Political Exploitation of the Circassian Question

Political Exploitation of the Circassian Question

Adel Bashqawi

18 August, 2021



In light of the unprecedented political exploitation of the Circassian Question and its repercussions, new data and ideas emerge from time to time to confuse the scene, from different sources, as if they say what they mean and mean what they say.

It is no longer surprising that lies accompanied by false and misleading information appear on the media and/or social media platforms that are published by sources that have, over the past years, been fooling the public in repeated attempts to erase and obliterate the Circassian memory. Unfortunately, these parties turn a blind eye to the demand for the restoration of the legitimate Circassian rights, which non of them should be excluded.

As it’s known far and wide, statements are issued from time to time that have no justification, made by some individuals who give unwise opinions, both in form and in content.

Some individuals are standing as stumbling blocks, not only to prevent the demand for the restoration of the confiscated Circassian rights by legitimate legal means, but also in the way of those who try to claim them or even clarify them to those who are concerned.

In this context, it is not just and fairness to say, the rights of their nation, because they put themselves completely in another mold that many did not wish for them or others.

But it comes in the context of what some parties that sail in a countercurrent track, who are interested in touching the feelings of influential personalities. They are in broad daylight and publicly, trampling the rights of the nation and it’s human, national, cultural, social and moral values. The parties make arbitrary false accusations, and deny those who are interested in the Circassian affairs should have the freedom to work based on the reality of their presence in countries where the sky is the limit of freedom to express opinion and differing views, by following  legal means, civilized procedures and highly credible methods.

These exclusionary parties put the issue in an atmosphere of an authoritarian nature, making it a cause and an inspiring source for them for polemics, contradictions and outrageous transgressions, without regulating standards; Rather, it overlooks the demand for the restoration of legitimate rights in accordance with international laws and norms. They mention what provokes dispute, and they ignore the facts and established realities related to the core and crucial issues.

Those who follow what is happening, who are interested in Circassian affairs should denounce this unjustified exploitation, and to urge those who are keen to unite the good efforts to defend freedom of expression,  and work to keep the Circassian cause in its juridical domain and legal framework, and to enhance the concept of work in the Circassian national affairs.

“People are not loyal to you, they are loyal to their need for you; once their needs change, their loyalty to you changes.” (Khalil Gibran)

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