Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Jan. 8-13, 2021

Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Jan. 8-13, 2021

1.      Russia among Countries which have Suffered Most from Pandemic, Shelin Says  

2.      Kadir Natho, who Introduced Circassian Nation to Its Diaspora and the World, Dies at 93

3.      Despite Marxist Hostility to Religion, Believers Managed to Build More than a Few Churches in in Soviet Times, ‘Subjective Guide’ Says

4.      Russia Must Turn from Putin’s Policies if It is to Develop or Even Survive, Milin Says

5.      Public Divide on Putin has Been Stable but Likely Not for Much Longer, Oreshkin Says

6.      Moscow Must Apply Lessons from 2020 in Post-Soviet States to Four Trends in 2021, Nosovich Says  

7.      Pandemic Pushing West to Cooperation and Reform But Russia to Reaction, Isolation, and Decay, Shevtsova Says  

8.      Moscow TV Personality Says US Behind Coronavirus Pandemic

9.      Grozny Threatens to Intervene in Ingushetia to End Criticism of Chechnya, Kadyrov or Border Deal, Outraging Ingush

10.  Putin has Far Fewer Options Now to Win Back Support than He Did Six Years Ago, El Murid Says

11.  Stalin Never Deported Anyone to Turkmenistan and Only a Small Number to Tajikistan

12.  Declaring Victory, Majority of Shiyes Activists End Their Protest

 13.  Russian Forces in Qarabagh Violating Their Rules of Engagement, Baku Says

14.  Protests Continue in Khabarovsk and Other Siberian Cities

15.  Global Warming, Putin Optimization Combine to Produce Pandemic Disaster in Russian North

16.  Ankara Wants Union of Turkic Peoples Not Just of Turkic Countries, a Goal that Threatens Russia, , Rodionov Says

17.  Larger Nations Dominate Smaller Ones in Remaining Bi-National Republics of North Caucasus, Urushadze Says  

18.  Civic Nationalism in Non-Russian Republics Greater Threat to Moscow than Ethnic Variant, Sidorov Asks   

19.  Kremlin has Shifted Its Focus from Foreign Enemies to Domestic Ones, Increasing the Number of the Latter, Vishnevsky Says

20.  Navalny’s Vision of Federalization Close to That of ‘Typical Muscovite Imperialist,’ Miftakhov Says  

21.  ‘Borat’ Film Prompts Some Kazakhs to Think about Going Back to Alash Orda Flag

22.  Masks Don’t Prevent Officials from Identifying Those Wearing Them

23.  Russia Again Heading toward Perestroika but Kremlin Again Using Repression to Delay That, Savvin Says    

24.  Turkey Sends Troops to Qarabagh, Reportedly Plans for Air Bases in Azerbaijan

25.  A Shoygu — but Not THAT Shoygu — Says Tuvans Subject to Discrimination in Russian Army

26.  Popular Yakutsk Mayor Resigns for Health Reasons But Most Think She was Pushed Out by United Russia  

27.  Share of Russians without Children Who Don’t Want Them Up by 4.5 Times since 2015  

28.  Baku and Yerevan to Create Bilateral Working Groups to Deal with Contentious Issues

29.  Pandemic has Deepened Divide between Moscow and Regions, Martynov Says

30.  Current Passivity of Russians Regarding Putin Rooted in Their Earlier Investment in Him, Morozov Says /

31.  Putin’s Foreign Policy Moves All about Preserving His Power, Liptsky Says

32.  All Former Republics except Ukraine had Faster GDP Growth between 2000 and 2019 than Russia Did, Nikolayev Says

33.  Self-Proclaimed ‘Warrior-Shaman’ from Sakha Announces Plans for Third March on Moscow  

34.  Prosecutors Continue Presenting Information Irrelevant to Charges Against Ingush Seven  

35.  Putin Scheduled Caucasus Summit to Happen Before Biden Inauguration, Dubnov Says

36.  Putin Calls for Mass Vaccination Now but Russia Lacks Capacity to Produce Enough Medication  

37.  Russians Oppose Putin’s Policies Even When They Won’t Say They Oppose Him, Delyagin Says

38.  Kremlin Turns to Deputy Governors to Rebuild Support, Kislitsyna Says

39.  Zengezur Corridor Anything But a Done Deal, Tarasov Says

40.  Forty Supporters of Ingush Seven Travel to Stavropol Court and Stage Protest Against Their Trial

41.  Navalny’s Planned Return Leaves Kremlin with No Good Options, Dmitry Gudkov Says

42.  During Lockdown, Russian Women Drank More, Gained Weight and Took Less Care of Themselves, New Study Finds

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