Nothing has been forgotten, no one has forgotten.

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June 12, 2021

Nothing has been forgotten, no one has forgotten.
10 facts about the genocide of the people.
Genocide Russia, you will still answer.

The world is unfair and cruel, and the benefit has always been and will remain the main driving force of history. It’s been more than 150 years since the genocide of the people, but no country has properly touched this cruel page of history. In the war that continues for 101 years Tsarakan Russia finally managed to establish itself in the Caucasus, and it was done by killing a whole nation and evacuating them from their historical homeland.
1. Woe are the cherries. They are the indigenous peoples of the Caucasus. In the 15st century they admitted Islam, even though many were Christians.
2. How long did the Russian campaign last in the Caucasus? The Russians have fought since the mid-18th century to pass the Caucasian under their possession until 1864? The genocide of the people has been carried out since March 1864, 6 the period until May 21th.
3. How did the Cherkezes hold the Russians back for so many years? Cherkez did not want to bow to the authority of external forces, united with Chechna and Dagestan forces. This alliance allowed to show successful resistance for years, but unfortunately it could not be preserved against the Russian Empire forever.
4. Who decided to invade the region and deport the Cherkezes? Koms Dmitry Milutin, after being appointed Minister of War in 1861, decided to implement the strategy presented in 1854
5. How many of you have been killed? According to data on their latest campaign in the Caucasus of the Russian Federation, more than 400 000 cherries were killed.
6. How many of you have been displaced? About 500 000 cherries had to leave the empire.
7. Where cherries were deported after the genocide? They were sent to the Ottoman Empire. Unfortunately many were starved or died of diseases on the way.
8. How many of you survive today? Around the world counts about one and a half million cherries, most of which live in Turkey and Syria.
9. How does Russia feel about the events of 1864? It naturally denies to be genocide, although many Russians accept the fact that the actions taken by Protest Russia were devastating for the people.
10. How cherries remember this day in their history? They celebrate the remembrance day of their killed ancestors every year, May 21th.
These massacres in history are mentioned as one of the most disgusting jewels of the 19st century.
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