NatPress: Adygeya Received Second Group Of Refugees From Southern Ossetia

From: Eagle_wng

Adygeya received second group of refugees from Southern Ossetia

Last week, on August, 15th, to Adygeya the second group of the forced immigrants from Alaghirsky camp arrived. Four buses brought another 170 refugees who were placed in the premises of the camp site “Tourist”. 12 persons from among them were hospitalized to the hospitals of Maykop with complaints of various character.

On Sunday the second group of the refugees was visited by the President of Adygeya Republic Aslan Tkhakushinov. He was accompanied by the assistant to the Prime minister of Adygeya Republic Alexey Petrusenko and members of the Cabinet of Adygeya Republic.

“Now in total in Adygeya there are 340 refugees though we were ready to receive more than 500 persons – the leader of the republic noted, communicating with Southern Ossetian citizens. – Probably, with beginning of the repairing works in Southern Ossetia, those who are wishing to leave therefrom appear to be lesser. I would like to emphasize once again that we shall do everything to make you feel cosy and comfortable here.

Inhabitants of Southern Ossetia thanked the leadership of the republic for the warm reception and comfortable conditions of their residing.

In the dialogue with the journalists Aslan Tkhakushinov told that the means for reception and accommodation of the refugees would be compensated by the federal center. At the same time, he emphasized, 100 persons’ full maintenance charges Adygeya incurs itself.

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November, 9th 2008



SNA CHECHENPRESS. Official Information Section, October, 26th 2008


From 20 October to 24 October Chairman of the ChRI Cabinet of Ministers Akhmed Zakaev completed a series of working visits to a number of European countries. In Paris Akhmed Zakaev met with the famous Western philosopher and political analyst Andre Glucksmann who is also well known as a long-standing and devoted supporter of the Chechen independence. The meeting was dedicated to the discussion of the political and legal consequences of the recent Russian-Georgian war. In addition Akhmed Zakaev and Andre Glucksmann discussed a series of measures aimed at overcoming the difficulties which arose in conjunction with the further implementation of A.Glucksmann’s project ‘Learning Without Borders’ within the framework of which Chechen young men and women are given an opportunity to study in the most prestigious universities of France.   

Strasbourg was the next port of call for the Head of the Chechen Government where he held a meeting with the Chair of the Human Rights Committee of the European Parliament Helen Flautre. To promote joint work in the future Akhmed Zakaev introduced a distinguished Chechen human rights activist Sajd-Emin Ibragimov who has been dealing with the legal aspects of the Russian aggression against the Chechen Republic of Ichkeriya and with the war crimes committed by the Kremlin regime against the Chechen people. The ‘Russia-European Union’ Summit is scheduled to be held in Europe in November this year and it will include, among other events, a Human Rights Conference.  It was agreed with Helen Flautre that the issue of the situation in Chechnya be included in the conference’s agenda.
In Strasbourg Akhmed Zakaev also met with the Chairman of the ChRI Parliament Zhalaudi Saralyapov.  During the meeting the Chechen Prime Minister reported to the Head of State about the work of his Cabinet of Ministers and unveiled the plan of work for the nearest future. The meeting discussed political and legal implications of the Russian-Georgian war for the situation in Chechnya and the rest of the North Caucasus, and in particular the consequences of Russia’s recognition of the state independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.  In addition Akhmed Zakaev and Zhalaudi Saralyapov discussed the staffing and human resources issue at the meeting.

After Strasbourg Akhmed Zakaev went to Warsaw to meet the Deputy-President and Chairman of the Human Rights and Rule of Law Commission of the Polish Senate Zbigniew Romaszewski  and the Deputy-President of the Polish Seim Stefan Niesiolowski. The questions discussed included the areas of activity and the results of the work of the Vilnius Law Commission which is studying the issue of the Chechen statehood restored in 1991 and its correspondence to the norms of international law and USSR’s national legislation. Akhmed Zakaev informed the Polish politicians about the Chechen Government’s plans to hold an international conference devoted to this issue and requested that such a conference be held in Poland.

