Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Jan. 2 – 7, 2021

Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Jan. 2 – 7, 2021 

Resending to correct link — ‘Putin in the Bunker’ Accurate Picture of New Political Reality in Russia, Stanovaya Says

1.      Regional Elites Will Never Forget Putin Left Them to Their Own Devices during Pandemic    

2.      Moscow Rebuilding Stepanakert Airport to Handle Heavy Russian Cargo Jets 

3.      Kremlin has Come Out of 2020 a Winner in Four Key Areas, Inozemtsev Says

4.      Ingush Teips Seek to Calm Relations with Chechnya but So Far Grozny Drags Its Feet

5.      Russians in US Should Form ‘Slavic Lives Matter’ Movement, Some Americans and Russians Say

6.      Pandemic Testing Leaders and Countries and Not Just in Medical Field, Suleymanov Says

7.      Kremlin in 2020 Misplayed Developments in Former Soviet Space to Its Own Detriment at Home and Abroad, Trunov Says  

8.      Moscow TV News Stops Reporting Coronavirus Deaths

9.      Only 22.57 Percent of Borders between Republics in North Caucasus have been Registered with Moscow as Required  

10.  Five Developments in Russia during 2020 Likely to Play Out in and Define 2021, Serenko Says   

11.  Unlike Fascism, Putin’s Modernized Serf-Holding Regime Doesn’t Offer Any Possibility of a Return to a Law-Based State, Pastukhov Says

12.  KGB Archives Document Red Army’s Bestial Behavior Against Soviet Citizens in USSR after 1945   

13.  Putin’s Constitutional Changes Sent a Dangerous Message to Business, Zaostrovtsev Says

14.  Khabarovsk Actions Shouldn’t Be Called Protests, Local Lawyer Says

15.  Pandemic has Made 2020 Watershed Year for Russians Much Like 1917, Kholmogorov Says  

16.  Pro-Moscow Yerevan Politicians Push for Armenia to Join Russian-Belarusian Union State

17.  Putin Mistakenly Believes His System Can Survive Forever as Long as It’s Prepared to ‘Strike Out First,’ Pastukhov Says

18.  Russia to Face New Clashes Between Center and Periphery and Labor and Capital, Gallyamov Says  

19.  Russians More Opposed than Other Nations to Having Women in Top Corporate Posts, Survey Finds

20.  Moscow Adopts Soviet Methods to Boost Economy at Potentially High Cost

21.  Moscow Drops Plans for Foreign Language Requirement for Secondary School Graduation  

22.  ‘Failing’ Vaccination Drive Prompts Moscow to Issue Coronavirus Certificates and Passports  

23.  Kazakhstan President Lashes Out at Russian Suggestions Moscow ‘Gave’ His Republic Land

24.  Predominantly Russian Regions Outnumber Non-Russian Ones at Top of Those Bringing Extremist Charges

25.  ‘Outer Russia’ Far Larger and More Diverse than It was at Start of Putin’s Reign, Troitsky Says

26.  Calls for Return of Non-Russian Migrant Workers Divides Business, Government, and Unemployed Russians  

27.  Having Rejected Liberalism, Kremlin Turning to Totalitarianism, Belanovsky Says

28.  With End of Pandemic, World Less in Post-War than Pre-War Conditions, Inozemtsev Says   

29.  Patriarch Kirill Says Not Believing in Pandemic Equivalent to Not Believing in God

30.  Qarabagh War Outcome Opens Way for Putin to Create ‘Post-Soviet Space 2.0,’ Dubnov Says  

31.  Central Asians Want to Learn Russian Not as Language of Former Imperial Center but for Pragmatic Reasons, ‘Stanradar’ Says

32.  Like KGB in Soviet Times, FSB ‘Curators’ Assuming Expanded Role in Russian Educational Institutions  

33.  Russia’s 2020 Fall Draft Marked by ‘Massive’ Violations of Law, Soldiers’ Mothers Committee Says  

34.  Leaders of Extra-Systemic Opposition Fail to View Russia as ‘Multi-National State,’ Sidorov Says  

35.  Ingush Teips Make Peace with Kadyrov Regime and Family of Murdered Chechen Policeman  

36.  Putin Attends Christmas Church Service without Mask, as Buryatia Demands Passengers from Moscow Be Tested on Landing

37.  Moscow Must Make Contact with Belarusian Opposition Now or Lose Minsk Forever, Gontmakher Says

38.  Attempt to Seize US Capitol ‘Not Only Weakened America but Strengthened It,’ Russian Commentators Say   

39.  Without Vision, Moscow Elites Again ‘Blind Leading the Blind,’ Kara-Murza Says

40.  With Each Passing Year, Putin’s Speeches Increasingly ‘Religious,’ Melnikov Says

41.  Most but Not All Russian Nationalists are Anti-Turkish and Anti-Muslim, Sidorov Says

42.  Cost of Russian Peacekeeping Mission in Qarabagh High, ‘Rhythm of Eurasia’ Portal Says

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