The Circassian Exodus

The Circassian Exodus

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The Times
New Zealand Spectator and Cook’s Strait Guardian, Volume XIX, Issue 1987, 17 August 1864, Page 4 (From The Times, May 9, 1864, p.11.)

Constantinople, April 28.

Official intimation has been received here of the capitulation or Vardar, the last stronghold of the Circassians, and of the consequent submission of all the tribes. I had occasion in a previous letter to refer to the flood of immigration which was pouring into the Turkish dominions from the Caucasus, and to the defeats which had been experienced by these gallant mountaineers; and although there could be no doubt at that time that the cause of the Circassians was hopeless, there was not sufficient ground for anticipating the extraordinary movement which has since developed itself, and which threatens, unless immediate relief and succour be obtained, to degenerate, as regards these poor people, into an awful disaster. Read more

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