Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia for June 28-July 4, 2022   

Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia for June 28-July 4, 2022   


1.     ‘It’s Too Bad Children are Dying but the Main Thing is There Must Not Be a War,’ Russian Woman on Conflict in Ukraine 

2.     Putin has Worked Hard to Ensure that in Ukrainian War, No Russian General Becomes Popular, Borogan and Soldatov Say 

3.       Both Creation and Demise of Karelo-Finnish Union Republic Instructive Now   

4.     After Sweden Seeks to Join NATO and Ends Programs Involving Russian State, Moscow Ends SIDA Democracy and Human Rights Programs There   

5.     Is There Going to Be a Putin Brand Bunker Brand in Russia’s Future? Russians Ask  

6.     Plans to Build Trash Disposal Sites around Petersburg Spark Protests  

7.     Russia Needs Federalism to Accommodate People who Live in Different Centuries, Milin Says   

8.     Upwardly Mobile Russians Don’t Cease to Care about Social Injustice, New HSE Study Says 

9.     New Era of National Independence Movements Dawning in Russia, League of Free Nations Says  

10.  Even After Moscow Absorbs Ukraine, ‘Vast Majority’ of Ukrainians Will Be Wary of Integration with Russia, Pro-Kremlin Russian Analyst Says  

11.  Sanctions, New Moscow Restrictions Decimating Many Segments of Russian Gun Production and Sales

12.  Divisions among Russian Émigrés Deepening and Moscow is Exploiting Them, Kirillova Says  

13.  Moscow Tries to Work Around Tehran’s Failure to Ratify 2018 Caspian Convention

14.  Faced with Repression in the 1920s, Many Cossacks in the Don and Kuban Reidentified as Ukrainians, Shambarov Says  

15.  US Will Be No More Successful in Preventing Disintegration of Russian Federation than It was in Blocking That of the USSR, Galyevev Says

16.  Despite Overheated Rhetoric, Arctic hasn’t Been Transformed from a Zone of Peace to a Zone of Military Conflict, Markushina Says   

17.  Now that the UN has Recognized Borscht as Ukrainian, Putin May Ban It in Russia, People Joke   

18.  Struggle over VOOPIIK in Northern Capital has Many Sides and Little Purity, Expert Says   

19.  Anti-War Activists in North Caucasus Mostly People who have Never Protested Before 

20.  Lviv City Council Bans Russian Church 

21.  Central Asians Now Form 83 Percent of Migrants in Russia with Right to Work, New Study Says   

22.  ‘Half of Russian Government Ready at Any Moment to Betray Putin and Back the Americans,’ Markov Says   

23.  Putin’s Goal in Ukraine is to ‘Normalize’ War for Russians, Pastukhov Says   

24.  Putin is Achieving What He Most Wants to Achieve in Ukraine, Felshtinsky Says   

25.  70 Percent of LGBTs in Perm have Thought about Emigrating Since Putin’s War in Ukraine Began   

26.  Ukrainians Have No Interest in Trading Land for Peace, New Poll Finds   

27.  Wisdom is Depressing but Fortunately, Russian Anecdote Says, Idiocy Leads to Happiness   

28.  Duma has become a Rubber Stamp for the Powers that Be, New Data Show   

29.  Akademgorodok, Once a Symbol of Freedom, Becoming a Sharashka, Nevzlin Says 

30.  Snitching has Been Encouraged by Russian State since 1649, Yakunin Says

31.  League of Free Nations Organizes Actions in Ten Countries around the World  

32.  Internet hasn’t Reduced Face-to-Face Social Interaction in Russia, Makarkin Says 

33.  Russians Increasingly Anxious But Back Kremlin Because They Don’t See Any Alterative, Inozemtsev Says  

34.  Suppression of Karakalpak Uprising in 1929 Opened Way to Stalinist Totalitarianism, Kazakh Historian Says  

35.  Proposed Uzbekistan Constitutional Reform Triggers Protests in Karakalpakstan   

36.  The Passing of an Honest Man – Georgs Andrejevs Dead at 89 

37.  Fight over Use of Russian Really Heats Up in Kabardino-Balkaria   

38.  Karakalpakstan – a Republic with Right to Secede from a Unitary Uzbek State   

39.  Estonia Joins Czech Republic and Poland in Offering Humanitarian Visas to Russians at Risk of Persecution at Home  

40.  Why Doesn’t League of Free Nations Map Show Republics of North Caucasus as Independent Countries? Kadyrov Asks 

41.  Ukraine Supporting Non-Russians inside ‘Prison House of Peoples’ Because ‘Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend,’ Goncharenko Says 

42.  Stalin’s Early Purge of Professional Military Officers Recalled   

43.   Russian Analyst Sees Kazakhs as Key Outside Actor behind Karakalpak Events

44.  Saudis Slash Haj Quota for Muslims from Russia by More than 50 Percent   

45.  Putin’s Plan to Save the Russian Titanic Faces Two Inescapable Problems, Pastukhov Says 

46.  Whenever Divisions Appear in the Kremlin, Russians Wish Both Sides a Crushing Victory, New Anecdote Holds 

47.  Korean DMZ a Partial Model for Resolution of Ukraine Conflict, Lankov Says  

48.  Anti-War Underground Responsible for 23 Attacks on Russian Military Recruitment Centers and Many of 63 Rail Accidents Since February, Media Report  

49.  Why Didn’t Russian Liberals Emigrate Long before February 24? Savvin Asks  

50.  Demise of Russia Likely to Be Far More Violent than Disintegration of the USSR Was, El Murid Says

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