Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for June 30 – July 5, 2020

Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for June 30 – July 5, 2020  

1.      For First Time Since March 2019, Ingush Protesters Clash with Police

2.      Because Pandemic has Depressed Birthrate, Russian Population May Decline Yet More Rapidly, Demographers Say  

3.      Amendment Allowing for Federal Territories in Russia Could Prove Most Fateful of All, Posokhov Says  

4.      Russian Rivers Dumping Heavy Metals into Caspian, Sparking Concern among Littoral States  

5.      Moscow Using ‘Operation Trust’-Style Operation Against Circassians

 6.      Referendum Vote Allowing Kremlin to Rewrite Rules for All Future Russian Elections, Pertsev Says

 7.      Putin has Almost No Supporters Left But Many Russians Go Along with Him from Fear of the Future, Belanovsky Says

 8.      Ingushetia Faces Another Loss of Territory, This Time to Russian Defense Ministry

 9.      Nearly Half of All Russians Say They Face Financial Difficulties Because of Pandemic  Crisis

 10.  A Baker’s Dozen of Self-Defeating Russian Strategies

 11.  ‘Many Russians Delighted If Moscow Financed Killing of Americans in Afghanistan,’ Polozov Says  

 12.  Federalism Will Help Russia Shift from ‘People for the State’ to ‘State for the People,’ Advocates Say  

 13.  Today’s Vote Marks ‘Death of First Russian Republic,’ Skobov Says

 14.  Putin’s Referendum Provides Fresh Example of Banality of Evil, Anthropologist Says

 15.  Russia May Escape Second Wave of Pandemic But Second Wave of Economic Crisis is Inevitable, Anureyev Says  

 16.  Free Trade Areas Can Reduce Intensity of Border Disputes, Tomsk Scholar Argues

 17.  Nenets Autonomous District Voted Against Amendments to Protest Moscow’s Amalgamation Plans  

 18.  High Cost and Good Sense Limited Campaigns to Change Place Names in Soviet Times, Savin Says   

 19.  What Putin Views as His Greatest Victory in Fact His Greatest Loss, Gozman Says

 20.  FSB Gave Putin ‘Real Results’ from Referendum and He Can’t be Pleased, Zyuganov Says

 21.  Anniversary of Declaration of Urals Republic in 1993 Recalled

 22.  Russian Court Extends Detention of Ingush Political Prisoner Sautiyeva Another Month

 23.  Demographer who Told ‘NYTimes’ 70 Percent of Covid Cases in Moscow weren’t Being Recorded Now Out of a Job

 24.  Putin’s Re-Sovietization a Parody of the Original and Therefore Won’t Last Long, Trifonov Says  

 25.  New Book Says Moscow to ‘Restructure’ Nationality Arrangements over Next Five Years  

 26.  Shiyes Protests Continue Because Russians Don’t Trust the Regime, Activists Say

 27.  Putin Regime Can’t Be Improved: It Must Be Replaced, El Myurid Says

 28.  1990s Last Time When Soviet Faith in Sudden Transformation was Widespread in Russia, Kuznetsov Says  

 29.  Impact of Constitutional Changes on Russian Laws Likely to Be Signaled by New Legislation on Cities  

 30.  Russia Faces Three Dangerous Trends after Pandemic, Inozemtsev Says

 31.  Disintegration of Russia ‘Practically Inevitable,’ Opposition Must Focus on the Regions and Not Just Moscow, Yakovenko Says

 32.  Kremlin has Delayed Census Because It Fears What It Will Show, Nikolayev Says

 33.  When ‘an American Victory Map’ Showed an Independent Kazan Republic

 34.  Erzyan who Spoke Russian Growing Up in Mordvinia Recovered Her National Language Only in Moscow  

 35.  Putin’s Constitutional Changes Cast Dark Shadow on His and the Country’s Future, Igor Chubais Says  

 36.  Will a new ‘Revolution of Anecdotes’ Undermine Putin? A Baker’s Dozen of Jokes about Him  

 37.  Russian Hopes for Coronavirus Vaccine and Economic Improvement Soon Fading

 38.  Russia’s Ruling Stratum, Raised on Communist Ideology, Not Especially Patriotic, Volkov Says  

 39.  Federal Territories Amendment Threatens to Make All Russia into a Colony of Moscow, Bednov Says   

 40.  ‘Almost Like a War,’ Coronavirus Pandemic Swelling Number of Street Children in Russia

 41.  Is Putin Narrowing His Complaint about Republics?

 42.  July 1 Vote Energized Opposition to Putin and Intensified Succession Struggle, Pavlovsky Says

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