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´´Adygeya’s Slav majority favors the republic’s merger with the surrounding Krasnodar Krai; the Cherkess minority has vowed to fight to prevent any such merger, which would deprive the Cherkess of any formal ethno-territorial unit…´´

The State Council — the upper chamber of the Republic of Adygeya parliament — failed on 8 February to endorse the draft law on referendums approved by the lower chamber last month.

Public organizations representing the republic’s Cherkess and Adyg minority, who account for some 10 percent of the population, have demanded that the draft be amended to exclude the possibility of holding a referendum on changing the republic’s borders.

The Slavs, who account for some 70 percent of the population, are campaigning for the abolition of Adygeya’s status as a separate federation subject and its merger with Krasnodar Krai, within which it constitutes an enclave.

Also on 8 February, several public organizations representing the Cherkess minority dispatched an appeal to Russia’s presidential Public Chamber protesting the Slavs’ initiative and appealing for the preservation of Adygeya’s status as a republic.

(Agency Caucasus)

280705 Adygeia

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Caucasian Knot: Trial Of Anna Politkovskaya’s Murder Case Is Again Made Open




Trial of Anna Politkovskaya’s murder case is again made open


The litigation on the case on the murder of the “Novaya Gazeta” correspondent Anna Politkovskaya will be held in the open regime. The board of jurymen has reiterated their statement that they do not object to run the trial in the open regime. The state prosecution has supported the jurymen’s statement. As a result, Judge Zubov made a respective decision, the “New Gazeta” reports.

It was reported earlier that Judge Evgeniy Zubov made a decision to challenge the juryman Evgeniy Kolesov away from consideration of Anna Politkovskaya’s murder. It was Kolesov who stated earlier to journalists that the decision to hear the case in the closed regime was made contrary to the will of the jurymen. Under the law, jurymen have no right to make comments on the course of the process to journalists. Therefore, Kolesov made self-disqualification, and the court satisfied his petition.

Earlier, Murad Musaev, advocate of one of the defendants – Dzhabrail Makhmudov, expressed his intention to lodge two petitions to the court: on making the process open and on preserving Evgeniy Kolesov as a juryman, since he “has demonstrated his adherence to principles”, the “Gazeta.Ru” reports.

According to the advocate, the indictment states that the murder of Politkovskaya was ordered by a certain Russian politician. “At the stage of investigation, the public prosecutor had declared that he (the customer) was someone great and awful living abroad, but at the court we see in the indictment that the customer is not so great and awful – this is a politician living in the country,” the RIA “Novosti” quotes Mr Musaev as saying.

He has noted that the indictment does not mention any particular person who could order to assassinate Politkovskaya; while the murder motive is treated as “personal reason of the order was in the exposing materials published by Politkovskaya.”

The “Russian News Service” has just reported that apart from the challenge the juryman, the General Prosecutor’s Office of Russia has challenged Judge Evgeniy Zubov, who had presided at the litigation.

The defence and representatives of the victims have petitioned against the challenge of the Judge. “We have no grounds to distrust the court,” said Valery Chernikov, advocate of one of the defendants Pavel Ryaguzov. In the morning on November 26, the Judge should make a motivated decision about his challenge or refusal to self-disqualify.


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Adygeanatpress: Pilgrims From Adygeya And Krasnodar Territory Went To Mecca…

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Pilgrims from Adygeya and Krasnodar territory  went to Mecca at own expenses

From Adygeya and Krasnodar territory this year 12 person had gone to Mecca as pilgrims. 8 people from the republic and the others from the territory. On it IА REGNUM correspondent was informed by the head of Moslems of Kuban Nurby Emizh. The first pilgrims started on their journey on December, 23rd, the last ones – on 26th, he told.

According to the mufti, this time there were not any permits, and the pilgrims should use only their own means. Cost of the trip by air transport about 1700 US dollars, by bus – $1300. All the pilgrims had chosen the air transport.


