International Anti-imperialist Front set up in Ukraine

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International Anti-imperialist Front set up in Ukraine
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On May 8, 2009, International Antiimperialistic Front (IAF) was instituted in Ternopol, Ukraine, on the initiative of International Movement for Decolonization of the Caucasus (IMDC) under the leadership of Ahmad Sardali, and All-Ukrainian Organization “Trident” of Stepan Bandera under the leadership of Dmitro Yarosh (see photo).The main tasks of the IAF are:

„ideological, political and information struggle against variouis imperialistic doctrines, first of all – against the Moscow one;

support of national-liberating movements of the enslaved peoples of the Caucasus and other territories occupied by Moscow;

attainment of recognizing crimes of the Russian Empire and its genocide of the colonized peoples on international level.

Unfortunately, Embassy of the Republic of Ukraine in France rejected entry visa to Chechen refugee and known journalist Khazman Umarova, possibly under a pressure of the third side. Ahmad Sardali himself, as well as other known Chechen activists were prevented from coming too.

The constituent conference received a telegram of Dokka Umarov, President of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria and leader of Caucasian Mojaheds. President Dokka Umarov greeted the conference and expressed his hope that the IAF would become an effective force against neo-imperialist plans of Moscow.

Dmitro Yarosh read message of Ahmad Sardali.

Hakan Baysal, a representative of the refugees from Kabarda-Balkaris from Turkey, spoke about a necessity of mutial support in uniting struggle.

During discussions Igor Ivanchenko (“Trident”) underlined inter-religious character of the IAF, however Letas Palmaitis (IMDC Lithuania) emphasized that the IAF may be founded only on the basis of revealed moral prescriptions, common for all three Abrahamic religions, while theological groundings of these religions cannot be leveled or unified in any case. As a result, the “inter-religious character” of IAF appears to be inadequate.

A press-conference took place under the session.

Resolution of the Constituent Conference of the International Anti-Imperialist Front

Basing on world political situation and its current challenges, we, members of the Conference representing various countries, announce:

We set up International Anti-Imperialistic Front striving to preserve endangered national, ethic, spiritual values.

Basing on our belief in One God Creator and in His revealed moral requirements, we see our duty in uniting our efforts in struggle for national statehood of enslaved nations, for their free development on own territories God have granted to them.

We preach down Russian and other forms of imperialism.

We define our main tasks and, in order to fulfill them, we are going:

to carry out ideological, political, information struggle against various imperialist doctrines, first and foremost Moscow ones;

to render our support to national liberating struggle of enslaved peoples of the Caucasus and other countries and nations colonized by Moscow, in various ways;

to make crimes of the Russian Empire and its genocide of the colonized peoples recognized by the world community;

to appeal to interstate and international organizations to define actions of supreme military and political authorities of Russia in Chechenia as crimes against humanity and as actions of genocide, still practiced in extrajudicial death penalty, kidnapping, raping, torturing;

to set up branches of International Anti-Imperialistic Front in various countries of the world.

Ternopil, Ukraine
May 8, 2007

Approved by members from:
the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria
North Ossetia
Crimean Tataria

Executive Committee of the IAF

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