Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia

Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia

20 November, 2022

1.     Tehran behind Small but Growing Armed Underground in Azerbaijan, Moscow Security Analyst Says  

2.     West doesn’t View Non-Russians Now the Way It Did Chechens in 1990s, Kalmyk Leader Says   

3.     After Kherson, Moscow Prepared for Monologue without Any Preliminary Conditions, Russians Say  

4.     Moscow TV Says Almost Nothing about Most Discussed Event in Russia Today – Kherson – and So Russians Turn Elsewhere

5.     Moscow Not Happy Kyiv Might Recognize Tatarstan but Lacks Resources to Take Draconian Steps Unless Ukrainian Conflict is Frozen, Sidorov Says  

6.     Ukrainian War has Left Russian Nationalists Divided and Likely will Lead to Many Regionally Based Russian Nationalisms after It Ends, ‘Cherta’ Survey Concludes  

7.     Putin’s Favorite Orthodox Leader Calls for Making Peace in Ukraine  

8.     Kherson Defeat Could End Putin’s Victory Cult as Crimean War Defeat Did Russia’s 19th Century One, Klishin Says  

9.     Even Kremlin Pollster Reports Ratings of Putin and Russian Government have Fallen  

10.  Kremlin Plans to Launch ‘Anti-Colonial Movement’ against the West to Shore Up Domestic Support, ‘Meduza’ Reports

11.  Russia’s Small Cities Losing Population at the Rate of Three Percent a Year  

12.  What are Putin’s Propagandists Thinking in Turning on Him? Inozemtsev Asks  

13.  Had Andropov Lived, Ukraine and Other National Republics would Have Been Destroyed and the USSR would have Survived, Some Say  

14.  Russians Told Potholes Won’t Be Fixed Because They’ll Slow Down Ukrainian Forces  

15.  Russia Now Faces Largest Labor Shortage Since 1993, Experts Say  

16.  Russians Near Ukrainian Border Want to Sell Their Residences; Russians There and Elsewhere want to Build Bomb Shelters  

17.  ‘Destructive Information’ from Abroad Directed at Non-Russians in the North Caucasus, the Middle Volga and the Far Each has Risen Dramatically Since Start of Year, FADN Official Says  

18.  Once Again, Western Analysts of Russia Divided into ‘Physicists’ and ‘Lyricists,’ Pastukhov Says  

19.  ‘Putin Believes He Can Defeat West Because He Believes in Gumilyev’s Theories,’ Pertsev Says   

20.  Relatives of Missing Tajik Migrant Workers in Russia Fear They’ve Been Impressed into Russian Army  

21.  Budapest Memorandum’s Failure Makes Nuclear War Likely if Russia Disintegrates, Khodorkovsky Says  

22.  40 Middle Volga Residents ‘Say No to War’ in New Book  

23.  Moscow Now Less Worried about Ethnic Challenges and More about Regional Ones  

24.  Moscow Should Join Organization of Turkic States as an Observer, Semyonov Says  

25.  Moscow Bringing More Draft Evasion Cases Not Because There are More Evaders but Because Officials No Longer are Ignoring the Problem, Legal Specialist Says  

26.  Russia’s Exit from Arctic Council ‘Becoming Inevitable,’ Pustovoytova Says

27.  A Century Ago, Bolsheviks Tried to Destroy All Cossacks; Now Putin Regime wants Only Those who Fit Its Procrustean Definition to Flourish  

28.  A Third Russian Exodus – from the Cities to the Villages  

29.  Petersburgers Want to Close Newly-Opened Vagner Center There  

30.  Regionalization of Russian Language Now So Advanced that Muscovites Have Little Difficulty Knowing Where Someone is From, Shcherbakov Says  

31.  Putin Regime Moving Beyond Tightening the Screws to Tightening the ‘Bindings’ that Hold Russians Together, ‘Novaya Gazeta’ Says  

32.  Turkic Nogays Now Seeking Independent Statehood

33.  Moscow Puts Russia’s Poorest Regions on Track to Become Poorer Still and May Soon be Combine Them with Neighbors, Experts Say

34.  Moscow Bans Film on 1920s Famine from Being Shown in Theaters  

35.  Despite Obstacles, Kalmyks Now have a Real Path Forward to Independence, Opposition Leader Says  

36.  ‘Grani’ Portal Offers Chronicle of Russia’s Ongoing Disintegration  

37.  KBR Scholars Say Powers Now Using Methods of 1920s and 1930s to Shut Down Nalchik Humanities Research Institute

38.  As Ukraine War Grinds On, Moscow Faces Ever More Military Veterans and the Rising Cost of Supporting Them, ‘Politsovet’ Warns  

39.  Russia Lacks Ships and Icebreakers Capable of Coping with Early Ice in Arctic, ‘Barents Observer’ Warns  

40.  Mobilization and Annexations Changing Relationship between Kremlin and Russian People, Nikolay Petrov Says  

41.  Kadyrov Wants to Raise and Deploy Sufi Battalions in Ukraine But Experts Doubt That will Happen  

42.  Half of All Russians Say Unmarried Couples Living Together Outside of Marriage ‘Normal,’ Levada Center Reports  

43.  Russian Courts Giving Lighter Sentences to Veterans of Ukrainian War than to Non-Veterans Guilty of Similar Crimes, ‘Vertska’ Reports  

44.  Russia’s Only Chance for Normalcy is ‘Temporary or Permanent Partial De-Sovereignization,’ Inozemtsev Says  

45.  Ukraine by Resisting and Poland by Existing to Blame for Rocket Attack on Village There, Russians Say  

46.  Putin’s Annexation of Ukrainian Land Means Moscow Can Legally Send Draftees There  

47.  Russians would Accept the Ukrainian Re-Absorption of Crimea Just as They have the Ukrainian Re-Conquest of Kherson, Shelin Says  

48.  Kremlin Chooses to Use rather than Ban Telegram Channels

49.  Moscow has Introduced Course Promoting Civic Identity in 42 of Russia’s 80 Muslim Training Centers  

50.  Fears Spread that Russian Soldiers Wounded in Ukraine May Not Get Help They Need Because Regions Don’t Have the Money

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