Circassia is Proud of its People

Circassia is Proud of its People

Adel Bashqawi

15 August 2021

Every year, on 21 May, Circassians hold marches in memory of those who died in the Caucasus Wars | Nauruz Aguey OpenDemocracy
Every year, on 21 May, Circassians hold marches in memory of those who died in the Caucasus Wars | Nauruz Aguey

      The desire to preserve the Circassian vision of the future requires passing a message aimed at defining the action plan and future prospects for such context. Accordingly, the interest of the concerned Circassian people, whether in the homeland or in the diaspora, must be addressed. Therefore, their friends well-know for sure the extent and dimensions of the tragedy and the tireless efforts being exerted to display the truth of the recklessness and arrogance of those who insist on denying irrefutable facts. 

     Moreover, behavior of some influential individuals in the scene, who got themselves classified with non-Circassian ideas and parties, have classified themselves without being bound by the Circassian customs, traditions and Khabzeh, which are binding on the authentic Circassians. Apparently, they voluntarily pose obstacles and barriers to the restoration of the Circassian legitimate rights.

     It is no secret that there is an active pan-Circassian national movement in the Circassian world, where the activists have proven that they have the will of addressing the Circassian Question. They are sufficiently capable of adhering to the best they can to the principles of preserving the Circassian national identity, which seems that it’s haunting and disturbing certain parties. Knowing that the Circassian entities, who adopt seeking a solution to the Circassian Cause pursue legal methods and strive to observe international laws and norms.

     Thus, arranging priorities aimed at researching appropriate mechanism to demand recognition of the confiscated Circassian rights, which were usurped following the invasion of the Russian Empire. Not to mention other accompanying repercussions such as occupation, destruction, extermination, ethnic cleansing and mass expulsion.

     In contrast, deliberate misleading and administrative confusion indicate drawing on the Soviet KGB outdated tactics. They aim to give an impression that the Circassians accept granting the unconditional support to Hauti Sokhrokov, the President of the International Circassian Association, where he supports in turn the newly amended Russian Constitution, and his blind submission to accept minimizing the importance of the Circassian language and all other related elements, which seems to be on its way to extinction.

Thus, nothing else can be expected from a Russian official authorities’ staff. The International Circassian Association’s clumsy trend will necessarily affect the respectable status of the people of Circassia, in the Circassian part of the North Caucasus and their diaspora counterparts.

     This coincides in a similar manner that was conducted by certain Circassians from homeland and diaspora to Sochi Olympic facilities at the end of 2013, in a public relations campaign performed by the Russian authorities together with the ICA and their supporters to reflect an impression that the Circassians are not opposed to holding 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games on the land of genocide.

     Knowing that neither its ideology nor the nature of its duties and activities now, has anything to do with the organization that existed in the 1990s, which was founded by the Circassian elders at the time, which requires appropriate measures to return this association to its normal course.

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