Children have Been Infected by Coronavirus, Moscow Officials Say

30.  Russian Outmigration from North Caucasus Continues Everywhere Russians Still Remain, Korovin Says

31.  In Tatarstan, Tatar Leaders have Emerged from Villages; Russian Ones Almost Only from Cities, Khakimov Says

32.  Russia Completes Rebasing of Caspian Flotilla from Astrakhan to Daghestan

33.  Kurbsky-Grozny Correspondence Still ‘Best Text’ on Russian Politics, Shaburov Says

34.  Putin on Dangerous Ground When He Talks about Demography, Sidorov Says

35.  Russians ‘Long Not for the USSR but for a Normal Life Not Dominated by Machines and Money,’ Khotinenko Says   

36.  Heart Disease, Dementia and Cancer Kill Four Times More Each than Coronavirus Does

37.  Kazan Failing to React to Ufa’s Bashkirization Campaign Even when It Extends into Tatarstan, Garifullin Says

38.  Russian Orthodox Priest Says State’s Task is to Seize Territories and Church’s is to Pray over Them

39.  Migrants in Moscow Increasingly Fighting among Themselves, Residents Say

40.  Federal Districts and Plenipotentiaries Heading Them Living Out Their Last Days, Preobrazhensky Says

41.  After Putin, Russia Must Re-Institutionalize and This Must Begin to be Discussed Now, Gallyamov Says

42.  Pandemic ‘Far from Only Factor’ Worsening Russia’s Demographic Prospects, Kryuchkov Says

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