Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Oct. 22-27, 2020

Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Oct. 22-27, 2020

1.      Putin Blames Higher Coronavirus Figures Now on Better Diagnostics and Reporting

2.      New Cold War a Clash of Civilizations Between Russia and the West, Bartosh Says

3.      Russian Census Forms Have to Be Filled Out Only in Russian, Tuvans Report

4.      New Lezgin Head of Daghestan May Help Moscow to Put Pressure on Baku

5.      Moscow Admits What Everybody Knows: Putin’s Valdai Club All about Promoting ‘Positive Image of Russia’  

6.      Instability and Uncertainty to Mark ‘New Normal’ in Post-Pandemic World, Moscow Scholars Say

7.      Five Million Fewer Russians in Central Asia and Caucasus Now than at End of Soviet Times

8.      Despite Push for Vaccinations, Putin Still hasn’t Gotten His Shots

9.      In Russia, Radical Revanchism Becoming Mainstream

10.  Reaction to Papal Declaration on Civil Unions Highlights Gap in Russia Between Church and Popular Religiosity, Pastukhov Says

11.  Impoverished Russians Won’t Protest Openly but Undermine the State, Baymukhametov Says

12.  Putin Issues Non-Denial Denial about Siloviki Pay and Benefits Cuts, Shelin Says

13.  Warming in Russia’s Tundra Zone Greater than Anywhere Else Over Last 50 Years, New Study Says

14.  New Renaming Drive in Russia Not about Politics but about Recovering Local Identities, Historian Says

15.  Not a Single Federal Subject is Now in an Epidemiological ‘Green’ Zone, Moscow Expert Says  

16.  Another Ancient Orthodox Church Recognizes Ukrainian Autocephaly Despite Moscow’s Efforts to Block It  

17.  Northern Sea Route More Expensive than Suez Canal for Container Shipping, German Expert Says

18.  COVID-Driven Unemployment in Central Asia New Source of Recruits for Islamic State, Tajik Journalist Says   

19.  Armenian-Azerbaijani War Seen Provoking Large New Flow of Armenians to Russia

20.  MI-6 Head Warned Ukrainian President There’s a Russian Mole in His Office, Piontkovsky Says

21.  Putin’s Promotion of State Council Further De-Institutionalizes Russian Government, Petrov Says  

22.  Moscow Won’t Dip in to Reserve Fund to Fight Pandemic Unless Oil Prices Tank, Siluanov Says

23.  Pandemic Weakening ROC MP Church Nomenklatura and Strengthening Community of Believers, Sitnikov Says

24.  Chechens Turned to Islam to Find Justice But Circassians Already had It, Bzegezhev Says

25.  Minsk Fighting Losing Battle Against NEXTA

26.  Rapidly Growing Town Near Moscow ‘on Brink of Revolt’

27.  Russia’s Failure to Become a Democracy Reflects Seven Major Mistakes by Democrats, Yakovenko Says  

28.  Now that Russian Constitution has Been Amended, Republic Basic Laws Being Rewritten

29.  United Russia Deputy Wants to Restrict News on Coronavirus

30.  Anniversary of Prigorodny War Far More Important for Ingush People than for Ingush Government

31.  Russia’s Jews Assimilating at ‘Colossal Rate’ But Less than Those in Europe, FEOR Head Says

32.  Russians Suffering Trauma of Having Lost a Sense of a Collective Future, Levinson Says

33.  Kazakhstan has No Official Claims Against Russian Territories but Some Kazakhs Consider Parts of That Country Theirs

34.  Russians Mistakenly Think Vaccines will Restore Life to What It was Before Pandemic, Igor Yakovenko Says

35.  Coronavirus May Make People Infertile, Driving Down Russian Birthrate Still Further, Experts Say   

36.  Putin Says Russia has Done More than Any Other Country in Responding to Pandemic

37.  Borders and Enclaves Set Up in Soviet Times Behind Many Conflicts Today, Baliyev Says

38.  Putin Preservationists aren’t Conservatives but Reactionaries Setting Stage for Revolution, Kildyushov Says

39.  Siloviki Want to Counter Spread of ‘Google Jamaats’ in Russia by Engaging in Provocations, Zhuravlyov and Silantyev Say

40.  The USSR Died Because Soviet Citizens Ceased to Believe Its Message, Mirovich Says

41.  Moscow Treating North Caucasus Republics like Colonies, Khatazhukov Says

42.  Environmental Disasters Increasingly Frequent and Increasingly Dangerous for Moscow

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