Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia March 12, 2023

Paul Goble’s 50 Windows on Eurasia March 12, 2023

Note from compiler: This week, I begin four weeks of daily radiation treatment for my second kind of cancer. Preparations for that have already slowed my production of Windows, and this new round of treatment is likely to slow that down still further. I will do what I can but ask for your understanding. Thanks. Paul Goble

1.     Ethnic Russians Actually Number Almost 14 Million More than Census Reported, Tishkov Says  

2.     Enormous Oblasts and Krays of RSFSR in the 1920s Possible Model for the Future, Feldman Says  

3.     Russia Needs an NRA Because an Armed Population Can Protect Both Population and the State, Activists Say  

4.     ‘Bashkir Russians’ Increasing in Number and Helping to form ‘Polyethnic Bashkir Political Nation,’ Gabbasov Says  

5.     Putin May Trigger a Revolution Because of His Inability to Speak the Truth, Gatov Says  

6.     Russian Society Dominated by ‘Depressive Discourse’ of Pensioners, Gudkov Says  

7.     Sufism and Holy Places Brought Ethnic Russian to Islam in Kazakhstan; Papal Visit Brought Ethnic Kazakh to Catholicism  

8.     Russia’s New Iron Curtain will Be Built with Fences Produced in China, Russians Say  

9.     Moscow References to ‘Lokot Republic’ Intended to Discredit Russian Regionalism Today  

10.  Russian Liberals Committed to Centralism Open the Way for Authoritarianism and Imperialism, Degtyanov Says  

11.  Independent Russian Media Keeping Democratic Spirit Alive but can’t Play Political Role Lenin’s ‘Iskra’ Did, Golosov Says  

12.  Ukraine is ‘Russia’s Last Peasant War,’ Pastukhov Says

13.  Putin Now has a Reason Much Closer to Home for Not Flying, Gallyamov Says

14.  Putin Benefits from Dragging Out War in Ukraine and Transforming How Russians View the Conflict, Trudololyubov Says  

15.  Putin has Helped West Overcome Its Mistaken Assumption that Economic Integration Promotes Democratization, Tikhonov Says  

16.  Making Disintegration of Russia a Major Goal Counter-Productive for the Opposition, Gallyamov Says  

17.  Russia’s Intellectuals Foolishly Believed Putin Would Allow Them to Keep Their Small But Relatively Free Space, Eggert Says  

18.  Far from All Russians are Morally Responsible for the War in Ukraine, Sekatskaya Says  

19.  Not Just Propaganda — Putin Really Fears Russia Could Fall Apart, Skobov Says  

20.  For a Real Turn Away from Europe, Siberia Must Become the Economic and Scientific Center of Russia, Karaganov Says

21.  72 Percent of Belarusians Did Not Travel Abroad Last Year, New Survey Finds  

22.  If Russians Cease Believing Putin’s Promises, First Change the Promises and then Change the People, Some Say

23.  New Window on the Russian North Opens in Kirkenes  

24.  For Ukraine War, Putin Wants Mercenaries and Criminals Not the Ideologically Committed who Might Pose Difficult Questions, Pastukhov Says  

25.  Period Following Death of Stalin has Two Important Lessons for Russia Now, Inozemtsev Says

26.  Russia Now Experiencing Same Deformation of Economy to Support Military that Killed USSR, Grozovsky Says  

27.  More than 90 Percent of Those with No Nationality Listed in 2021 Russian Census are in Cities, Gilmanov Says

28.  Central Asian Countries Generally Ignoring Impact of Soft Power of Islamist Groups, Kuramayev Says  

29.  Kazakhstan Parliament like Kazakhstan Population Ever More Ethnically Kazakh

30.  World Must Impose Mandates in Russia after Ukraine as It Did in Germany after 1945 or Risk Violence and Revival of Muscovite Imperialism. Kuzakhmetov Says

31.  Russians Again Waiting for Playing of Swan Lake on TV and Rumors that the Leader’s Inner Circle have Done Him In  

32.  Outside Their Titular Republics, Non-Russians Suffered Far Greater Losses than Inside – and on Moscow’s Order, Gilmanov Says  

33.  In Birobidzhan, Some Ethnic Russians Know Yiddish Better than Region’s Remaining Jews  

34.  Kremlin has No Reason to Fear a ‘Turbo-Patriotic’ Rising as Long as War Goes On, Moscow Experts Say  

35.  Creation of Ingushetia Independence Committee One of Top Three Events in Republic over the Past Winter, ‘Fortanga’ Says  

36.  Russian Girl Arrested for LGBT Propaganda After Correctly Naming All the Colors of the Rainbow  

37.  Kremlin Monitors ‘Protest Activity’ and Thus has No Idea What is Happening in Society, El Murid Says

38.  Russia’s Two-Headed Eagle Came Not from Byzantium but from Golden Horde and the Tatars, New Kazan Study of Muscovy Says

39.  Moscow Rotates Siloviki Leaders in North Caucasus Increasing Role of Outsiders Even in Chechnya  

40.  ‘The Wolf will Eat What is Divided’ – Tatars Outraged by Moscow’s Decision to Declare Siberian Tatar a Separate Language

41.  Reacting to Events in Tbilisi, Putin Says that Georgia is ‘an Artificial Region Dreamed Up by Stalin,’ Some Russians Say  

42.  2014 Annexation of Crimea Not 2022 Invasion Turning Point in Putin’s Approach at Home and Abroad, Savvin Says  

43.  Street Protests Effective Only if Elite is Divided – and in Russia, the Elite Isn’t and the Opposition Doesn’t, Solovey Says  

44.  Cossackia Can and Must be an Ally of the West and a Bulwark against Russian Imperialism, Ertaul Says  

45.  Decolonization Begins with Change in Mindset of Those Living in Regions and Republics Moscow Controls, Tuvin Activist Says  

46.  Putin’s Anti-Colonial Rhetoric Comes from Soviet Past but is Fundamentally Different, Orlov Says  

47.  Despite Claims to the Contrary, UOC MP Maintains Close Ties with Moscow, Church Documents Show  

48.  Russian Business Elite No Less Solid Base of Putin Regime than are the Security Forces, Inozemtsev Says  

49.  Ethnic Ukrainians Outside Ukraine Died at Higher Rates than Other Groups, Scholars Say, More Confirmation the Holodomor was a Genocide  

50.  Russia has a Future and It’s Likely to Be a Liberal One, Vitukhnovskaya Says

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