The Warsaw meetings also discussed the possibility of the Chechen issue becoming an effective tool in the European Unions’ arsenal to curb Russia’s aggressive policies. The Chechen Prime Minister and Polish politicians were unanimous in their understanding that the universal right of nations to self determination , which has been realised in Kosovo, Abkhazia and South Ossetia cannot be selective by nature.  The Chechen Republic of Ichkeriya has similar legal, political and moral rights for its independence to be recognised. In view of Poland’s critical and intransigent reaction to Russia’s annexation of Abkhazia and South Ossetia Akhmed Zakaev suggested that to counter Russia’s unfounded accusations of the Georgians’ genocide against Ossetians, Poland and Georgia should provide Chechen and international human rights activists with a platform for publicising the facts of a real genocide committed by Russia against the Chechen people.

Following this request Akhmed Zakaev stated that «in 2004 the European Parliament recognized the Chechens and the Ingush deportations to Central Asia, carried out by the Kremlin in 1944 as an act of genocide. In other words, the Chechens have had to wait sixty years for the international community to officially recognize their tragedy and their national catastrophe.  Yet the modern tragedy of Chechnya which is unfolding in front of the eyes of the entire mankind, requires an immediate and adequate reaction from the international community. Poland could prepare an appropriate draft for discussion of this issue in the European Parliament». The Polish politicians promised to give every support to the Chechen Government in holding an international conference on the legal aspects of Chechen independence and the rest of the issues discussed at the meeting.


The ChRI Government Press Service


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NatPress: British Company Plans To Promote Gas Project In Adygeya

From: Eagle_wng

British company plans to promote gas project in Adygeya  

On April 22 the President of Adygeya Republic Aslan Tkhakushinov met representatives of the British oil-and-gas extraction company being the founder of the joint stock company “Yujgasenergy”, working in the republic.

In the meeting Pole Davis, the general director of the company JKX Oil and Gas Pic, Martin Miller, the technical director of the company, Michael Bernstein, the general director of the joint stock company “Yujgasenergy”, Prime minister of Adygeya Republic Vladimir Samozhenkov and Minister of economic development and trade Aslan Matyzhev took part.

Let’s remind, the joint stock company “Yujgasenergy” was founded by the investment fund InterFinance and transferred under the control of the company JKX Oil and Gas Pic. Two years ago the firm won competition on reception of the rights of use of the bowels of earth of the Koshehablsky gas deposit. According to the obligations of the company, in January, 2007 it concluded the Agreement with the Cabinet of Ministers of Adygeya Republic on financing of works on installation of gas in the villages with the total cost 25, 8 million rubles. Those obligations were executed by the company in the full volume.

“We are pleased the way you carry out the conditions of the business negotiation process, – Aslan Tkhakushinov said, addressing to the representatives of the company, – I hope, our cooperation will bring appreciable dividends to all of us in the nearest future. Within the framework of this joint project we have an opportunity to give you in any quantity our local qualified staff, trained at the profile universities of our country. You may also involve the experts from any regions of Russia. The most important thing is our mission of the complete installation of gas in the republic, now with your help, to be completed in the nearest 2-3 years.

The parties noted together as the complexity of the started project and its prospects. Annually in the gas branch the company will invest $ 50 million. Today the experts of the firm prepared and coordinated the Development Project of Koshehablsky deposit, defined the maximal prospects of the gas platforms for further increase of the capital investment – drilling of new holes and construction of the gas pipelines. The next month to Adygeya the chisel equipment with carrying capacity of 180 tons will arrive for the overhaul of the gas holes. In the long term the gas deposit in Koshehablsky area can give up to 500 million cubic metres of gas annually.

