KC: In 2011, Russian Military From GRU Made At Least Two Attempts To Overthrow KGB Rule

Publication time: 28 September 2011, 22:51


Col. Kvachkov’s lawyer Pershindenied information about a new defendant in the case of Kvachkov. According to him, the arrest of Col. Leonid Khabarov in Yekaterinburg is not connected with the arrest of Col. Kvachkov from Russian military intelligence GRU in Moscow.

Pershin said that “this is a separate case”. “Another military revolt was also planned”, said the lawyer.

It is to be recalled that GRU (Russian Military Intelligence Directorate) Col. Kvachkov was arrested in Moscow in December 2010 by the KGB (FSB) for trying to raise a revolt of the Russian military to overthrow the Putin’s KGB rule.

Airborne Troops Col. Khabarov was arrested with his 4 his comrades-in-arms by the KGB in Yekaterinburg on July 19, 2011. They were a part of the half-clandestine military “People’s Militia in the name of Minin and Pozharsky”. The KGB found with them weapons, explosives and ammunition.

On the other hand, GRU Col. Kvachkov’s supporters were going to revolt on August 2 – the day of Airborne Troops, hoping that paratroopers join them. After that, they planned to kill the leaders of local KGB, police and the emergencies ministry’s gangs, to blow up power lines, capture arms depots and keep the defense in anticipation of support troops sent from neighboring regions, which had also be involved the revolt of the Russian military.

The revolt was given a codename “Rassvet (Sunrise)”.

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