Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for July 13-18, 2021

Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for July 13-18, 2021      


1.      Petersburg Officials Stop Issuing Covid Data They Say Media are Misusing

2.      KBR Supreme Court Refuses to Overturn Conviction of Circassian Activist

3.      Muslims of North Caucasus Need Schools like those of Tatarstan’s Jadids and of Muslim Universities Abroad, Shishkina Says 

4.      Upcoming Duma Elections Changing Calculus of Kremlin, Parties and People, Shaburov Says

5.      If Anyone Wrote Russian History the Way Putin Writes Ukraine’s, Putin Would be Outraged, Travin Says

6.      Putin Views Ukraine as ‘the Anti-Russia’ and the Struggle Against It as His Mission, Shevchuk Says

7.      Villages No Longer Russia’s Demographic Reserve and So Moscow Wants to Let Them Die

8.      Kremlin Warns Against Politicizing Vaccination Questions, a Sign That is Already Happening

9.      550 Years Ago This Month Muscovy Defeated Novgorod and the Beginnings of Russian Democracy

10.  Moscow Providing Costly Social Benefits to People in Unrecognized Territories if They Take Russian Citizenship

11.  Resistance to Vaccination Highlights Problems with Russians’ Spiritual Health, Tsipko Says

12.  Russia Lacks a Nationality Policy, a Prerequisite of Progress, Prokhanov Says

13.  Moscow’s Creation of Cossack Units in Russian Guard Likely to Backfire, Drize Says

14.  Enormous and Violent Clash among Immigrants in Moscow Sparks Fears among Officials, Populace

15.  Some Russian Regions Now Want Moscow to Tell Them How to Deal with Pandemic

16.  Putin Really Plans to Go to War Because He Fears Being Attacked First, ‘General SVR’ Telegram Channel Says

17.  West Seeks to Use Ukraine to Undermine Russian National Identity and Dismember Russia, Markov Says

18.  The Arctic Ocean was Once the Tatar Sea, Khakimov Says

19.  Russians are Poor, Don’t Trust Officials or Fear the West, but Want Putin Kept in Office, Academy of Sciences Survey Shows

20.  Problems with Russian Judges Now So Great Even Powers are Complaining, Gulakov Says

21.  Russian Intellectuals Betraying Their Calling by Serving State rather than Truth, Mintusov Says

22.  Russia Now a Giant Breeding Ground for New Strains of Coronavirus, Kazan Scholar Says

23.  A Baker’s Double Dozen of Other Notable Stories from Russia This Week

24.  Putin’s Talk about Unity of Russians and Ukrainians Prompts Kazan Scholar to Speak about Unity of Turkic Peoples

25.  Protesters Outside of Moscow Older, Poorer and Less Educated, Pryanikov Says

26.  Shoygu’s Making Putin Essay Required Reading for Military a Turning Point in Russian Political System, Martynov Says

27.  Putin’s Essay Substitute for Aggression than Preparation for It, Inozemtsev Says

28.  Muslim Peoples from Russia in Turkey Becoming More Active and Attracting More Attention

29.  Zhirinovsky Says Moscow Will Punish Russians Who Aren’t Vaccinated after Duma Election

30.  Imperial Russia’s Regulation of Haj Grew Out of Concerns about Epidemics

31.  Tashkent Sparks Protest in Karakalpakstan by Violating Constitution and Human Rights, Then Represses It

32.  Moscow Officials Now View Armenians as ‘Losers,’ Mikayelyan Says

33.  Despite Putin’s Words, Moscow Does Recognize the Ukrainian Language as Distinct, Yaroshinskaya Says

34.  No Russian Leader in 40 Years has Cared about Development, Lipsits Says

35.  Can a Single Collection of Stories Save a Minority Language in Russia?

36.  Russians Outraged by Report Kyiv Plans to Restrict Their Visits to Ukraine Because of Covid

37.  Tyva Under Stalin – Where Even Horses were Repressed as Counterrevolutionaries

38.  Qarabagh Exists But ‘There is No Territorial Unit in Azerbaijan Named Nagorno-Karabakh,’ Aliyev Says

39.  Russia’s Aging Domestic Air Fleet Needs Replacement, Pukhov Says

40.  Russian Siloviki Agencies have ‘Bloated Budgets and Low Effectiveness, Horevoy Says

41.  Siberian, Astrakhan and Crimean Tatars Identify First as Tatars, Ashirov Says

42.  Gulf State Charities Playing Larger Role in Islamicizing Kazakhstan than are Any State Programs, Kiselyova Says

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