TODAY’S ZAMAN: Circassians: We Want Same Initiatives As Kurds

Jan 11, 2009


Circassians: We want same initiatives as Kurds 

Some members of Turkey’s ethnic Circassian community have voiced a request for Circassian languages and literature to be taught at Turkish universities and for the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) to initiate television programming in the Circassian languages of Adyghe and Abkhaz. 

Last year Parliament passed a bill that allowed television broadcasting in languages other than Turkish — specifically aimed at introducing Kurdish, Arabic and Farsi programming — and this month TRT 6 began Kurdish programming to appeal to the nation’s 20 million Kurdish citizens. Work is also under way to create Kurdish literature and language departments in Turkish universities. Circassian Turks, who account for an estimated 6 million, are now asking for similar steps to be taken to recognize their culture.

On Monday, President Abdullah Gül received the heads of the Caucasian Associations Federation (an umbrella organization for 56 Circassian groups) at the Çankaya presidential palace. The representatives, Turkish citizens of Abkhazian background, told the president that Turkey had implemented a de facto embargo on Abkhazia and that they had started a signature campaign to reverse it.

The group presented a file to the president containing their requests, and Gül said he would look into and consider their requests. Caucasian Associations Federation Secretary-General Cumhur Bal told Today’s Zaman that the meeting had “passed positively,” adding: “The esteemed president has been informed on the topics. We didn’t see any hint of a negative reaction.”

According to Bal, Gül had responded positively in particular to their requests for Circassian language and literature departments in Ýstanbul and Ankara universities and broadcasts on TRT, saying, “Why not?” In his interview with Today’s Zaman, Bal said the TRT’s current once-a-week, half-hour broadcast in Circassian languages on Thursdays was insufficient. “The programs broadcast soccer match results from a week ago. We know Turkish, we already know about this. Our request is for programming containing news,” Bal explained.

Recalling that the newly started TRT 6 channel was to broadcast in many languages, Bal was quick to point out that his federation was not trying to constitute competition for Kurdish in TV broadcasting. “We see the start of Kurdish broadcasting positively. Broadcasting in Circassian can be on TRT 6 or on other channels. It’s not competition [with Kurdish broadcasting] — it’s something that we also deserve,” he said, adding that broadcasting in native languages was a way to perpetuate culture and tradition.

Circassians have opened private language courses, but these resources are not enough, Bal said. “Courses are being opened, but there are no philology graduates,” he complained. “Our expectation is that the esteemed president correctly evaluate this [request for university courses in Circassian languages] and after reading the file we gave him, give an order as the head of state for the necessary work to be done [to make this a reality].”
08 January 2009, Thursday


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Kavkaz Center: Today’s Decisions Are Tomorrow’s Realities

From: MSN NicknameEagle_wng  (Original Message)    Sent: 1/23/2006 1:50 PM
Today’s Decisions Are Tomorrow’s Realities
I will start from the word “cry”, because the nations of the North Caucasus are still crying and screaming as a result of atrocities and crimes that were and still committed by the Russian colonial forces which occupied the North Caucasus Region for hundreds of years now.
It is true that “seeing or reading are believing”; but feeling the consequences of Russian occupation on the nations and peoples (both in motherland and in diaspora) of the occupied Caucasus is more painful and much more hurting. That colonial pressure and atrocities had created suffering for millions of human beings. Those courageous nations survived while striving, struggling, and endeavoring to be able to restore their stolen rights and always had in mind “never let a problem an excuse”.
The present Russian regime is trying to give an image of itself as if it had succeeded the burred Soviet Communist Empire as a great power that is capable to compete with others. Talking about competing, Russia is no way to to be able to compete with USA, because the burred Soviet Union’s big lie, was discovered by the whole world when the German boy landed his Cessna-172 in the Red Square, within reach of the Kremlin and the rulers that reside at the Kremlin after flying all the way to Moscow without him being discovered or detected by the Soviet air defenses and that was one of the reasons that took the Soviet Union regime to the grave!
No KGB tricky prescription (magic Solution) was ready and/or useful to save a dying “Stalinist Regime”, that participated in the crimes of killing tens of millions of innocent human beings within a period of 60 years.
The way that the KGB and all it’s agents and spies had failed to protect the evil empire from total failure and collapse, will be the same way and method that would happen for the evil successor, when FSB will be unable to prevent colonized nations and peoples from obtaining dignity, freedom and independence.
The present Russian regime is trying to go with the stream of “fighting terrorism” slogan, to be able to get the confidence and support of the West, especially the United States, in it’s unequal and unjustified war against the Chechen Nation that is extending and spreading now to the other colonized nations of the North Caucasus, while the evil regime is pretending with the “eye widely open” to present the situation in a fake and false appearance, assuming the ignorance of others!
At the end those “Russist” oppressors and “Russist” imperialists will reach the logical conclusion which is ‘beggars cannot be choosers”.
A government that is ruled by the secret service agents and spies, which keeps screaming “war-crying”, and rallying about terrorism, and other “rubber stamp” promotions and advertisements will eventually get to face the truth when all concerned get to the conclusion which is going to be shown and  said openly, directly and in a “straight forward” way to tell them enough is enough, and nations are looking for the right to live free and obtain self-determination.
“Beginning is half done”.
Today’s decisions are tomorrow’s realities. The peoples of the North Caucasus will never surrender to outside forces, farces, illiterates, traitors, opportunists, frustrations, fears, fatigue, faults, frenzies, negative fates, forecasts, fracturing & flattening experiences and bankruptcy.
Peoples will surrender to faith, and Almighty God’s destiny and they will open their eyes to the fantastic future that awaits them and their great nations.
Every beginner is a winner and you won’t win if you don’t begin!
2006-01-23 11:45:34

