The Following are Mr. Paul Goble’s Latest 42 Windows on Eurasia for April 1-6, 2020

  The Following are Mr. Paul Goble’s Latest 42 Windows on Eurasia for April 1-6, 2020

فيما يلي أحدث 42 نافذة على أوراسيا لـلسيد بول غوبل للمدة من 1 إلى 6 أبريل/نيسان 2020


1.      Ingush Civil Society Groups Buy Masks for Hospitals, Food and Medicine for the Needy

2.      Economic ‘End of History’ Now Even More Consequential than Political One Fukuyama Spoke of 30 Years Ago, Inozemtsev Says

3.      Putin Now Faces Plethora of Problems He Can’t Solve with His Accustomed Means, Krasheninnikov Says  

4.      A Million Muscovites in Service Sector May Be Jobless after Pandemic, ‘Business Russia’ Says

5.      Epidemics Killed More People than Did Military Actions in Russian Civil War of 1918-1922  

6.      Responding to Pandemic, Russian Officials as Always Seek to Control and Punish Rather than to Help, Shaburov Says  

7.      Italy’s South Shows How Russia May be Heading toward ‘Most Powerful Shakeup Since 1917,’ Gontmakher Says  

8.      If Moscow Doesn’t Release Elderly and Sick Inmates, Prison Revolts will Occur, Svetova Says  

9.      Russian Procurator General to Block Fake News about ‘Interethnic Clashes’ During Pandemic

10.  With Coronavirus, Russian Cities Move toward Totalitarianism, Rural Areas toward Chaos, Degtyanov Says  

11.  Rosstat Asks Moscow to Postpone Census to 2021 Because of Pandemic

12.  Coronavirus hasn’t Changed Russia’s Trajectory, Only Speeded It Up, Savvin Says  

13.  Lukashenko’s Response to Pandemic Transforming ‘Crisis of Trust’ into ‘Crisis of Loyalty,’ Nesterenko Says  

14.  New Russian Urban Landscape Makes Strict Self-Isolation Very Difficult, New Survey Reports   

15.  Russian Court Again Extends Detention of Ingush Protest Leaders, Denies Release Appeals Based on Pandemic Fears

16.  Kremlin Policies, Not Pandemic, Pushing Regions to ‘De-Muscovize,’ Grashechenkov Says  

17.  Putin has the Resources to Help Russia’s Poor But isn’t Using Them, Shelin Says

18.  Putin and Russian Officials Aren’t Behaving like Politicians, Stanovaya Says


19.  Russians Using Private Cars to Flee Moscow, Escaping Controls but Spreading Virus

20.  ‘Power Vertical’ Only an Icon Some Pray to but Others have Ceased to Believe, Pavlovsky Says  

21.  Circassians Must Return to the Homeland and Combat Efforts to Divide Them, Sokht Says  

22.  Ingush Protests that Brought Down Yevkurov Mark ‘New Page’ in History of Russian Civil Society, Kodzoyev Says  

23.  If Pandemic Lasts 18 Months, World will Be Unrecognizable, Pastukhov Says

24.  Trans-Border Ural River Testing Russian-Kazakhstan Relations

25.  Erecting Statues of Russian Imperialists in Non-Russian Areas Intended to Provoke Reaction and Justify Repression, Chuvash Petition Says

26.  Pandemic Transforming Russians from Obedient Subjects to Questioning Citizens, Vinogradov Says  

27.  Preventing Assimilation Rather than Returning to North Caucasus Must be Circassians’ Main Focus, Gunger Says  

28.  A Portrait of Those at the Very Bottom – Moscow’s Homeless

29.  Faced with Pandemic, North Caucasians Set Aside Politics to Help One Another

30.  Pandemic Consolidating People but Not Around Putin, Sociologist Says

31.  Russia Moving Toward New ‘Parade of Sovereignties,’ Not Federalism, Preobrazhensky Says  

32.  In Pandemic, Russia’s Regions and Republics ‘Coming to Hate Moscow Ever More,’ Experts Say  

33.  Krasnodar Court Recognizes Man’s Right to Change Nationality from Russian to Cossack  

34.  Kremlin’s Reaction to Crisis Shows It Views Its Residents as Subjects Not Citizens, Kordonsky Says  

35.  Securing Return of Circassians from Syria Immediate Task for National Movement, Karov Says    

36.  Lawyers for Five Ingush Protesters Appeal Illegal Extension of Their Detention

37.  By Delaying Rather than Canceling Spring Draft, Moscow Risks Provoking ‘Second Wave of Epidemic,’ Golts Says  

38.  Russian Airways Now Servicing Fewer than 400 Domestic Routes, Down from 3168 at Start of Pandemic  

39.  Kremlin Now Confronted by Attitudes More Dangerous than the Opposition, Kirillova Says

40.  Moscow Backs Restoration of Chechen District in Daghestan but Makhachkala Drags Its Feet  

41.  Kurgan Governor Says Calls to Burn Muscovites ‘at the Stake’ Don’t Improve Oblast’s Reputation

42.  After Pandemic, Russian State will have Tighter Links with Business and Be More Centralized, Billionaire Businessman Says

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