Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia for Aug. 2-8, 2022   

Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia for Aug. 2-8, 2022   

1.     Fate of Ukraine and Fate of Putin’s Russia Now Inextricably and Intriguingly Intertwined, Gallyamov Says  

2.     Putin Can’t Allow Any Real Talk about Future Goals Because That would be an Implicit Criticism of His System, Chadayev Says  

3.     On Ukraine, Putin in Near Perfect Unison with Vast Majority of Russians, Levinson Says  

4.     One Russian in Three Believes Western Civilization and Democracy Unsuitable for Russia, VTsIOM Poll Finds  

5.     Entrance to Russian Political Elite will Now Pass Through Ukraine, Minchenko Says  

6.     Soviet Monuments ‘Part of Moscow’s Imperial Lie rather than about Remembering the Dead,’ Rogov Says

7.     Famine Doesn’t Threaten Central Asia but Many Foods are Becoming Harder to Obtain, Marmontova Says  

8.     Russia Dying Out Because Moscow Pays Ten Times as Much for Those who Die for It than for Those who are Born, Russians Say  

9.     Putin has Used and Gutted the Tatar National Congress Just as Stalin Used and then Destroyed the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee, Aysin Says  

10.  ‘Russia’s Imperialist Opposition will Disappear Together with the Empire,’ Shtepa Says

11.  ‘Russian Empire a Balance of Russian Centralism and Disintegration,’ Prokhanov Says  

12.  Gorbachev Wanted to Save the System He Now is Credited or Blamed for Having Destroyed, Stomakhin Says  

13.  Like Franco of Spain, Putin of Russia has Nothing to Offer but a Return to the Past, Portnikov Says  

14.  Putin Regime Now Targeting Telegram Channels

15.  ‘Zavtra’ Denounces Author of These Lines as ‘Father’ of Free Peoples of Russia Forum

16.  FSB Thinks Kyiv Decided to Kill Dugin’s Daughter After Learning Who He Is, Russians Say  

17.  New Gorbachevs Will Emerge in Russia in the 2030s, Inozemtsev Says  

18.  If Moscow Again Adopts Imperialist Agenda, Russia will Collapse Completely and Violently, El Murid Says  

19.  The Longer Putin’s War in Ukraine Goes On, the Softer Russians’ Support for It is Becoming, Yerpylyeva Says  

20.  Moscow Boosting Readiness But Not Manpower at Its Bases in Central Asia, Shoygu Says  

21.  ‘Twenty Years Down the Drain’ — Russians Furious at Return of Soviet-Style Beryozhka Shops  

22.  Kremlin Media Will Never Admit Defeat in Ukraine and So Most Russians Won’t Either, Levinson Says  

23.  Gorbachev’s Passing Highlights How Far Russia and Other Former Soviet Republics have Diverged from One Another, Portnikov Says  

24.  In a Rare Move, Yerevan Criticizes Moscow for Its Actions in Qarabagh

25.  ‘If Russia Doesn’t Achieve Its Goals in Ukraine, All Former Soviet Republics will Lose Sovereignty,’ Rubayev Says  

26.  Two Strains of Nationalism – Isolationists and Integrationists – have Long Competed in Tatarstan, Nasibullov Says  

27.  International System has Failed and Must be Replaced with One ‘without the Terrorist Russian Federation,’ Editors of ‘Grani’ Say   

28.  New Card Game Teaches Russians How Hard It is to Defend Their Rights in Prison

29.  Mirzizoyev Changes Karakalpakstan Leadership and Increases Aid to that Republic Lest It Become an Uzbek Gorno-Badakhshan  

30.  Another Way Putin’s War in Ukraine Comes Home: Some Children of Combatants Living or Dead Now Getting Free Meals in School Others Don’t  

31.  Putin’s Regional Regiments Could Lead Even Voronezh to Act like Ichkeria, Pastukhov Says  

32.  Moscow Guilty of Genocide in Its Treatment of Ukrainian Children, Gerasymchuk Says  

33.  Russia World Power Most Committed to Realist Paradigm of International Relations, Bordachev Says  

34.  When Minsk Follows Moscow in Using Latin Script for Tourists, Russian Writer Sees This as Concession to Belarusian Nationalists  

35.  Russian Authorities Almost Powerless over Quiet Protests against Putin’s War in Ukraine  

36.  Putin Doesn’t Define ‘Traditional Values’ Because He Uses Them Selectively and Wants to Form a New Reality from Various Parts of the Past, Kukulin Says  

37.  To Carry Extra-Long Table where Putin Meets Subordinates, Moscow Plans for Him a New Plane 8.5 Times as Long as Current One, Russians Say  

38.  Finland has Become ‘Fourth Baltic Republic’ in Russian Eyes, Kondratenko Says

39.  Russians Must Work for the Defeat of Putin’s Army in Ukraine, Kasparov Says  

40.  Putin’s Political Language Not Newspeak, Philologist Says  

41.  ‘Russia’s Automobile Industry Died on February 24,’ Aslanyan Says  

42.  Some Criminals in Russia Again Stealing Power Lines and Using Acrobats to Get at Them

43.  Russian Officials Using Selective Prosecutions for ‘Discrediting Army’ to Punish and Force Closure of Local Papers  

44.  Russian Defense Ministry TV Spreads Message of League of Free Nations

45.  Sanctions Hurting Not Putin Economy but Private Business and Russian People, Inozemtsev Says  

46.  A Country is an Empire Only if Its Colonies are Non-Contiguous, Russian Writer Insists

47.  West’s Existence as an Alternative Only Real Threat to Russian Security as Putin Understands It, Pastukhov Says  

48.  For Russia, Fight against West has Turned from a Means to an End and a Basis for Self-Assertion, Nikulin Says

49.  Ukrainians Will Never Forget Putin’s War in Ukraine and Europeans Will Remember It Far Longer that Most Think, Morozov Says  

50.  For Second Time This Summer, People have Illegally Crossed from Russia into Norway

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