The Remembrance of the Circassian Tragedy

The Remembrance of the Circassian Tragedy


By: Adel Bashqawi

21 May 2018

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Year after year, 154 years on, the painful commemoration awaits Circassians to remind of a tragic history of a prolonged struggle that was neither easily restrained nor voluntarily accepting of the confiscation of the right to self-defense for dozens of years. The Tsarist Russian invaders utilized a variety of immoral, unprincipled, and evil tactics, which eventually led to a tragic result for all, when abundance eventually overcame courage.

Nevertheless, the tragedy was not a cause to cling to the past, but to learn from its lessons. It should be considered a motivation to realize the present and to look for a promising future. Therefore, it is possible to say that various positive developments in all fields have led to an ability to achieve the implementation of knowledge and qualifications. That would lead to fruitful results and projects.

The diversity of Circassians’ competence in various fields helped to facilitate effectiveness in their whereabouts and in addressing unsolved problems that lasted since the end of the Russo-Circassian War, where ethnic cleansing, annihilation, and deportation were the main headlines of the consequences of a long and unequal war that had an unequivocal agonizing conclusion.

In light of the developments that have been and continue to be worrisome to those concerned, Circassians must be cautious. They must be wary of conspiracies against them from all directions, and if they are not taken into consideration, they will be exposed to what is worse than what they were exposed to over the years.

The proper path is well known and the goal is to restore the Circassian rights; because “life is not a matter of chance…it is a matter of choice,” despite the multiple philosophical ideas in this context.

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