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The Other Russia: Moscow Unemployment Doubles Over Winter Holidays

Moscow Unemployment Doubles Over Winter Holidays

Moscow unemployment doubled over the Russian new year holidays, according to the Moscow Trade Union Federation. Mikhail Nagaitsev, the group’s chairman, told the Ekho Moskvy radio station that 290 thousand people were now out of work, up from 56.5 thousand a year ago, and 67.2 thousand at the start of October. The numbers include those registered as unemployed, as well as workers on unpaid leave and working shorter hours.

Nagaitsev added that the pool of vacancies has also dropped to 164 thousand, from 175.5 thousand on November 14th.

Unemployment in Russia as a whole was also rising sharply, reaching 5 million by the end of November, the latest period where figures were available from Rosstat, the federal statistics agency. Across the country, some 1.3 million people were registered as unemployed in November, up from October but below official unemployment figures from 2007.

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Adygeanatpress: Georgia Can Start War In Southern Ossetia And Abkhazia

From: MSN NicknameEagle_wng  (Original Message)    Sent: 1/9/2006 5:31 AM
Georgia can start war in Southern Ossetia and Abkhazia
In the present year Georgia can renew armed conflicts in Southern Ossetia and Abkhazia, considers deputy of the State Duma of Russia, head of the CIS countries Institute Konstantin Zatulin. “I think the new 2006 year will be troubled because demanding everything at once present Georgian leadership will go in for risky undertakings in Ossetia and then – if it succeeded – in Abkhazia,” – said in the interview to “Interfax-South” K. Zatulin.

Touching the question of the peace initiatives stated by Georgian leadership for the conflict zones, the political scientist remarked “inability of Tbilisi to admit the fact of political independence of Southern Ossetia and Abkhazia”. “They can’t do that today, having killing the country with expectations of their revenge – returning of the ex-autonomies,” – he underlined.

In the political scientist’s opinion, “such warfare ventures can lead nowhere but to the conflict’s renewing. “They just let Saakashvili “to twist nuts” in Georgia and shout about threats from “strange peoples”, settled on its territory,” – said Zatulin.

Southern Ossetia and Abkhazia would have not decided to integrate with Georgia, supposes the head of the institute. He noted that in the beginning of the peace process since 1994 “Russia through the lips of its plenipotentiaries was obviously for Georgia’s territorial unity in the limits of the former Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic”.


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MosNews: Kremlin Vetoes Investigation Into First Cosmonaut’s Death — Report

From: Eagle_wng

Kremlin Vetoes Investigation Into First Cosmonaut’s Death — Report



The Kremlin has vetoed a move to launch a fresh investigation into the death of Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, despite aviation specialists’ belief that they have unraveled one of the 20th century’s greatest enigmas.

The rebuff comes as Russians celebrate Cosmonauts’ Day today, the anniversary of Gagarin’s historic flight around the Earth on 12 April 1961.

On 27 March 1968, Gagarin died in a mysterious plane crash while on a routine training mission in a MiG-15 with his flight instructor, Vladimir Serugin, just outside Moscow.

