“Circassia: Born to be Free” Book Release Announcement

“Circassia: Born to be Free” Book Release Announcement


Amman, December 29 (Petra) A ceremony was held at the Circassian Charity Association for the book release of “Circassia: Born to be Free” by Adel Bashqawi.


The book, published in the English language, depicts Circassia’s history (which dates back to more than six thousand years ago) and the Circassian civilization (originated in the North West Caucasus). The book focuses on the motherland, the Circassian identity and ways preserve it, the Circassian independence and political activity, in addition to language and culture.

The Minister of Culture, Nabih Shequem, stated in a speech during the ceremony that the author made an outstanding effort to bring the book into existence, despite the known difficulties in the field of historical research. The book is supported by documents, which back Bashqawi’s historical narrative of this ancient civilization that has existed for thousands of years. Shequem proceeded to thank Bashqawi for his endeavor, which will be cherished and where the book will hold a prominent place in the Circassian Library.

Shequem added that the book covers various areas of our life, from historical periods that are deeply entrenched in history up to our present time. Particular emphasis is placed on the development of language and culture, the ancient national heritage, the monuments, customs and history. Bashqawi also devoted sections for relations with the Ottomans, with chapters on political and diplomatic efforts and their implications on the historical course of the Circassians, both in peace and war.

The author, Adel Bashqawi, presented the book chapters in detail, noting that the book describes issues of concern to Circassians and to those interested in knowing facts from an academic or human rights point of view.  In addition to numerous matters relating to the core issue of a nation that was forced to defend its existence, dignity, freedom and the future of its generations.

The President of the Circassian Charity Association, Zuhdi Janbek, stressed the importance of the book and the historical information contained on the Circassians and their civilization, noting that the Association regularly encourages cultural activities such as these.

The ceremony, which was moderated by the official spokesman of the Circassian Charity association, Loai Hakouz, concluded with questions from the audience on topics in the book.


— (Petra) 29 / 12 / 2017


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