A Closer Look At Circassia

A Closer Look At Circassia

By: Adel Bashqawi

October 8, 2020



The passage of time has not and will not lead to the loss of the Circassian Question of its momentum and importance in various aspects. While the elements that have affected the composition and shaping of the scene since the early historical ages and the history of the formation of one of the indigenous human entities in their Caucasus cradle of Civilization still exist.

The development of the nation as part of the human fabric in such a strategic area with great importance has been marred by many negative influences and interruptions as a result of the difficult status and conditions imposed by colonial ambitions that wanted to finish off and sparse this nation outside its homeland.

The passage of more than a century and a half since the deportation of the vast majority of the nation and the distribution of the rest of them in several tiny, divided parts and administrative areas of their historical homeland, is still the status and fate of this nation that needs to be able to restore its legitimate rights.
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