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CAUCASIAN KNOT: South Ossetia Asks The UN and OSCE To Recognize Georgia’s…

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South Ossetia asks the UN and OSCE to recognize Georgia’s responsibility for genocide of South Ossetians

Today, the Parliament of South Ossetia has presented its appeal to Mr. Kofi Annan, UN General Secretary, and Mr. Karel De Gucht, Acting Chairman of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, asking to recognize the genocide of South Ossetians in 1920 and 1989-1992, and to recognize Georgia’s legal and moral responsibility for genocide of South Ossetians.

“People in Tbilisi are regularly listening to open utterances of official servants about the plans of forced return of South Ossetia under Georgia’s jurisdiction. In view of a real threat of a new aggression of Georgia against South Ossetia, the Parliament of the Republic of South Ossetia is appealing to the United Nations Organization with a request to acknowledge the genocide of South Ossetians in 1920 and 1989-1992, and to recognize Georgia’s legal and moral responsibility for genocide of South Ossetians”, runs the final part of the appeal published in the web-site of the State Committee for Information and Print of the Republic of South Ossetia.

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Adygeanatpress: Annual Population Increase In Adygeya – Minus 2 000

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Annual population increase in Adygeya – minus 2 000
Demographic situation in the republic was the theme of the parliamentary hearings passed in Adygeya on December, 1st. According to the statistics, last years the death rate in the republic stably exceeded the birth rate. The head of the parliamentary committee Evgenie Salov reminded about that “every year the quantity of our population shrinks on average in 2 000 people. And that is only across Adygeya; in Russia demographic loss makes millions. If the demographic situation develops in the same way further in 10 years the Russians will lose 15 million of the population”.

Average life expectancy in the republic, the committee head noted, is 67 years – 3 years longer than across the whole country. The reasons for the complicated demographic situation are general: beginning with low social standard of living and finishing with the attitude of modern youth to concept “family”, considered Salov.

The Minister of Health of Adygeya Adam Jane sounded priority directions in the medical sphere. He told, in particular, that within the limits of the corresponding national project, alongside with equipping of the basic health objects, they planned to re-equip prenatal centers and maternity hospitals that should stimulate the future birth rate.


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Agency Caucasus: Conference Communique

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Conference Communique

24.05.2005 – 04:47:42

On 141st memorial of 21 May 1864 end of resistance to tzarist Russia after 270 years of Russian-Caucasus Wars and ensuing deportation of the Caucasus peoples, The Caucasus Foundation of Istanbul became the host of an international conference with three sessions and 15 submitted papers.

The theme ´´The Tragedy of Caucasus Yesterday and Today´´ is explored and examined thoroughly.

The following is the communique of the conference declared to the world public opinion…


´´The Tragedy of Caucasus Yesterday and Today´´
an International Conference by The Caucasus Foundation

´´The Tragedy of Caucasus Yesterday and Today´´

International Conference

May 21, 2005 CRR Harbiye Istanbul

Conference Communique

On 141st memorial of 21 May 1864 end of resistance to tzarist Russia after 270 years of Russian-Caucasus Wars and ensuing deportation of the Caucasus peoples, The Caucasus Foundation of Istanbul became the host of an international conference with three sessions and 15 submitted papers. The theme ´´The Tragedy of Caucasus Yesterday and Today´´ is explored and examined thoroughly. The following is the communique of the conference declared to the world public opinion.

* Priority must be given to the fact that any solution formula to Caucasus problems depends on a change of mentality of the current management of Russia, the dominant power. The current intelligence backgrounded management of Russia, is distrustful, restrictive and destructive. The current Russian Adminisration creates fertile grounds to increase the size of the problems instead of producing solutions and handles it with limitless power. This situation necessitates to support the countering Russian intelligentsia. Solidarity of democratic structures of Russia must be encouraged. The problems at Caucasus will be solved at the same pace of advancement of democracy in Russia.