The results of the official investigation that followed were hypothetical and did not explain exactly what happened and why.

Investigators were only able to conclude that “the most probable cause” of his death was a sudden in-flight maneuver that sent the MiG into a nosedive from which it was impossible to recover.

They suggested that the pilots had been forced to swerve sharply to avoid a collision with a weather balloon or to avoid cloud cover.

The vague nature of the commission’s findings led some experts to question Gagarin’s competence as a pilot and created an information vacuum that has since spawned endless conspiracy theories.

One of the most insulting has the two men drunk on vodka, and losing control of the plane. Gagarin found fame hard to deal with after his return from space, it is argued, and had become a heavy drinker.

Other theories have been no less far-fetched: that he was abducted by aliens, that he survived the crash and died in a Soviet psychiatric ward in 1990, that Serugin killed them both because he was jealous of Gagarin, or that Gagarin staged his own death, had plastic surgery and disappeared.

There have also been suggestions that the “accident” was arranged by the Soviet leader at the time, Leonid Brezhnev, who apparently felt threatened by Gagarin’s fame and was embarrassed by his alcohol-fuelled philandering.

But Igor Kuznetsov, an aviation engineer involved in the 1968 investigation, thinks that he and his colleagues have solved the enigma after conducting their own investigation using modern methodology, Web site reported.

But the Kremlin has said it does not believe the experts’ theory and sees no grounds to question the original findings.

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Adygeanatpress: 50 Participants Of Pickets Against Caucasian Natives Detained

From: MSN NicknameEagle_wng  (Original Message)    Sent: 11/29/2005 2:35 AM
In Moscow about 50 participants of pickets against natives  from Caucasus detained

Yesterday on November, 27th more than half from among the 20 planned propaganda pickets of the Movement against illegal immigration (MAII) and political party “Native land” at the market places of Moscow under slogans: “Russians, arm!” And “Moscow belongs to us!” passed, the MAII leader Alexander Belov informed “Caucasian unit” correspondent. The leaflets spread by them contained charges against natives from Caucasus and the Central Asia.

Pickets, according to Belov, were authorized but with number of their participants no more than 3 men. A lot of nationalists came to the action but they were positioned by the pickets’ organizers “as spectators”. “We managed to lead qualitatively approximately 15 actions”, – said Belov.

“Before the MAII action on November, 27th in the whole city strengthening of forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs were declared. In the city special militia troops from the whole Moscow area appeared. The management of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of the city dispatched in all structures of the city militia the telegram # 44-111-177 with the requirement to prevent carrying out of any MAII actions on November, 27th”, – the Service of public relations of the MAII approved. With a copy of the document as Belov told, they had familiarized today.

In that connection five pickets were impossible to lead, because “people were grasped at the exit from the underground and taken to the police station”. About 50 active workers of the MAII were detained; reports on administrative offence have been made in relating to 20 of them on item 20.2 of the Code of the Russian Federation about administrative offences by which they were accused of infringement of order at carrying out of mass actions. Two persons have been released from the District department of inner affairs “Sokolniki” only today in the morning. They also detained representatives of the party “Native land”. Administrative proceeding concerned those cases takes place within the next few days.

According to the MAII, during the action they give out more than 10 thousand leaflets.

Caucasian unit

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Kavkaz Center: Russians Cashing In

From: Eagle_wng

Russians Cashing In
Publication time: 12 November 2006, 16:36

Russia’s army of bureaucrats is pocketing about US$ 256 billion in bribes every year. The scale of graft was close to equaling the state’s entire annual revenues.

The scale of bribes has reached such a level that within a year a mid-ranking corrupt bureaucrat can buy himself a 200-square-metre apartment..

On average, property in Moscow costs US$ 4,200 a square metre, making a flat that size worth more than US$ 807,00o.. Even senior officials have state salaries of less than US$ 2,000 a month.

Transparency International, an international monitoring group, estimates that corruption in Russia has grown sevenfold since 2001, the year after the Russian dog Putin came to power. In a survey published this week, it ranked Russia 126 out of 159 in the world corruption stakes.

Getting a child into school, passing a driving test and ensuring medical treatment are among the areas riddled with corruption.

Russians tend to tolerate bribe-taking because it is often the only way to get things done, but the brazenness of corrupt officials who build luxurious country houses has prompted apathy towards the institutions of the bandit state of Russia, The Guardian reported.


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