Chechen FM Usman Ferzauli comments Ramzan Kadyrov’s statement in Russian propaganda machine ITAR-TASS

Chechen FM Usman Ferzauli comments Ramzan Kadyrov’s statement in Russian propaganda machine ITAR-TASS

SATURDAY, 06 DECEMBER 2014 18:12
We have asked Chechen Foreign Minister Usman Ferzauli to comment statement of Ramzan Kadyrov about this that Dokku Umaorov’s brother organized Dzokhar- Groznyi attack couple of days ago.

It was published in ITAR-TASS, which is spreading Russian propaganda and lies which Kremlin and Russian special services want to spread.

From the comments of Usman Ferzauli becomes clear that Dzokhar-Groznyi attacks were result of violence of Russian authorities in occupied Chechen Republic.

We remind that there was explosion also some time ago, during the celebration in occupied Dzokhar-Groznyi. The young man who exploded himself and members of local police- was tortured seriously some days before.
Usman Ferzauli told the following:
“Ahmad Umarov has no influence neither to such actions of the organization, nor he has influence on individuals.Russian authorities should give digestible explanation.

And the essence of the armed clash is explained very simply: the authorities in Chechnya are destroying the foundations of Chechen culture, customs and traditions that have always been the basis for all aspects ofinteraction in life and society.
The personal involvement of Ramzan (Kadyrov) is not obligatory, but his helpers, in order to ensure the safety oftheir ruler and all the team, exactly in such manner are suffocating any attempt of protest.
There is a declaration of attackers: they gathered to do the attack in protest against the abuse of Chechen women and girls.
Note: they had gathered to sacrifice even their lives in order in any measure to stop the humiliation of Chechen women. Absolutely clear that the Russian authorities will not articulate the true cause of what was  happening.”

Respecting all Chechens and memory of everyone- ChechenCenter has emphasized many times that it was Russian propaganda which promoted name of Dokku Umarov in their interest while he never had such influence and power than some other leaders of resistance.
Russian services want to show Chechens as terrorists while Chechens fight for independence, right to follow their own culture, traditions and language.

Chechen Prime Minister Akhmed Zakayev told: responsibility of this what happened in Groznyi- carry Russian government and their representatives in occupied Chechen Republic. Because Russian authorities refuse from political resolution of the Russian-Chechen conflict.

He emphasized that West closed eyes before Putin’s crimes and kept with him good relations until he didn’t became threat to European continent and European Union. 


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