Paul Gobles 42 Windows on Eurasia for April 19-24, 2020

Paul Gobles 42 Windows on Eurasia for April 19-24, 2020

1.      Staff at Ingush Hospital, Asking for Masks and Medicine, Told to Resign if They Are Unhappy   


2.      Kremlin’s Goal isn’t Territorial Expansion but Weakening of Its Opponents, Kirillova Says


3.      Moscow Doesn’t Understand Russia No Longer a Country of Big Businesses, Zubarevich Says


4.      Kremlin Creates an Opening for Combining Arkhangelsk Oblast and Nenets AO, Stanulevich Says  


5.      Closing of Russian Churches Now Recalls Soviet Times for Many Believers


6.      Central Asian Identity Risky ‘Hybrid’ of Soviet, Religious, Archaic and Contemporary Elements, Alimdzhanov Says  


7.      Governors Follow Moscow on Pandemic but Russians in Regions are Suing Them for Doing So   


8.      Kalimatov Says He’ll Use Russian Guards to Enforce Self-Isolation in Ingushetia


9.      Almost Like in Soviet Times – Aeroflot Now Flies Only to and from Moscow within Russia


10.  Why are Moscow Media Only Now Reporting a Comment Putin Made Last Fall about Future of Eurasia?


11.  Moscow Continues Hybrid War Against Ukraine Even If Pandemic Makes a New Offensive Now Unlikely, Danilyuk Says


12.  Russian Military Not at All Prepared to Fight Challenges like Pandemics, Golts Says


13.  Tajikistan and Turkmenistan Deny They have Any Coronavirus Infections But Take Measures Anyway, Dubnov Says  


14.  ‘No One Should Take Moscow’s Pandemic Statistics Seriously’ – and Six Other Coronavirus Stories from Russia Today   


15.  Ingush Protest Leader’s Lawyer Says Authorities will Extend Detentions Again and Again


16.  More than 100,000 Central Asians Now Studying in Russian Higher Educational Institutions  


17.  Pandemic Undermining Putinist ‘Code of Silence’ – and Six Other Coronavirus Stories from Russia Today


18.  Russian Officials Reacting to Pandemic for Three Reasons Other than Public Health, Luzin Says  


19.  Current Crises Only Exacerbate Underlying Problems with Putin Model, Kalashnikov Says  


20.  Online Protests Spread Across Russia, Opening the Way for Street Actions, Experts Say  


21.  North Ossetian Protest Against Self-Isolation Regime ‘Model for Other Regions,’ Zharov Says


22.  Russian Appeals Court Toughens Sentences of Two Ingush Protesters


23.  Stalin’s Anti-Semitism was Both ‘Fanatic and Pragmatic,’ Emil Pain Says


24.  Putin May Survive the Crisis but Patriarch Kirill Unlikely To, Chaplin and von Eggert Say  


25.  Moscow Institute Calls for Radical Reordering of Russian Muslim Spiritual Directorates (MSDs) to Promote Muslim Unity in the CIS


26.  Nearly One Russian in Five Says Gays and Lesbians ‘Should be Liquidated,’ Levada Center Finds   


27.  Russian Propaganda about the Pandemic has Passed through Three Stages, Kirillova Says


28.  Moscow Provoked Vladikavkaz Protest by Voting to Mark End of World War II on September 3, Analysts Say  


29.  Numbers of Coronavirus Victims and Violations of Anti-Epidemic Rules Both Up in Ingushetia  


30.  Zubarevich Urges All Regions to Follow St. Petersburg Governor’s Call to Press Moscow for More Money  


31.  ‘Russia without Putin’ Tragically Only Updated Version of ‘USSR without CPSU,’ Kotsyubinsky Says  


32.  Anti-Pandemic Council on Its Way to Becoming Collective Ruler of Russia, El Murid Says


33.  Moscow Set to Give Police Broad Immunity and Sweeping New Powers to Control Population


34.  Russia Today Remains ‘Pregnant with Leninism,’ Khots Says


35.  One Woman’s Fight for Her Home and Her Children Shows Russian Laws ‘Don’t Work in Chechnya’  


36.  Russian Supreme Court Orders New Trial for Ingush Activist


37.  Economic Shock Recalls 1992 but Moscow Can’t Claim Inexperience or Lack of Funds, Shelin Says   


38.  2020 Crisis will Destroy Unity of Power and People in Russia, Inozemtsev Says


39.  Analysts in Russia Divided on Whether Russia is Moving Back to the 1980s


40.  Putin has Serious Problems But Likely Doesn’t Face the Threat Now to His Power Some Suggest


41.  Kremlin Creating a Syncretic Religion Combining State-Controlled Orthodoxy and a Neo-Pagan Victory Cult, Eidman Says


42.  Pandemic Seen Intensifying Anti-Moscow and Separatist Attitudes in Russia’s Regions

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