Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Aug. 29 – Sept. 3, 2021

 Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Aug. 29 – Sept. 3, 2021


1.      Pandemic Eases in Russian Capitals, Gets Worse Elsewhere

2.      By Using Crude Power to Remove Opponents from Election, Kremlin Highlights Its Weakness and Fear, SerpomPo Telegram Channel Says

3.      New Survey Shows ‘Adyge Khabze,’ the Code of the Circassians, Still Shapes that Nation

4.      Over Last Three Decades, Tatarstan has Been Reduced from a Sovereign State to One Federal Subject among Others, Ablyakimov Says

5.      ‘A Real Federation Must have Only One Restriction – None of Its Parts Can Withdraw,’ Shevchenko Says

6.      Kremlin Certain to ‘Win’ Elections But will Lose Russia’s Future, Inozemtsev Says

7.      FSB Arrests Show Importance of Osh-Centered Islamist Threat to Russia, Gorevoy Says

8.      Some Regions are Counting Those with Fake Certificates as Vaccinated to Boost Their Numbers

9.      Hyper-Centralization Played Major Role in Leading to Disintegration of USSR, Former Soviet Officials Warn

10.  Russia Will Help Central Asian Countries Deal with Afghan Threat Only After They’ve Exhausted Their Own Resources, Andrey Grozin says

11.  Moscow’s Failure to Abide by 1996 Khasavyurt Accords hasn’t Made Chechnya a Permanent Part of Russia but It has Made Russia Part of Chechnya, Shtepa Says

12.  Many Russians Prefer Village Life to Urban Because They Fear Change, Novikova Says

13.  Moscow Views Belarus as Critical Cultural Buffer Between Russia and Europe, Pastukhov Says

14.  The Kazakhs of Turkey Came from China via Tibet, India and Pakistan

15.  Russians’ Refusal to Get Vaccinated a Kind of Protest Against Regime, Surveys Suggest

16.  At Ingush Seven Trial, Former Official Says Powers Provoked Protesters in March 2019

17.  In 1991, ‘No One was Ready for Democracy or Really Wanted It’ and Not Much has Changed, Lev Gudkov Says

18.  Moscow’s Labelling of Protestant Groups with Latvian and Ukrainian links ‘Undesirable’ has Other Protestants in Russia Worried

19.  Many Polls Conducted in Kazakhstan But Few Results Released Because Those who Pay for Them Block That, Simakova Says

20.  Moscow Must Focus on the Heartland, ‘the Secret Key’ to Russian Development, Shuvalov Says

21.  Skobov Outlines Five Reasons Why Russians Must Support Navalny’s Smart Voting Call

22.  Siberia Suffering Rising Covid Infections and Deaths without Capacity to Cope

23.  August 1991 Only First of Three Attempts by Chekists to Restore Dictatorship, Ponomaryov Says

24.  Muslims in Siberia Attend Mosque Closest to Their Home and Where Their Native Language is Used, Kokoulin Says

25.  Ingush Seven Lawyers Succeed in Inserting Fuller Translation of Video Exonerating Their Clients

26.  Some in Moscow and Nur-Sultan See Kazakhstan Becoming Another Ukraine

27.  Putin Confuses Two Wars and Gets Corrected by a Russian Schoolboy

28.  Moscow Finally Moving Against Chauvinist, Xenophobic and Homophobic ‘Male State’ Movement Now that It is Attacking Businesses

29.  Russians Accepting Pandemic as New Normal, Reducing Willingness to Do Anything to Overcome It, Inozemtsev Says

30.  A Baker’s Triple Dozen of Other Notable Stories from Russia This Week

31.  Frightening Phenomena in New Russian Horror Films are Aspects of Russian Life, Pirogov Says

32.  Putin’s Cleansing of Political Field Began 20 Years Ago with Ban on Regional Parties, Shtepa Says

33.  Putin Wants to Open ‘Window on Asia,’ Russian Commentators Say

34.  Domestic and Foreign Support for Radical Kazakh Nationalism Sparking Russian Flight and Complicating Moscow’s Relations with Nur-Sultan

35.  Recording Shows Moscow Official Telling Subordinates Exactly How to Ensure Election Results are Those Required, ‘Novaya Gazeta’ Says

36.  Commercial Medicine Taking Off in Siberia Because Public Sector Can’t Cope

37.  Ingush Alims Denounce Land Deal with Chechnya as Violation of Shariat Law

38.  Thirty-Nine Percent of Orthodox in Ukraine Allied to Ukrainian Church, More than Twice the Share who Do the Moscow One

39.  Kadyrov Follows Putin in Focusing on History and Getting It Wrong

40.  Radicalization of Russian Society Unwittingly Generated by Regime Threatens the Future, Yakemenko Says

41.  Black Lives Matter Movement in US Inspires Buryat to Speak Out Against Russian Racism and Colonialism

42.  Moscow’s Homeless Speak Out on the Issues and Russian Politicians Listen, At Least in This Election Season

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