Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Aug. 6 – 11, 2021

Paul Goble’s 42 Windows on Eurasia for Aug. 6 – 11, 2021     

1.      Moscow Giving Orders on Pandemic that Violate Russian Laws, Study Finds

2.      A Baker’s Double Dozen of Other Notable Stories from Russia This Week  

3.      Twenty-Five Years Ago This Week, Chechens Drove Russians Out of Grozny 

4.      Putin Regime Revives Early Soviet Practice of Seizing Art in Private Hands

5.      Ingush Seven Defense Witnesses Detail Provocations by Siloviki at March 2019 Protest

6.      Putin Breathing New Life into State Council, Experts Say

7.      Does Russia Need to Move Its Capital to Siberia or Just Decentralize?

8.      Russia Now Facing Pandemic Disaster Across the Board

9.      Moscow’s Promise to Develop Russia’s East has Not Been Fulfilled, Leading Vladivostok Economist Says  

10.  Phantom Nature of United Russia and Its Lies, More than Its Corruption, Alienating Russians, Gallyamov Says  

11.  Putin Earlier Won Support for Anti-Western Approach but Now is Losing It for Same Reason, Levinson Says    

12.  Putin Calls Working Class ‘Leading Political Force’ in Russia

13.  Putin Better Reflects Underlying Russian Values than Does the Opposition and His System Will Thus Outlast Him and It, Pastukhov Says

14.  Baltic-Russian Borders Today: A Reversal of Fortune from the First Cold War

15.  Few Russians Opposed to Shots are Changing Their Minds, Levada Center Finds

16.  Repression against Media Never Stops a Revolution whose Time has Come But Does Affect Outcomes, Gallyamov Says  

17.  Russia’s Influence Based on Military Power, Putin’s Authority, Cultural Heritage, and Scientific Achievements, VTsIOM Finds

18.  Moscow’s Approach to National Projects Inherently and Deeply Flawed, Malenky Says

19.  After 1991, Moscow Changed Nationality Policy Much Less than Almost Anything Else, Yershoff Says  

20.  Lack of Qualified Workers Limiting Russian Economic Recovery, HSE Survey Says

21.  Simply Moving Russia’s Capital to Siberia Won’t End Hyper-Centralism of Russian State But May Make It Worse, Tushin Says

22.  ‘Russia has Lost the Battle with the Coronavirus,’ Sociologist Says

23.  Syncretism on the Rise among Orthodox Christian and Animist-Shamanist Faiths, Undermining Both Religious and Ethnic Divisions in Russia

24.  Future Conflicts Likely to Be Between Countries Capable of Responding to New Challenges and Those that Aren’t, Shevtsova Says

25.  ‘Leave No One Behind’ – Theme of This Year’s Day of Indigenous Peoples

26.  Chernobyl Accident in 1986 Raised Ukraine’s Diplomatic Profile at the UN, Ogryzko Says

27.  Russia’s Middle Class Disappearing Because Kremlin Finds It Easier to Control Those with Lower Incomes who Depend on It, Experts Say

28.  To Combat Radicalization of Russia’s Young, Kremlin Must Re-Establish Administration of State Youth Policy, Military Sociologist Says

29.  Facebook Shuts Down Russia-Based Covid ‘Disinformation Laundromat’

30.  Lukashenko Says No to Putin Six Times and Delivers Two Warnings to Moscow, Shelin Says

31.  Catastrophic Fires in Siberia and Moscow’s Mishandling of Them Seen Provoking Widespread Anger and Even Mass Protests

32.  Russian Society Now Outwardly More Anti-Western but Inwardly More Westernized than in 1991, Makarkin Says

33.  Shoygu Warns Russia Threatened Within by Ethnic, Religious and Class Discord

34.  Yerevan Reminds Moscow that Armenia will Assume Chairmanship of Organization for the Collective Security Treaty Next Month

35.  Fights among Migrants Being Provoked to Distract Attention from Other Problems ahead of Elections, Immigrant Rights Leader Suggests

36.  For Fourth Day in a Row, Russia Sets Record for Covid Deaths But Officials Say Situation is ‘Stabilizing’

37.  Handicapping Possible Successors to Patriarch Kirill

38.  Moscow Patriarchate Presses for Presidential Office to Protect Ethnic Russians from ‘Oppression at Home and Abroad’

39.  Kitsch Plays an Important Role Both for Rural Russians and for Incompletely Urbanized Ones, HSE Scholars Say

40.  Tajikistan Once had a Status Inside Uzbekistan like Karakalpakstan Does Now

41.  Lenin had a Philosophers’ Ship; Putin has Multiple Philosophers’ Jets

42.  Defense Lawyers Want Former Republic Head Yevkurov to Testify at Ingush Seven Trial

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