Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Aug. 12-17, 2021

Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Aug. 12-17, 2021


1.      Denials Notwithstanding, Compulsory Vaccination against Covid Coming to Russia, Observers Say  

2.      Anti-Semitic ‘Russian Party’ of Soviet Times Now in Power, Yakovenko Says

3.      Is Shoygu Preparing to Become Russian President? 

4.      Expert Witness Testimony Set to Play Increasingly Deleterious Role in Russian Trials 

5.      Playing Ethnic Card During Duma Election Campaign Exacerbating Russia’s Relations with Central Asia     

6.      Russian Siloviki Now Focusing on Money Transfers to Bring Extremism Charges 

7.      Three Ideological Programs Competing in Bids to Unite Russia, Khaldey Says 

8.      Number of Russians Getting Vaccinated Each Day Falls by Almost Two-Thirds Since July  

9.      A Baker’s Double Dozen of Other Notable Stories from Russia This Week     

10.  August 1991 Putsch Saved Centralist Imperial Approach Yeltsin Wanted, Shtepa Says 

11.  Kremlin Moves Against the Jehovah’s Witnesses First on Russia’s Periphery 

12.  Putin Could Declare Himself Emperor without Problems but He Likes a Show, Pastukhov Says   

13.  Russia Resembles a Cemetery Through Which an Armed Man is Walking, Martynov Says  

14.  Russia Failed to Meet Discovery Targets This Year for Arctic Oil, Gas and Other Strategic Minerals   

15.  Far More Russians Per Capita have Been Infected with Coronavirus than Most Other Leading Nations   

16.  Landsbergis Recalls the Other Democratic Russia Sergey Kovalev Represented

17.  Moscow Drafting Legislation Allowing Government to Control All Consumer Prices   

18.  Political Parties in Russia Best Understood as Quasi-Religious Sects at War with Orthodox State, Ignatovsky Says   

19.  Corridor Competition between Armenia and Azerbaijan Heats Up 

20.  BAM Could Prove a Bottleneck for Russian-Chinese Cooperation, Apukhtin Says

21.  Shoygu’s Plan for Siberian Cities has Roots in Tsarist and Stalinist Times, Experts Say  

22.  Tens of Thousands of Russians who Think They’ve Been Vaccinated May have Been Given a Placebo, Investigators Say     

23.  Turkmenistan May Not be ‘Weak Link’ Against Taliban Moscow Suggests

24.  Pashinyan Wants Talks with Baku But with OSCE Rather than Russia Playing Key Role

25.  Khrushchev’s Transfer of Crimea to Ukraine Part of Larger Reorganization and Could have Been Reversed by Subsequent Soviet Leaders, Artemyev Says 

26.  27 Percent of Russia’s Creative Workers Concentrated in Moscow 

27.  Kyrgyzstan Long Counted a Water Surplus Country Now Suffering Serious Water Shortages    

28.  Ingush Constitutional Court Chief and Yabloko Candidate for Duma Promises to Seek Release of All Political Prisoners in the Republic 

29.  Just Russia Party Organizes Anti-Distance Learning Conference 

30.  Kremlin’s ‘Ethnic Mobilization’ of Russians Designed to Distract Attention Rather than Attract Support, Sidorov Says    

31.  The US Knows that If Russia Disintegrates, China Will Advance to the Urals, Sivkov Says 

32.  What the August 1991 Coup Did and What It Didn’t 

33.  Moscow Pursuing ‘Empire 3.0’ with Overwhelming Popular Support, Prokhorov Says 

34.  Failed Legal System Makes Defense of Women’s Rights in North Caucasus a Sisyphean Task, Anokhina Says   

35.  ‘With or Without Lukashenka,’ Belarus Risks Becoming Another ‘Anti-Russia,’ Shiyenko Says   

36.  Online Services during Pandemic Allowing Mosques to Reach More Believers, Russia’s Muslim Leaders Say 

37.  More than 80 Percent of Russians Tell VTsIOM They hadn’t Heard about August 1991 Coup Before Pollsters Asked  

38.  Russians No Longer Seduced by West and So Nothing Threatens Putin, Shapovalova Says    

39.  Taliban’s Influence in Central Asia and North Caucasus Worries Moscow, Shelin Says 

40.  Muslim Draftees in Russian Military Increasingly Disobeying Orders on Religious Grounds, Colonel Says  

41.  Siberian Historian who Called Nevsky a Collaborationist and Said Ice Battle was Eisenstein’s Fantasy in Hot Water with Authorities

42.  Kremlin Dips into Reserve Fund to Triple Its Spending for Online Propaganda

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