* The deliberate and systematic destruction of Caucasus peoples in millions and their land during the past centuries being the imperial scheme of the tzarist Russia, the ensuing genocidal deportation and forcible resettlement has completely changed the demographics at Caucasus. The modern definition of tzarist Russian crimes in international law is ´´Genocide´´ and ´´Crimes against humanity.´´

* The Genocide tradition of Russia has continued during the Soviet era. Chechen-Ingush, Karachai-Balkars, Mesketians, Crimeans were deported to Siberia within short hours and the majority of them were perished during the exile.

* The same genocidal policy is continuing right now during the reign of Kremlin regime in the Russian Federation. 250 thousand civilan population including 42 thousand children are killed by Russian Airforce bombardment in Chechnya. 20 thousand civilians were taken to unknown places and made unknown. 400 thousand civilians are scattered worldwide looking for safe havens. 421 Chechen settlements have been completely demolished with no chance to settle. The warring sides in Chechnya must come to an immediate ceasefire without any preconditions. The differences must be settled by peaceful means at negotiation table.

* The genocide and the damage on Caucasus demographics is so severe that 141 years has only increased the pains. The management of the Russian Federation must take the responsibility of committed crimes against the Peoples of Caucasus by the Russian Federation, by the tzarist Russia and by the Soviets inherited within time. The victimized Caucasus Peoples must be immediately compensated.

* Contribution of Russian people to the unfolding processes is essential to peace and stability at Caucasus.

* Official statements on ´´Liquidation of ethnic republics´´ is a source of anxiety. Faits accomplis like ´´Merging the Republic of Adygeya with Krasnodar and other republics will follow´´ is totally unacceptable. The imperial scheme of the tzarist Russia since the 16th Century has evolved into demographic genocide at Caucasus. Contemporary ´´Referendum´´ plays won´t contribute to peace and harmony at Caucasus.

* The Republic of Abkhazia has successfully curbed the Georgian military aggression with a heavy cost. Ensuing poverty and embargo for 12 years has not served to its purpose. The struggle of the People of Abkhazia deserves most respect. The extraordinary determination of the Abkhaz People to uphold their independence must be welcomed by international recognition. Freedom of travel to and from Abkhazia must be immediately secured.

* Genocide and deportation crimes of Russia against the Circassians and Caucasus Peoples must be investigated. Rights of the victims must be defended at international institutions by an organization.

* United Nations, UNPO The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation, international human rights organisations, all governments, all NGOs must activate their mechanisms to end the continuing ´´Genocide at North Caucasus´´ since the 16th Century.

* This unique conference must be held at a European capital with international participation within two years.





On the Conference Communique of ´´The Tragedy of Caucasus Yesterday and Today´´ an International Conference by The Caucasus Foundation May 21, 2005 CRR Harbiye Istanbul:

This Conference Communique is prepared in light of the communicated realities in three sessions by 15 speakers and by their suggestions. The Communique is voiced to more than 500 conference guests and declared to the world public.




(Agency Caucasus)




240505 conference

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adygeanatpres: Council On Culture And Art By Adygeya President Started Working

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Council on culture and art by Adygeya president started working  

 The Council on culture and art by the president of Adygeya, recently created in the republic had led on October, 27th its first sitting. Into the council structure 11 members entered – authoritative people from various spheres of culture and art – theatre, music, library service. According to the chairman of the council Aslan Nehay (the head of the State academic ensemble of song and dance \”Islamey\”), the council would not incur any supervising functions but could and should speak about omissions for instance of experts of the profile departments; to render the professional help. The Council planned to be engaged in social protection of workers of culture and art.

Besides the council would inform Adygeya president about the situation in the field of culture – in the republic, in Russia and in the whole world – in particular in the foreign Circassian Diaspora. According to the chairman of the board they intended to meet with the head of the republic not less than once a quarter \”that, actually, is fixed in the Council’s charter\”.

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