Said-Emin Ibragimov To Martin Schulz, President of EP: STATEMENT OF INDEFINITE PROTEST

Said-Emin Ibragimov To Martin Schulz, President of EP: STATEMENT OF INDEFINITE PROTEST

TUESDAY, 13 OCTOBER 2015 20:27

Mr Said-Emin Ibragimov, Vice Premier of ChRI, Representative of ChRI Government at Int'l organizations before building of European Parliament,  Strassburg
Mr Said-Emin Ibragimov, Vice Premier of ChRI,
Representative of ChRI Government at Int’l organizations
before building of European Parliament,
To Mr Martin Schulz, President of the European ParliamentOPEN LETTER – STATEMENT OF INDEFINITE PROTEST


Mr. President of the European Parliament, I once again appeal to you and through you to the European Parliament:


I address all High international organizations, including the European Parliament (since 1994). However, my appeal is ignored under various pretexts, although it is clear to everyone that without official investigation and fair examination of the Chechen issue our nation is doomed to more and more suffering. This is monstrous injustice when killing of one fourth of the entire population of Chechnya, shooting with  all kinds of modern weapons, the bombing of cities and towns, kidnapping and murder, torture and extrajudicial executions, and many others totally unjustified crimes against the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria and its people is considered to be just “an internal affair of Russia.”  Thus, high international organizations have the inhuman crimes against the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria named “an internal affair” of criminals, and the representatives of the Chechen people have no legal possibility to challenge such injustice in any High international organization as our people are unjustly deprived of the right to have a representative of CRI in international organizations. Our numerous protests, peace marches, rallies, conferences and many other legal actions are largely ignored, and 8 hunger strikes, some of which have not been fatal only thanks to the doctors in Strasbourg, were called by heartless deputies  “the pressure” on the European Parliament and the PACE. I ask you to give a clear and unequivocal answer: What legal mechanisms should we use to achieve justice? Or should we die and leave this unsolved problem of relations with Russia to our future generations, knowing that the failure to recognize the crimes of Russia against the Chechen

people will potentially doom our people to more suffering and death? What kind of humanism and justice can we talk about when the whole nation is denied even the international investigation into the barbaric crimes of the 21st century? I assure you that indifference to the suffering of the Chechen people, who have been left  at the mercy of criminals, and is currently under the oppression and repression of Russian invaders and their supervisors in the form of the puppet government, cannot remain without negative international consequences, as evidenced by history. Needless to delve into the history, there is an example of a repetition of crimes like these against Georgia, Ukraine and other regions by the same criminals. International organizations, including the European Parliament did not even remind Russia and Putin of the crimes committed against the Chechen people, but calmed their conscience, declaring (without legal act), that “the stability has come and the ruined villages, towns and cities are restored.” And not a single word about victims, and that these villages and towns restored on the bones of dead people were criminally destroyed by the political and military forces of Russia. Everyone understands that the declared “stability” is a sham aimed at shutting the eyes of the world community to the crimes. In fact, murders and repressions continue, and this is the common knowledge that these are hushed by deputies and politicians. Many people prefer to be silent out of fear to death that may be threathen them and their close people, and only very few individuals take a risk and give up their lives for the sake of justice, peace on our land and universal rule of law. Among them are Anna Politkovskaya, Natalia Estemirova, Boris Nemtsov, and many others. They also wanted to live and could stay alive if competent politicians could recognize the obvious fact of the crimes commited by the Putin regime. I had peaceful profession, working 32 years in the communications industry from the position of an operator to that of minister, 24 years ago (09.04. 1991.) I took the path of human rights in Chechnya and created the first human rights organization. Over the years I became convinced of the priority of power over justice and declared a righteous, but unequal war against injustice, lawlessness and human cruelty, refusing any form of violence.  It is obvious that Putin’s Russia has become one of the first countries that has embarked on the path of destabilization in the world. We have warned about such consequences, and become their witnesses. The international community, including the European Parliament has not only ignored its international obligations in the field of protection of human rights of the Chechen people, pretending to “believe in “Who”, but also inspired Russia’s “vertical of power” to commit new crimes that unfortunately cannot be

stopped now easily, because even the criminals assume the role of “benefactors”. But if you still want to stop this evil, it is necessary to focus first on the source of evil which is Putin’s Russia and the truth about this evil, its major breakthrough being the unpunished murder of the Chechen people. Without an independent international investigation of the crimes committed against the Chechen people it is not possible to be sure that high international organizations, including the European Parliament, are acting according to their obligations and contribute to the stabilization processes in the world. I am seeking only justice with this appeal to you and the ICC, but for that Russian special services have repeatedly tried to kill me. See the video: 

Thus, by means of blackmail, violence, bribery, intimidation and killings, the criminals are trying to achieve their criminal aims. This shows their criminal nature. To counteract this, you can just apply laws in accordance with the principle of inevitability of punishment for crimes.

Mr. President, ladies and gentlemen, members of the European Parliament, I hope for your kind understanding and objective consideration of the APPEAL.

While waiting for YOUR answer, I’ll  start a new protest, and leave  the consequences upon you, MEPs and other international organizations.


President of the International Association Peace and Human Rights,

the former Minister of Communications of CRI

CRI representative in international institutions,


Said-Emin Ibragimov

10 October 2015 Strasbourg.


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