Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia December 12, 2022    

Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia December 12, 2022    


1.     Melting of Permafrost in Russian North Releasing Killer Viruses, International Researchers Confirm  

2.     Russian Force Structures Know They’ll Survive Putin’s Demise, Leaving Them and Him in a Different Position than Their Iranian Counterparts, Gallyamov Says  

3.     Russian Authorities Failing to Live Up to Their Promises to Those Mobilized for Service in Ukraine  

4.     A New Kind of Monetarized ‘Samizdat’ Rising in Russia – Crowd-Funded Publishing  

5.     Lenin’s Far Eastern Republic Continues to Cast a Shadow on Russia to This Day  

6.     Russians Fleeing Because of Putin’s War Now Outnumber Those who Fled Bolshevik Revolution, Zubov Says  

7.     New Book Demolishes Notion that Stalin’s Rule was Free of Corruption  

8.     Dissernet Now Focusing Not Only on Plagiarism but on Hatred Narratives in Scholarly Works

9.     Ever More Russians Think Russia Shouldn’t have Started Ukrainian War, but Ever More Think It has No Choice but to Continue, Kremlin’s Own Polls Show

10.  70 Percent of Russia’s Afghan and Chechen War Veterans Suffered from PTSD, and the Figure for Its Ukrainian War Vets May be as High  

11.  After Putin, Russia Must Go Through Something Like America Did after the Revolution, Ponomaryov Says  

12.  ‘A Cold Civil War has Already Begun in Russia,’ Karatsuba Says  

13.  Russia’s Next President won’t have to Think: He or She will Simply have to Do the Opposite of What Putin has Done, Russians Say  

14.  A Russian Demand for Mobilization of Non-Russians Once Led to the Appearance of a Theocratic State  

15.  New US-Ukrainian Network to Promote Awareness of Russian Colonialism’s Crimes Past and Present  

16.  The Victims of the 1988 Spitak Earthquake, RIP 

17.  Even Russian Ultra-Nationalists Should Want Russia to Lose and Lose Quickly in Ukraine, Eidman Says

18.  Plan in the Works to Evacuate Kremlin Leaders Abroad in Event of Russia’s Defeat in Ukraine, Gallyamov Says  

19.  If Living Standards in Russia Rose, Fertility Rates would Likely Fall, Krupnov Says  

20.  Russia has Not Just a Fascist Regime but a Fascist Society, Zaidman Says

21.  Kadyrov Raising Military Unit Based on Sufi Order Not for Putin’s War in Ukraine but for His Own Use in the North Caucasus, Ingush Expert Says  

22.  For Homo Sovieticus, State isn’t Something Sacred but Rather Simultaneously ‘a Threat and a Support,’ Makarkin Says  

23.  Unlike Britain and France, Russia has have Never Undergone Decolonization Mentally, Moscow Psychologist Says  

24.  Hundreds of Ukrainians Subject to Deportation from Russia Languish in Detention Centers

25.  Putin’s Policies Freeing Those Named to Head Non-Russian Republics from Learning Titular Languages  

26.  Muslim Leaders in Chechnya and Ingushetia View Alternatives to Military Service in Ukraine Very Differently  

27.  ‘We Would Lose Everything’ — Tashkent Rejects Putin Plan for Gas Alliance of Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan  

28.  Nations in Russia Now Implicitly Ranked from ‘Most White’ to ‘Least White,’ Biktimirova and Karkotskaya Says  

29.  Putin’s War in Ukraine ‘Seriously Worsening HIV/AIDS Situation in Russia,’ Experts Say  

30.  Akhmed Zakayev Calls for Chechens and Ingush to Form One State in Future

31.  During World Cup, Russians have Stopped Listening to Kremlin TV’s Talk Shows

32.  Putin’s Turn to the East and Talk about Opposing Colonialism Sparking New Interest in Sultan-Galiyev  

33.  Russia has a Long and Losing Tradition of Using Convicts to Fight Its Wars, Historian Says 

34.  Head of Russian Region Bordering Ukraine wants to Raise Defense Forces but Moscow Says Any Formed There Can’t be Armed 

35.  Kremlin Ideologists Go All Out to Romanticize Vicious Wagner ‘Private Military Company  

36.  Non-Russians Overrepresented in Russian Army Not Only Because of Poverty but Also Because of Actions of Local Officials, Baktemir Says  

37.  Russia’s Regions, Not Just Its Non-Russian Republics, have Right to Pursue Independence via Referendums, Ukrainian Deputy Says  

38.  Russian Bombing Campaign has Not Sparked Upsurge in Emigration from Ukraine, Libanova Says

39.  Uzbekistan’s Population Surpasses 36 Million Putting it On Course to Overtake Ukraine’s

40.  A Country that Builds Plywood Reichstags will Sooner or Later Build the Real Thing, Russians Say  

41.  Putinists Angry at Ukrainians Not Over Their Independence but Because They May Soon Live Better than Russians Do and Thus Devalue Russian Suffering, Gallyamov Says  

42.  Putin Rejects Doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction, Opening the Way for a Russian First Strike, Skobov Says

43.  Russia’s Tragedy is It Must Lose War to Save Itself, Gozman Says  

44.  Russia’s Inability to Defend Strategic Bases against Ukrainian Attacks Forcing Moscow to Mull Preemptive Nuclear Strikes, Ishchenko Says  

45.  After Looming Defeat, Russia Unlikely to Be Able to Recover and Change as Germany Did in 1945, Shelin Says  

46.  Ecumenical Patriarch Says Russian Orthodox Church Guilty of ‘Ethno-Tribalism’  

47.  Mordovia’s Erzya and Moksha Look to Independent Futures, Both Together and Apart  

48.  Half of Ukrainians Now in Germany and Poland Plan to Return Home at End of War while Half Say They’ll Remain Abroad at Least a Year More, New Survey Finds  

49.  Tatarstan’s ‘Deep State’ Helping Other Nations of the Middle Volga Region, Sidorov Says  

50.  Moscow to Give Tax Breaks to Chinese Firms Across the Russian Far East But Policy May Not Work, Experts Say

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