Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Nov. 15-20, 2020

Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Nov. 15-20, 2020
1. Kremlin Must Start Now and Work Hard to Overcome Russian Resistance to Getting Immunized, Experts Say
2. Moscow Can’t Face Up to Issues Centenary of White Army Exodus Raises, Yershoff Says

3. Kremlin Claims of ‘Genocide of Soviet People’ Designed to Get Russians to Forget Stalin’s Crimes, Sokolov Says
4. Russian Peacekeepers Failed in Karabakh in 1991 and Will Again, Alksnis Says
5. Russian Patriots Now View Themselves as Counterparts to American Rednecks, Degtyanov Says
6. aghestanis Launch Largest Class Action Law Suit in Russian
7. Saami Activist Appeals to Supreme Court Over Requirement in Murmansk that He Prove He’s a Saami
8. Russia has Suffered 254,000 Deaths from Pandemic, Not 33,000 Moscow Reports, Demographer Says
9. Moscow has Lost Armenia and Assumed Dangerous Responsibility for Future of Karabakh Dispute, Rosbalt Commentator Says
10. Russia’s Tragedy is that Those who Love Russia Don’t Love Freedom and Those who Love Freedom Don’t Love Russia, Tsipko Says
11. Millennial Generation Will Restore Russia’s March toward Globalization, Gontmakher Says
12. Having Gelded Russian Constitutional Court, Putin Now Moves to Abolish Them in Federal Subjects
13. Work of Russian Propagandists in Belarus Backfiring Because Belarusians aren’t Russians, New Study Finds
14. Putin Claims Major Progress in Fight Against Illegal Drugs, Says New Restrictions on Internet Will Help
15. On First Anniversary of Appearance of Coronavirus, Russia has Plateaued at Very High Level
16. Russians Fleeing ‘God Forgotten’ Rural Areas Where Life has Become Impossible, Experts Say
17. Moscow’s Focus on US and Power of Oligarchs Combine to Cost Russia Influence among CIS Countries, Tetekin Says
18. Preservationists Call on Putin to Use Russian Peacekeepers to Protect Armenian Churches in Karabakh
19. Khabarovsk Could Become a Russian Gdansk or a Russian Ulster, Moskalenko Says
20. Elections and Revolutions Much Less Closely ‘Intertwined’ than Color Revolution Rhetoric Suggests, Zavadskaya Says
21. Despite Karabakh Ceasefire, Tehran has Not Drawn Down Its Forces Along Northern Border
22. Most Poor Regions in Russia have Little Choice but to Follow Buryatia into Another Lockdown
23. Magas and Moscow Fear Renewed Protests as Trial of Ingush Leaders Begins in Stavropol Kray
25. New Wave of Repressive Legislation Will Backfire on Its Authors, Gudkov Says
26. Russian Factories Spewing More Contaminants Now than Before Pandemic
27. Russian Peacekeepers Began Arriving Before Joint Declaration and Their Deployment was Approved by the Federal Council Only Later
28. Moscow May Move Against Regional Parliaments after It Disbands Regional Constitutional Courts, Bashkir Experts Say
29. Russia Again Sets Record for Coronavirus Pandemic Infections and Deaths
30. Some in Arkhangelsk ‘By Hook or Crook’ Again Seeking to Promote Amalgamation with Nenets AD
31. Azerbaijan’s Ethnic Minorities Overwhelmingly Back Baku’s Opposition to Any Special Status for Armenians in Karabakh
32. Putin Now Combining Concessions Abroad with More Repressions at Home, Shelin Says
33. Armenians Flee Formerly Occupied Territories as Azerbaijani IDPs Return
34. Russians Largely Agree on What Their Country’s Problems are But Differ Sharply on How to Solve Them, Volkov and Kolesnikov Say
35. Putin Suffering Defeat after Defeat across Post-Soviet Space, Moscow Analysts Say
36. Protests in Buryatia Highlight Widespread Opposition to Additional Coronavirus Restrictions
37. Yerevan Must Avoid Falling into Weimar Syndrome – and Baku Must Help Armenians in That Effort, Artemyev Says
38. Sakha Parliament Presses Duma to Ensure No Member of Numerically Small Peoples will Be Excluded for Not Working in Traditional Sector
39. Decline in Long-Distance Train Travel Leading to Medievalization of Russian Thinking, El Murid Says
40. Hundreds of Abandoned Ships Rusting Away in Russia’s Rivers, Reservoirs and Coastal Waters
41. New Karabakh Accord Draws Tehran More Deeply into Caucasus Affairs
42. Duma Moves to Tighten Controls Significantly on Private Gun Ownership
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