Turkish Prime Minister Sends a “Letter of Sympathy” to the Circassians of Turkey

Turkish Prime Minister Sends a “Letter of Sympathy” to the Circassians of Turkey    10155226_10152046644507115_2271195475714813105_n

By: Adel Bashqawi
25, May, 2014


Turkish Prime Minister Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan has sent a letter to the “President of the Federation of Caucasian Associations (KAFFED)” on the 150th commemoration of the “Great Circassian Exile” (http://www.kaffed.org/haberler/federasyondan/item/2203-ba%C5%9Fbakan-erdo%C4%9Fan-ac%C4%B1lar%C4%B1n%C4%B1z%C4%B1-y%C3%BCrekten-payla%C5%9F%C4%B1yoruz.html), which stated “Circassians lived in great pain of our brothers once again remember, we share the pain once more heartily”.

Many thanks are sent to Mr. Erdogan for his letter of sympathy to the Circassians of Turkey, and the statement saying “We deeply share your pain”.

This comment is not meant to downplay the positive words, but rather to focus on the acts that remind us of the proverb: “Deeds, Not Words”.

This statement doesn’t delete or hide Erdogan’s support to Sochi Olympic Games on the land of the “Circassian Genocide”, and his preference of the choice of strengthening economic ties with the Russian State!

Even if we consider that Erdogan didn’t consider Circassians as close ethnicity to the Turkish race; but that doesn’t relieve him from the duty and responsibility to support the Crimean Tatars who are ethnically closer to the Turks, and the Russian Federation recently has annexed their homeland. Also if he remembers or his advisers would remind him of the Crimean Peninsula was lost by the Ottoman Empire in favor of the Russian Empire a result of the “Treaty of Adrianople” of 14, September, 1829 signed between the Russian Empire and the Ottoman Empire, which gave Russia rights that was not enjoyed by the Ottoman Empire itself!

Without the slightest doubt the letter comes as a strong supportive position that rings a bell, which presents embodiment of highlighting the significance of the facts that were not mentioned by any Turkish senior official before.

This Turkish initiative is highly appreciated by Circassians, wishing that more tangible steps would be taken in the near future in order to offer duty of solidarity with the Circassian nation especially that the great majority of Circassians reside in Turkey, to recognize the Circassian genocide and retrieval of usurped rights, recalling that the Russian Federation is one of the countries that have recognized the Armenian genocide.

Where there’s a will there’s a way…

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