At the end of the meeting the Pole Davis presented Aslan Tkhakushinov the original of the map of 1688, where the borders of Circassia were designated. The document was stored in the London library and, on the presumable data, was made in Venice. Aslan Tkhakushinov thanked for the costly present and emphasized that the rarity would find the worthy place in the National museum of Adygeya Republic.


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ABD’den Abhazya´ya Uyarı

From: KALMIK  (Original Message) Sent: 5/8/2008 11:33 AM

Gürcistan´daki ayrılıkçı Abhazya ve Güney Osetya´da ´´provokasyonlarını´´ kesme çağrısı yapıldı

ABD yönetimi, Gürcistan’daki ayrılıkçı Abhazya ve Güney Osetya’da ”provokasyonlarını” kesme çağrısı yaptı.

Beyaz Saray Sözcüsü Dana Perino, Rus hükümetine yönelik uzun zamandır görülmedik sertlikteki açıklamasında, ABD’nin, Rus hükümetini, Gürcistan’ın toprak bütünlüğü ve egemenliğine saygı gösterme, Abhazya ile Güney Osetya’da tek yanlı kararlar almak ve yeni provokasyonlarda bulunmaktan kaçınma yükümlülüklerini yerine getirmeye çağırdığını söyledi.


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Mutsolgov tells OSCE about problems of Ingush population and NGOs

From: eagle_wng

Mutsolgov tells OSCE about problems of Ingush population and NGOs

Magomed Mutsolgov, Ingush human rights activist, member of the Expert’s Board of the Office of Russian Ombudsman and leader of the “Mashr” human rights organization, has returned from Poland, where he took part on October 5-10 in OSCE session on fulfilment of obligations related to human dimension in 2008.

Magomed Mutsolgov told the “Caucasian Knot” correspondent the details of the session and his participation therein.

Speaking at the working session on problems of refugees and humanitarian activities, Mr Mutsolgov dealt with the situation with forced migrants from the Prigorodny District.

“I said that for 16 years already 14,000 forced migrants from the Ingush villages of the Prigorodny District and from North Ossetia cannot get back to their houses, and that in 1992 70,000 persons were driven out of the Prigorodny District, 500 persons were killed and 175 disappeared. I’ve emphasized that the problems, once left unsettled, aggravated with time. Forces have appeared in recent years, which try to re-kindle the Ossetian-Ingush conflict. 23 Ingushes have been kidnapped and disappeared in the territory of North Ossetia within latest 3.5 years. These kidnappings are nationality-motivated,” said the human rights activist.

At another meeting, one of the American human rights organizations held hearings on the topic “Restoration of status quo: realities of human rights activists in the OSCE region”, where the situation was discussed with the pressure rendered on human rights organizations.

“I told them about prosecutions of human rights organizations of Ingushetia, Chechnya, Dagestan and Kabardino-Balkaria, and gave the example with the Chechen human rights activist Osman Boliev, who was planted a grenade, and against whom a criminal case was falsified. Later he was completely acquitted by the court. After the trial, Boliev filed applications to law enforcement bodies against those persons, who had planted the grenade on him. But after that, he was toughly persecuted and was forced to leave Chechnya,” said the interlocutor of the “Caucasian Knot” correspondent.

Mr Mutsolgov also told about the kidnapping of the public figure Murad Muradov, head of the humanitarian organization “Save the Generation”, which was engaged in providing prostheses to children-war invalids.

“As to Ingushetia, I told about the murder of Magomed Evloev, owner of the independent Internet resource ‘Ingushetia.Ru’, and about the prosecution of the human rights organization ‘Chechen Committee of National Salvation’, which keeps litigating with various state services for 3.5 years already. I told about numerous revisions held by bodies in relation to our ‘Mashr’ organization and about kidnapping on July 25, 2008, by power agents of our employee Zurab Tsechoev, who was  beaten and tortured for several hours by the kidnappers,” said the human rights activist.

