Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for June 7-12, 2021

Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for June 7-12, 2021


1.      Moscow Claims Success against Pandemic as Third Wave Hits Russia East of the Urals

2.      Russia’s Enemies aren’t Opponents but Threats to Russian Identity, Gudkov Says

3.      Federative Party Leader Leaves Russia But Vows to Continue the Fight 

4.      Regime No Long Putin’s Alone but Rather a Regime in His Time,’ Stanovaya Says

5.      Russia has Always Been Under Western Sanctions and Always Will Be, Foreign Ministry Says

6.      Moscow’s New Regional Policies Spell End of Rural Russia and Deeper Divide between Rich and Poor Areas, Experts Say

7.      Kremlin’s Efforts to Blame Economic Problems Exclusively on Pandemic Drawing Fire

8.      Regional Officials Find Nothing Works to Overcome Russians’ Resistance to Vaccinations

9.      ‘By Not Thinking about the Future, Russians have Locked Themselves into a Permanent Present,’ Inozemtsev Says

10.  Could Territorial Dispute between Kalmyk Republic and Astrakhan Oblast Lead to Their Unification?

11.  Last Year Russians Lost Work and Income; This Year, Economic Recovery has Led to Inflation, Costing them Even More, Shelin Says

12.  Video Tape of March 2019 Meeting Shows None of the Ingush Seven Committed Crimes They’re Accused Of

13.  Moscow’s Efforts to Isolate Russia’s Finno-Ugric Peoples from Finno-Ugric World Continue to Collapse

14.  ‘Dossier’ Documents FSB Inserting Agents into Protest Groups to Engage in Provocative Actions

15.  Moscow Officials Caught Off Guard by Sharp Upsurge in Coronavirus Cases in City

16.  Orthodoxy in Belarus Moving toward Autocephaly Under Minsk’s Control, Shramko Says

17.  Russia is ‘Pregnant with a New GULAG’ But It May Not Be as Bloody or Long-Lasting as Its Predecessor, Pastukhov Says

18.  Moscow Doesn’t Want Minsk Co-Chairs to Raise Question at Base of Conflict – the Status of Qarabagh – for Two or Three Years

19.  Moscow Faces Hard Choice as Russian Resistance to Vaccinations Continues Despite Worsening of Pandemic, Markov Says

20.  Russian Federalists Must Promote Consensus on Power Sharing in Which All will Win, Luzin Says

21.  Middle-Aged Russians Now Pushing Up Share of All Russians who Want to Move Abroad, Levada Center Polls Show

22.  Russia Now in Midst of Third Wave of Pandemic and Situation is Deteriorating

23.  Russia and Belarus May Not Unite but Their Regimes are Increasingly Alike, Portnikov Says

24.  Kumyks See New Daghestan Land Law Threatening Their Nation’s Survival and Begin to Protest

25.  How Russians View Sanctions Depends on How They View Putin, Volkov Says

26.  Officials in Russian Areas Contaminated by Chernobyl Playing Down Dangers, HSE Sociologists Say

27.  Moscow Uncertain What to Do about the Roma

28.  Moscow Committing ‘Crimes Against History’ to Boost Kremlin’s Authoritarian Rule, International Federation for Human Rights Says

29.  Led By Jump in Moscow, Coronavirus Infection Numbers Continue to Rise across Russia

30.  A Baker’s Double Dozen of Other Notable Stories from Russia This Week

31.  Surkov Says World ‘Really Tired of Ukraine’ and Moscow Must Use Situation and Retake It

32.  Russia has Suffered Highest Mortality Rate from Pandemic among Major Countries, Aganbegyan Says

33.  Problem is Not that Others Don’t Love Russia but that Russians Don’t, Bitsoyev Says

34.  Russia Doesn’t Play by the Rules But That is the West’s Fault, Kuznetsov Says

35.  Chechen Siloviki Raid Women’s Shelter in Daghestan and Seize Daughter of Grozny Official

36.  Kremlin Distances Itself from Unpopular New Coronavirus Restrictions in Moscow

37.  For Younger Russians, an Independent Ukraine is ‘a Natural Phenomenon,’ Makarkin Says

38.  Moscow to Use Agglomerations to Cut Number of Federal Subjects by More than Half by 2030, Source Says

39.  Will Russia Survive in Current Borders to the End of This Century? Experts Weigh In

40.  Putin Seeks to Ensure Day of Russia No Longer Anniversary of Disintegration of USSR

41.  Putin Regime has Moved from Crisis to Catastrophe from Which There is No Exit, El Murid Says

42.  Moscow Promises a GULAG in 2030 ‘with All Conveniences’ But Just as Repressive as Now



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