Inevitable Liability

Inevitable Liability

Adel Bashqawi

9 May, 2022


By knowing the nature of the Russian state, the exposure of an important aspect of colonial policy and brutal behavior lends a positive epistemological character. This would not have been revealed had it not been for the latest invasion of Ukraine. The most recent attempt to occupy and control Ukraine’s present and future has started in February 2022 in the same way that it subjugated other peoples in the past.This very similar to the wars against the peoples of the Caucasus and the occupation of Circassia in the nineteenth century.

Being unable to escape from the inevitable punishment, collide with reality and face the bitter truth, the hard way, even with the escalation of war operations, Russia eventually had to face an apparent resistance. The international uncompromising categorical rejection that was built on strict sanctions and comprehensive boycott has worked. Thus negatively affected all walks of life in Russia.

This even a prove of authoritarian central policy that indicates the colonial nature of the state, which controls dozens of peoples and nations, smaller in size and population. The outbreak of this war, could not be covered up the way it used to be in the past. Even the ridiculous and flimsy motives, which were given and explained to justify its outbreak, are not convincing. They are considered “an excuse that is uglier than a sin.”

Ignoring the Charter of the United Nations 

Euromaidan published an article in regard to Russian behavior on the international scene in regard to neglecting the Charter of the United Nations, and some conflicts to which Russia was and is still involved in, especially regional ones related to the countries and peoples that surround Russia. “Russia has a deep conflict of interest, compromising its permanent membership in the UNSC.”[1]

The article mentioned the conflicts and wars in which Russia was and is still a party, during the reign of the current Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to the following timetable:

16 August 1999 — Vladimir Putin was appointed acting prime minister of Russia.[2]

26 August 1999 — Russia started the Second Russian-Chechen War through attacks of Russian government forces against Chechnya and Dagestan.[3]

August 2008 — War waged against Georgia.[4]

September 2015 — Intervention in Syrian civil war.[5]

Since 2016 — Got engaged in the Libyan conflict.[6]

January 2021 — Intervention in the Central African Republic by using the Russian military forces of the “Wagner group” mercenaries.[7]

Participation in Sudan conflict.[8]

January 2022 — Russian “troops were dispatched to Kazakhstan.” That was due to the fact that “Kazakhstan’s president appealed for assistance amid the protests that saw his government lose control in the country’s biggest city, Almaty.”[9]

The First Step to the Current War

— In addition to the above mentioned, the Crimean Peninsula was occupied and annexed to Russia in early 2014.[10] 

— Besides, some pro-Russian groups were encouraged to ignite an armed conflict in the South-eastern part of the internationally recognized Ukrainian territories. Apparently in preparation to declare two separatist break away regions of Ukraine, called Luhansk and Donetsk republics.[11]

The present going on war triggered the need to curb the Russian imperial ambitions by available and feasible ways and means, and consequently war activities against an independent country. Therefore, the war on Ukraine exposed many facts that could not be known and/or discovered earlier, whether by the Ukrainians themselves in particular, or by the European Union and the West in general. The method of work followed by experts in exterminating peoples, needs no introductions.

It seems clear and obvious that enriching the chauvinistic mentality of seeking superiority over others is saturated with fanaticism, arrogance and even hateful racism. They succeeded in spreading the smell of death to every place that their invading forces managed to reach. The invaders’ terrible stigmatized behavior is inconsistent with the United Nations Charter, signed in 1945, which “prohibits aggression and the recourse to force in the relations between States, except in the case of self-defense.”[12]


International justice requires to act as stated by the rule of law and not to escape justice and thus no impunity. Inevitable international punishment should be according to the law, which should apply to everyone. In light of the great technological progress, the world will not be fooled by unreasonable allegations. The mentality of pretending the need to seek security to protect a super power from its neighbors will not deceive anyone. Assuming good intentions, while submitting flimsy excuses will only fool the gullible people.















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