See earlier reports: “HRC “Memorial”: kidnappings and bombardments are daily events in Northern Caucasus,” “A young man kidnapped in Karabulak, Ingushetia,” “Khazbiev: Maksharip Aushev could have been killed during search in his house in Ingushetia,” “Ingush court refuses to re-qualify Evloev’s death into murder.”

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Başkentte Kafkas Rüzgarı

From: KALMIK  (Original Message) Sent: 6/7/2008 9:45 AM

Başkentte Kafkas Rüzgarı

Ankara Kafkas Derneği Halk Dansları Topluluğu ’Elbruz’ ve İstanbul Abhaz Kültür Derneği Halk Dansları Topluluğu ’Ridade’ büyük bir dans gösterisi ile Başkentlilerin karşısına çıkıyor.

Elbruz ve Ridade’ye, Abhazya Cumhuriyeti’nden gelen Gunda Müzik Topluluğu da söyleyeceği birbirinden güzel şarkılarla eşlik edecek. Düzce, İstanbul, İzmir, Eskişehir, Konya, Sivas, Tokat, Kayseri, Kahraman Maraş, Adana, Antalya gibi bir çok ilde sahne alan Elbruz ve Ridade, son gösterisini yarın akşam saat 20:00’de Anadolu Gösteri Merkezi’nde gerçekleştirecek. Çerkes halk dansları ve müziklerinden enstanteneler sunacak olan Elbruz ve Ridade, estetik, çeviklik ve zarafeti danslarıyla bütünleştiriyor. 1966 yılında Ankara’da dans çalışmalarına başlayan Elbruz Halk Dansları Topluluğu ile 1997 yılında İstanbul’da kurulan Ridade, Kafkas halklarının özgün kültürünün bir parçası olan dans ve müziği yaşatarak, Kafkas kültürünün folklorik değerlerini koruyarak gelecek kuşaklara aktarmayı amaç ediniyor. Ulusal ve uluslararası birçok festivalde sahne alan Elbruz ve Ridade ile Gunda Müzik Topluluğu, Ankara gösterisinde ise dev kadro ile Başkentlilerin karşısına çıkacak.
Kaynak: Hürriyet

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NatPress: Persons Guilty Of Children’s Poisoning In Maykop Will Be Called To…

From: Eagle_wng

Persons guilty of children’s poisoning in Maykop will be called to account

Today at the meeting in the Ministry of public health services of Adygeya the reasons of the mass poisoning of children in the children’s garden # 14 of Maykop were sounded. The official diagnosis is dysentery. The investigation of that case is still on; guilty persons will be called to administrative and criminal accounts, it was said at the meeting.

Meanwhile, the heads of the republican departments – participants of the meeting – stated the opinion concerning the accident in the air of the republican TV.

“The disease took place as a result of the committed rough infringements in the preschool establishment, in particular, in the meal department, – the chief of the Rospotrebnadzor across the republic Aslan Aghirov explained. – the children got ill because of infringements of the food preparation technology, because of non-observance of the rules of personal hygiene by the personnel of the children’s garden’s kitchen, as a result of concealment of infectious disease by this personnel”.

The employees of Rospotrebnadzor, as he said, had also found out some other infringements. In the menu the forbidden products were put. “That was cottage cheese, by the way, suspected as the carrier of this virus, and also the make sour cabbage, which, too, was transported and used with rough infringements”, – he said.

“After the first day, after beginning of anti-bacterial and disinfection therapy, – the minister of public health services Borsov explained in his statement, – the state of health of 90 % children got normalized. As a whole now it is satisfactory – high body temperature and slackness are liquidated, the children became more active, they started feeling appetite”.

As the chief of the investigation department of the investigation committee on Maykop by the Office of Public prosecutor of Adygeya Alexander Belousov said in the conversation with “Caucasian unit” correspondent, he had just received the criminal proceeding materials. And he needed some time to comment it. There could be called to account after the litigation as the workers of the children’s garden, the structures serving it, and officials.


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