Orhan Barsik: History Repeats Itself with Martin Kochesoko

The following is English translation of the article that was published on the Circassian Cultural Center Website:

Orhan Barsik: History Repeats Itself with Martin Kochesoko

17 July, 2019


Orhan Bersiequ, a Ubykh Circassian patriot and activist who returned to his homeland from the Circassian diaspora in Jordan. Regrettably, his joy of returning to the place where his ancestors were deported from has not complete due to the policy of discouraging repatriation.

He was a member of free Circassian youth who was making videos about the Caucasus and motivating Circassians to go back to their homeland. Orhan is a highly educated patriot who lived in Nalchik, the capital city of the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria for 9 years.

One day, when he was living in Nalchik, he was leaving his home to the supermarket, but suddenly he was stopped and caught by agents of the Russian law enforcement agencies. A person by the name of Timor Midov, who works for the Federal Drug Control Service of the Russian Federation submitted a report stating that he found drugs on Orhan. Other reports were included, as two Federal Security Services (FSB) agents, who are Ahmad Khawaj and Abdulrazak Naghwai, wrote and submitted reports about Orhan’s patriotic activities in Kabardino-Balkaria and translated his Arabic language articles to Russian in order to present to the FSB.

He was arrested and investigated by the Russian FSB by an officer who called himself Mohammad. He was tortured and put in solitary confinement for more than one year with no visitors, proper food or health care, because they wanted him to stop his activities and to sign papers and documents that pertain to information about other patriots for the purpose of getting an excuse to arrest them and put them in jail to investigate them.

Orhan refused to sign prepared documents, declined to listen and rejected all offers and/or deals that they proposed. However, refusing to cooperate had costed him more time under torture, which included electrical shocks that was meant to be more cruel and unusual punishment.

Orhan lost his teeth, where his jailers were giving him injections of (Aminazin) drug trying to make him crazy or mentally abnormal, due to suffering of thorazine used cognitive dysfunction as a Result of Forced Injections.

The FSB called his friends and family, threatened them and told them that they will kill him in jail, which caused his mother a stroke, and they intimidated him too with his kids and wife.

When his parents traveled to Russia to look for a solution for his problem, the authorities in Nalchik denied that Orhan was ever captured or even he is in Nalchik. His family needed about three months to find out that he was there, and to be able to find out, which jail Orhan was held at, because information that pertains to him, were deleted or hidden from all official records in KBR.

Since the beginning, all reports were false. The authorities tried to build a case of possessing and using drugs and weapons against Orhan, with not even one evidence that would make him legally guilty. Judges said that fake reports are enough evidence to accuse him and they refused his request to show the seized material that was mentioned in the reports.

Orhan was just making videos about the Caucasus and his homeland, where he was inviting Circassians to visit their homeland. He was writing about history and traditions of his native people, and helping people to fill out their papers to permanently live in the Caucasus. He never broke any federal law; but Russians found that such activity was enough reason to accuse him, because he was considered dangerous person for their system in the Caucasus.

Orhan’s family had to pay a lot of money to get him out of jail and from Russia entirely, after one year and eight months in top guarded prisons. In addition, he lost his kids and his right to live in his homeland.




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